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It's happening. EU is siding with China (BRICS)

Hey, America, the next war with China, please fight it on your own.

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I think you posted this on wrong board? Seems more like it would make sense on /pol/. Europe will continue to trade with US so don't see any business impact here?

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lol cant wait to see the chinks put the europoors down into the cobalt mines as their gweilo slaves. Get fucked europe you're on your own when the chinks come for you.

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Thanks, America for blowing up our Nordstream pipeline and selling us LNG at 4x the market price, thanks for deindustrializing the EU, we don't need industry, we are like you, we don't have to manufacture, we just print money and force the world to accept our EURO's or else.
Thank you, We appreciate it.
Thanks America for the dollar milkshake theory, thank you for inflation, and energy shortages, thank you for mass immigration, refugee crisis from Syria, Libya caused by your wars, thank you for the tranny education, thank you for the woke ideology, we all want to be trannies like you.

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>It's happening. EU is siding with China (BRICS)
no, it's not happening.
the EU is trying to do the same thing it did with Russia, with China.
create an economic dependence, to have some leverage, to prevent China from joining the Ukraine war.
hence the token 65k tons of LNG France bought from China in Yuan, instead of USD.
>"Von der Leyen said China, whose President Xi Jinping pledged closer ties with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin last week, bore responsibility for advancing a "just peace" to end the war in Ukraine that required the withdrawal of invading Russian forces."

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EU will not side with BRICS..... millions of Europeans are riotting in the streets.
The French Revolution was caused by a bread shortage, and now Paris in flames. Why is Macro flying to China, then?

Control the food you control the population, control oil you control nations.
How will the EU keeps its citizen in check with food shortages and rising inflation?

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>how we manage it

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europe belongs with russia/china.
and niggers don't belong in europe.

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What germans want is irrelevant, the Polish population will surpass them in 15 years and the Polish economy will outgrow them in 20 years.

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Ursula could get it for sure. I go limp to blimp when I see this chimp.

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>muttaniztan economy: rugged
>yuropoors: laughing

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I love that you commie redditors can't stand any form of discussion that goes against your programmed narrative

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Cope & Seethe.

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>millions of Europeans are riotting in the streets.
>now Paris in flames
3.5 million frogs are butthurt their president circumvented their legislators to raise retirement age... by 2 years.
maybe you could share with the class what that has to do with BRICS.
>Why is Macro flying to China, then?
I already explained the token 65k tons of LNG they purchased.
He's visiting pooh bear to create economic leverage, not even any real amount of leverage, just the future prospect of economic prosperity.
It's a 'we could be great trade partners, if only you don't support Russia, here, look, I'll even buy paltry amount of your LNG to prove it'.
>Control the food you control the population, control oil you control nations.
The EU's not starving and they're fine taking cold showers, they're just not OK with working 2 extra years.

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The speech she gave was about soft protectionism against China for some critical areas (renewables mostly) + a new anti-coercion mechanism after China fucked with Lithuania.
You're being disingenous.

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>EU is siding with China (BRICS)

All I've heard is the exact opposite as in how to become less reliant on China after what happened with Russia.

t. Eurocuck

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where did you go faggot.
you have (you's) to answer for.

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Have you seen polish demographics lol? We're fucked. No kids

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me thinks we have plenty of negros and shitskins that we can sell to them chinks.

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If you don't get "it" by now, you're genuinely NGMI by 2030

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Poland will be lucky to overtake Portugal lmao.
Btw, the iberics are underrated atm. If we switch to renewables for good they will become the next power bank. And they won't take part in the future war most likely, they might even get South America back into their sphere of influence with trade based unions.

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We only did that stuff cause we knew we could get away with it. We'll be waiting to take you back in 5 years after Xi cucks you even harder.

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>please fight it on your own.
Like WW 1, 2 ,cold war etc?

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You tell em iva- I mean Smith from Texas