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Trying to suppress a decentralized, borderless, digital technology in the age of information is just.. it blows me away.
This shit is an inevitability. If you turn youre back to it, other countries will just de-dollarize and adapt.
Saudi governments and energy giants are ALREADY ditching the dollar to build out this infrastructure.
And we already have data points on the key advantages of crypto even during wartime. We saw all that.
What the fuck is the US doing? Im actually fucking embarrased by this. Just a bunch of boomers suing crypto companies trying to stop it while the rest of the world blows full steam ahead into a new age.
Like what the fuck are we doing lmao. This whole house is about to come crashing down because american elite have become cavemen so deeply attached and reliant upon this vintage, broken fuckin system. They cant even entertain the idea of adapting to this changing world, it is DONE man I mean it is fucking DONE. These people are actually retarded by greed.

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Finally an American that sees

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To many in the U.S., Crypto is synonymous with scam.
Can't blame people for thinking that, considering the state of the industry and all the happenings in the last couple years.
Also you're saying other countries are achieving crypto mass-adoption? Where? El Salvador is the only one I can think of and it isn't exactly going swimmingly.

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That's the beauty of it anon. The government has fully recognized that this IS efficiency and automation of... well every service the government is supposed to provide. It also provides a ledger anyone can access which publicizes corruption; anyone can see where the money goes to. Other countries have recognized they MUST adapt because trying to fight against it only puts them behind the rest, while technology only exponentially grows. America is set up to be the example of what happens when greed with imaginary money tries to fight against exponential progress... even a slight delay compared to others is disastrous. So America will fall. If you live in the US of Gay I would learn how to fully decentralize yourself to avoid getting caught in what is coming. The government will try to encapsulate it, but you cannot encapsulate something you have barely any grasp on, which these old politicans are clearly trying to do. God speed, there will be a lot of disinformation to try to get you to do the following:
>crypto is a scam
>join OUR (government) digital currency to be safe
>its going to be illegal to have your own wallet
>join xrp, its going to 1000s per coin! (Protip: 1 dollar xrp is 100 billion marketcap, 10 dollars is 1 trillion... 100 dollars is 10 trillion... does this seem reasonable)
>crypto is a security!
There is much disinformation, but doing your own research and learning tokenomics will help greatly. Remember, you become a slave to the things you own. Decentralize your finances, decentralize your location, decentralize your life. Then youll be truly free

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what's wrong with fucking over exchanges that risk all of your deposits margin trading, and crypto "projects" that just are made to pump and dump?
>muh innovation

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This is what i would probably do because biden is already a fascist

Embrace a culture of ratting out who has bitcoin or who has a node, give prison time to anyone holding a node in the usa, use the cia or any of the 3 letter agencys to kill any node operator in third world countrys, use the same agencys to make european countrys return to fascism and put those that are using nodes in prison or heck why not death penalty, implement Executive Order 6102 again but instead of gold it would be bitcoin if the people protest or you don't know who has the money just use a culture of ratting out the hodlers and well use the classic super advanced ai to know who has crypto, there are already a lot of people using kyc thought maybe not everyone but i am sure its possible to use ai to track everyone, if the population resists just use death squads, after you seize all the crypto from the world which i don't know if its possible and kill all the people holding nodes then you still need to get rid of miners, you can tax the miners but if they are using solar panels or some way to avoid the state from knowing he is a miner just hire mercenarys to go after the miners that don't live in the usa, well after seizing all crypto bomb any third world country that dares to use crypto again.

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>YOU having power over your money BAD
>WE having power over your money GOOD
That's literally all this is.

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No major central bank is going to authorize use of currency they can't create at will. And crypto that can be created without limit is no better than paper money from a monetary perspective and MUCH worse from a surveillance perspective. So if crypto becomes the new world currency, which I highly doubt, it will be in spite of what most major governments want.

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But there is a limit to the number of BTC and other crypto in circulation, unlike fiat.

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what does pocahontas want this time?
say anything you like about the SEC but there's method in there madness
senarix warren on other hand baseless, sometimes even untrue claims about crypto
she just spouts vitriol like a wife who, getting up on the wrong side of bed, always finds something to bitch about
yesterday it was about bitcoin's ungodly use of energy
and then it was about protecting consumers
money laundering
terrorism financing
bla bla yadda yadda
and yet she wants to be the scourge of crypto like attila
well. if she's attila the spring then i.m narie antoinette with benis!
LET THEM EAT COCKS! she and ppl like her

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Only now do the Democrats come after crypto, after the SBF fiasco humiliated the Democrats by association.

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They're greedy psychopaths and closet statists, why else would they WANT to be in any position of power. Biden nominated a literal Communist for Comptroller of the Currency his first year in office, and this Warren bitch has no genuine convictions at all other than what lefits/Neolib lobbying group pays her the most.

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>fellow retarded liberals, let us proudly exclude ourselves from the future of finance to prove how good of people we are
Don't you guys see this is based

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What's Chief Littlebrain's problem with crypto

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it threatens big finance. she needs big finance to exist so that it justifies big government.

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Exactly why no central bank will allow it. Being able to create endless amounts of money out of thin air is the essence of the banking scam and that is the biggest scam the world has ever known. There is no way in hell the Fed or any other central bank will trade that for any supply-limiting currency. To capture the market, the BRICS will have to start with a currency that has a footing in real value. But eventually they will also want the power the USA has. But remember that the USA got that power by first promising redemption in gold and only later breaking its promise. To break the dollar they will have to promise a hard asset backing first and prove it to gain confidence. If you can predict what that hard asset backing will be, you will have a window in which to make your fortune.

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This is justher scam to get elected paid, find something to get her base riled up about rouse the rabble and then never deliver as the next current thing begins
In her whole career what has she done, accomplished anything at all?

