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shill me something mind blowing anons

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Dyor and take a look at Shotgun Inu (ticker: shotgun)

Shotgun Inu is a Community-Driven Cryptocurrency, A Ferocious Dog and Has a Shotgun Weapon That is Able to Defeat All Types of Dogs Around Him. Rumor is one if the main shib devs is behind the token.

Contract: 0x47a6dc537a1c50d5ba25b086ee1182eab7eefbd4

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time was sort of the first blockchain

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Money is tokenized trust

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I've been shilling Ironfish here and there on this board.

I just don't see how a zk chain, backed by a pro-crypto billionaire and funded by crypto cabal types like a16z, could fail to moon next bull run.

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>Buy this picture of a dog holding a shotgun RUMORED to be made by someone

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i'm a white male with a 7.9 inch penis

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I've never had a gf because I'm socially retarded but I've fucked at least 70 women (without paying).

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If you want something truly mindblowing check out SadArbPyre on telegram. Dude has telegram accounts connected to GPT that interact with normal users. Says that's part of the value proposition for the token. Is going to rent them out to tokens and companies as a service. Personalities of GPT are infinitely customizable. Right now he has a sad depressed dog addicted to cocaine as one personality, and a happy dog who loves to exercise as another. lol this is wild.

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buy a gun, load it, point it to your head, and then fire

truly mind blowing

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100xgems.biz looks good to me, kind of a shilly name but the dev is face doxxed and has worked on some big tokens before...it's his first token. Sort of a club for degens to find moonshots. Just launched a few days ago and hasnt dumped as hard as most tokens do on initial launch...so far im impressed with everything except the name

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Cash, brother. Fungible and private, no know your customer bullshit. Wait 'til the kids find out.

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tethies bro. It's like tendies but its connected to a stable coin so it's basically a money printer like luna or tether...dyor I'm kinda retarded so I don't understand the complexities of it

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icp dyor

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remap your caps lock key, it's a huge key in a premium location that you otherwise never use.

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Catgirl 10000x
Being n-word

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if you do leverage trading, keep it at 10x and under, it's a dangerous, dangerous game playing with leverage of 20x and above. Is that a good advice?>

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unironically giga-based idea I never thought of before but in hindsight makes so much fucking sense. what programs do you use to remap keys in ubuntu/windows? ty.

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Lots of complete fucking garbage in this thread. Anyhow take a look at Marlin protocol if you want. Privacy shit, think Monero. It's good.

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I legitimately wish nothing but fucking misery upon you and the pieces of shit in your telegram chat saying "gm" every single day like a bunch of autistic destitute FUCKS performing some ritual you all sicken me

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The privacy kino is very very small nowadays. I wonder (((why)))

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ok get this its literally an orb that you can ponder lol the memes are insane take safemoon but make it unhackable and the tax paid out in BNB with actual locked liquidity and an mcap of $2k with an ATH mcap of over $1m orb is life ponder is the future
have you pondered the orb today?

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it's pumping right now
Some next level AI shit with robots and spaceships. Literally fucking happening


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on ubuntu you can use xmodmap or just hardcode it directly into your keyboard profile in /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/pc. on windows you can use autohotkey among many other tools i guess.

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AGT - Arbigoat

Poker game on Arbitrum, revenue share. Stands out from all the other gamblefi plays because it isn't boring as fuck or slow. I also like WAR but mostly because it's super cheap and they have original games.

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i'm all in on xmr, especially with the gov being so gay...makes the most sense

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gonna look into tethies and 100xgems, usually I just scroll past these threads but the other day I aped into one and it did a 2x. Imagine my shock. I thought everything on /biz/ like this was a scam but apparently you can actually make money. wild

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tethies thank me later...t me/SadArbPyre also looks good, hasn't launched yet...offering a service of telegram accounts connected to gpt with personalized personalities...you gotta see it anon

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Haha. Pondering orb… You just reminded me I still have that and Mithril.

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Privacy coins are going to mind blowing.

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100xgems and tethies frens, it's free money

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No spoonfeeding.

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bro i know it sounds scammy but 100XGEMs is actually legit as fuck...dev is fully doxxed and the floor is solid. Ready for another leg up.

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buy honey. bees are going extinct and that shit lasts for hundreds of years

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Investing in privacy is worth it and Zkps are making it a lot more fun.