You are looking at it wrongly, everbody wants to fuck over their own underclass citizens but cbs who by definition know the scam dont want to accept junk money in state to state trade deals
So a two or more tiered money system is the future

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kek, now that's creative

biz is getting much more witty in the bear market

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>To many in the world, USD is synonymous with scam.
>Can't blame people for thinking that, considering the state of the Fed and all the happenings in the last couple years.
>Also you're saying other countries are achieving crypto mass-adoption through ISO20022 Technologies. El Salvador using Bitcoin is the only one you can think of because you haven't been paying attention.

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She has always been shilling the big banks agenda

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I can go to any local grocery store in the EU and buy my stuff with BTC or XMR?

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A CBDC would be faster and less expensive

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>If you turn youre back to it, other countries will just de-dollarize and adapt.

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America ban crypto?

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With a Binance card you can, and you can even earn cashback in crypto.

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Just kys, CBDCs enforce capital controls and allow higher inflationary tax plus they destroy bond markets.

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>I can go to any local grocery store in the EU and buy my stuff with BTC or XMR?

Yes, since 2013

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she is just senile delusional karen seething at the mouth
at this point she has to be playing a character
nobody is this cartoonishly stupid

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what fucking rock have you been living under?

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CBDCs suck for freedom and privacy, but not much worse than trad banks anyway. And the CBDC option means you can opt out of banks, so regulation can be pretty much dropped on banks letting increase risk and leverage because depositors will have less risk aversion having the CBDC option if they don't want risk.

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That doesn't = mass adoption or worldwide acceptance just because a CEX offers a service that lets you use their... I mean your crypto through a credit card, with the vendor still operating with Fiat money and not even knowing that their customer is technically in a roundabout way paying with crypto.
I'm sure all the people who were doing this with a BlockFi card are feeling really happy about that decision.

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Go study how central bank boomers want to do CBDCs they want a state controlled interface for the current banking system.

In fact it would speedrun bankruns, they are lead poisoned once you understand that of boomers you will realize most things they want are retareded

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Do you not think bank deposits aren't heavily state controlled already? You could implement a CBDC similar to the commercial banking system where you have multiple private service providers that serve as basically an platform for individuals to have fed accounts. They would in essence be banks that just hold 100% reserves at the fed.

In terms of freedom, privacy, or control this is not really different from the current banking system. The government already gets your data if you send more than $600/year. The bank regulators already have some ability to limit what you can buy and sell. If they want to abuse that power they don't need CBDCs to do it.

I'm not pro-CBDC, all centralized currencies suck, but they are better thank banks because you at least cut out the useless lending layer forced on you if you just want to hold dollars digitally.

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This is what happens when you're a retarded leftist and you want a bigger and more powerful government. They think will all their new powers and tax money the government will use their power to, ahem, help people and reduce inequality HAHAHAHAHAHAHA get fucked leftist boot lickers, you think shits bad now just wait a few years

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The only scam I see is the government

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>Trying to suppress a decentralized, borderless, digital technology in the age of information is just.. it blows me away.
>This shit is an inevitability. If you turn youre back to it, other countries will just de-dollarize and adapt.

You stupid niggers said the same thing about the internet itself and I believed you.

Then it turned around and became a tool for authoritarian thugs to oppress people even harder than they could pre-internet.

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>boomers and jews ruin everything
yeah we know

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>Do you not think bank deposits aren't heavily state controlled already?

No they are not there is a reason why the central banks outsource risk to private banks instead of outright nationalizing private banks

>that serve as basically an platform for individuals to have fed accounts.

This would destroy bond markets and cause the collapse of civilization, why hold bonds when the fed is too big to fail?

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>Remember, you become a slave to the things you own.

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What risk, lending? Central banks never dealt in lending. They issue currency. In the past, before the internet, people just held cash. Commercial banks were optional. Now we need to make digital payments and are forced to use commercial banks. Digital cash would just go back to way it was before.

>This would destroy bond markets
No it wouldn't, not any more than the current 4.6% 4 week tbill does. Reserves at the fed are just like 0 term short gov bonds.

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actually lending is not the right work, central banks obviously lend to banks and even maybe secured loans to certain private companies, but central banks don't loan as a business model for profit, just as a backstop for emergencies.

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Reminder this is why Bitcoin was created in the first place. I mine crypto, the government can kiss my ass. I’ll simply move somewhere else to cash out and they get ZERO

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dems are anti-crypto. trump is pro-crypto. (at least his NFTs)

now that trump has been handed the 2024 elections with the recent indictment, what's stopping biz fags from going all in on trump nfts?

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>what does pocahontas want this time?
Pocahontas knows that the government can't print bitcoin, so the welfare-state would immediately be exposed as a ponzi scam and would collapse.

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>Lizzy Warren had an axe she the crypto chuds 40 wacks when she saw what she had done she gave the pajeets 41
This bitch is the biggest man hating cunt in politics.

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both attributes we don't care about lol
>fiatcel still has no idea why he's broke

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Because Americans won’t give up their firearms, the goal is control through economic collapse. When resources necessary for survival are unobtainable Americans will then adjust accordingly.

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Internet media gained power and legacy media lost power. Nobody is saying the new regime will be better, but seeing the current elite so detached from reality is astounding.

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>This shit is an inevitability

Lol and lmao. Crypto will never be money until there is something that people NEED to acquire and can ONLY be acquired via crypto. Until then, money is backed by political power which crypto by definition cannot have.

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By the time they finally impose KYC on DeFi we should be able to find our way around it with allianceblock TIDV

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Pocahontas will save us from those evil Jews, kek

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Already, products are adopting its NexeraID so its TIDV adoption should be easy

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Darknet drugs *checks notes* over ten years ago. That’s something, isn’t it?