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OpenBetAI on arbitrum, it's fucking mooning right now...new ath incoming

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hey OP, from one faggot to another, 100xGEMS and tethies...thank me later

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I'm extremely bullish on Toshi Tools...it's way more legit than your avg pnd shilled on biz. It's a forensics/trading suite that allows you to track EVM wallets. Check out the website toshi.tools ... it's criminally undervalued

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SadArbPyre on telegram. They have custom telegram accounts that they automate connected to GPT and are going to rent the services to other tokens. They already have a client list and seeing as it has memes + real tech I think its the rare moonshot

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lmfao SadArbPyre... bro their telegram is lit they have GPT larping as a sad doge addicted to cocaine, this could seriously change the landscape of shilling itself

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SadArbPyre...they already have clients and income and they haven't even launched yet

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QANX, ORE UTK, sweet picks.

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The gamblefi narrative is in full swing. Combined this with the rise of Arbitrum presents the perfect opportunity for projects that require a high number of transactions to be utilized. Arbigoat is at the forefront of using L2 technology to bring true fun utility to holders via Double Up Stud Poker. Search it up for yourself and you will find a genuine community of gambling degenerates pushing the future of gamblefi

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fuck it I'm just going to drop $50 on everything shilled in this thread and see if listening to biz is as retarded as I think or whether its a good strategy

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dumb fucks

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sers pls buy my coin

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The real answer is dione, got it shilled by another anon some weeks ago, and it's been bretty gud and will probably continue to be bretty gud.
Not sure where original anon shill went but thank you my dude!

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t me/SadArbPyre you have to get in before launch to make any money off these biz pnds

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Corn syrup has been so relentlessly forced into every possible food and beverage that we are actually coming up on a serious shortage that will leave food manufacturers crippled at the knees in just a few short months. I'll spare you the details but it is more or less directly related to the Ukraine war. Anyway here's a guaranteed 100x: Corn Syrup in its purest form. I'm deadly serious. Start stocking up on bottles of it every time you go to the store, because these bad boys are headed straight for the moon. Don't miss the corn syrup train.

Screenshot this.

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SadArbPyre...it acts like a memecoin but it has A LOT of bleeding edge tech under the hood...hasn't launched yet you gotta get in here anons

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>tokenizing precious metals from different vaults in the world
>stake AurusX
>get tgold and tsilver that you can redeem for real gold and silver delivered to your house

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I want to believe

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I like to listen to audiobooks while cleaning, walking my dogs, washing dishes and stuff.
I got an mp3 player, loaded it with audiobooks I thought were interesting to listen to, music, and audios I like.
I listen to it while doing stuff that I do mindlessly on automatic drive. Time goes by, and this way I was able to listen to a whole bunch of books that are interesting to me, and that if I were to solely rely on reading them in book form I would not have gotten through all of them.
Not only am I entertained while listening to the books doing things that otherwise would be meh, like washing dishes, but also I'm informed on topics I wasn't before.
I also enjoy listening to fantasy novels, fables, and all kinds of things
It's pretty cheap to do, and it has improved my life substantially
So that's my shilling, listening to audios

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totally retarded, north and south america have more corn than we can ever use. THATS why its forced into everything

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this is a great habit for entertainment/productive learning, I do it as well. problem is you don't absorb the information as much as reading would

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If you want to dive deeper you can just repeat them. For example, I am going through the books of A Song of Ice and Fire for the second time now, and I'm able to capture a lot of hidden hints and small things that I didn't get on the first go

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I think it's forced into everything to make goyim stupid, docile, obese and diabetic. Also, that poster was joking

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sounds based i might start doing this
any books you recommend?

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Listen up, folks! I've got some insider information for you. You know how everyone's been talking about Bitcoin and how it's the future of money? Well, forget about it! The real deal is $Toshi Token. That's right, you heard it here first. $Toshi is going to be the next big thing in the crypto world. It's like Bitcoin, but better. It's faster, it's more secure, and it's got a cooler name. Plus, it's backed by a team of savvy developers and successful traders who know what they're doing. So, if you want to be ahead of the game, ditch your Bitcoins and get yourself some $Toshi. Trust me, your future self will thank you. https://toshi.tools

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Well, like I mentioned, I recently finished listening to "A Song of Ice and Fire", which is a fantasy saga by George RR Martin. I liked it so much that I'm going through it again.

+3 random fiction I liked
>Japanese Fairy Tales (YT Ozaki)
>The Call of Cthulhu (HP Lovecraft)
>The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (AC Doyle)

+3 random biz / self dev I liked
>Crucial Conversations (K Patterson)
>Start with No The Negotiating Tools that the Pros Don't Want You to Know (Jim Camp)
>The Power of Now (Eckhart Tolle)

I could go on, but you get the idea. It's fun to go through them and start having a collection of the books you've listened to

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100xgems dev is face doxxed if that's important to you, zero change of rug

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Questboard automates employee - employer relationships and in implementing it makes it possible for a pilot to start a 1 plane airline
everyone will be there own boss
there are some centralized options but once maintenence data and ID data and liscence data comes mainstream it will be a better option by far
the team put it on arbitrum over a year ago for people who see but they are waiting and working with DECO

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Yo, listen up, senpai! Toshi Tools is the real deal when it comes to investing. It's like having a whole squad of homies watching your back and making sure you're making bank. With Toshi Tools, you can track your investments like a boss and see how your money is stacking up. And let me tell you, it's stacking up faster than a beat drop. Plus, with the Toshi ecosystem, you get access to all kinds of dope tools and resources that'll help you make smart investment moves. It's like having a whole studio full of producers working on your tracks. So, if you want to be a baller and make it rain, head on over to https://toshi.tools and check it out for yourself.
Trust me anon, you won't regret it.

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If you want an actual project/product then eternal cash is pretty solid. Currently a little over 2 million market cap with the full casino coming in April.

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Y’all suck. Holy sh.

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lmfao the tethies memes are fire

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SXP. No spoonfeeding. You DYOR or you don't, faggot.

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>OpenbetAI token also offers some other exciting features. One of these is the ability to participate in platform events, which can provide additional opportunities for investors to earn profits. The platform also offers a referral program, which allows investors to earn rewards for referring new users to the platform. This can provide an additional source of income for investors, as well as help to grow the user base of the platform. Additionally, OpenbetAI token is listed on several decentralized exchanges, which provides liquidity and makes it easy for investors to buy and sell the token. Overall, OpenbetAI token offers a range of exciting features that make it an attractive investment opportunity for those interested in sports betting and cryptocurrency.

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Buy zinu

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Hegel was right

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You can mint privacy coins on Beam Dappnet

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tethies lmfao i love it

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This shit is pumping hard today and over the last week. Feel like I missed it.

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Zoom out. The recent news were major and if you carefully read the technicalities of the announcements you will soon realize that this might very well be the most able DPOS blockchina of them all.

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blockchain* LMFAO

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if it aint toshi.tools then what are you even doing with your life anon?

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A project like Qanplatform which has a multi programming language feature is mind blowing

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PoR consensus algorithm will make mining with a mobile phone possible. That's more than mind blowing.

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Low caps or high caps?

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Nexa is a 1000x from now in 18 months.
KDA is a 100x from now in 18 months.
ICP is a 10x from now in 18 months.
Chainlink is a 1x from now in 18 months.

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Speaking of which, I like both. For the long run, I have my blue chips and low altss. A bag of Uni, Magic Yearn, Polkadot, and HPS will remain in my portfolio. I'm holding because I did my fucking research.

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Alright here's the next big thing in crypto. It's a project called plebbit that is the first true fully-decentralized p2p social network. It's a protocol for community-based socials like reddit and 4chan (boards, subs, groups) and it will replace the centralized counterparts by cloning their UIs. Anyone can create a client that uses the same protocol to clone any other compatible community-based site like patreon or discourse.
There are two clients being worked on currently, one to attack reddit called plebbit and one to attack 4chan called plebchan. They use IPFS and ENS. Any community (subplebbit or board) created on the plebbit protocol is completely uncensorable and has its own rules, because there is no company so there are no admins nor global rules.
Here are the respective demos:
There is also a token on avalanche called $PLEB which is probably going to migrate to Ethereum soon, and later a L2. It has a $443k mcap but it's at ATH in its WAVAX price (picrel). You can find every useful link in the demo sites dyor.
If you have questions I'm on twatter @plebkun, I'm not gonna answer in this shithole but I love you bizbros, I discovered this project here, a year ago

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crush up 3 grams dried psilocybin mushrooms.
and drink them down with a glass of organge juice 45 minutes after taking 3 hits of lsd.
next lube up your ass with vasoline and squat on a king cock pipe dream and bounce while rubbing your tits.
next get a bottle of amyl nitrite and sniff the bottle of amyl while bouncing on the king cock.
call your dad on the phone.

get a shop vac and mount a fleshlight onahole to the end of the vac tube.
and apply it to your benis.

call the girl you like and live video call all of this.

garunteed to get you laid.
works everytime.

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Go for ENS ORE OCEAN, DiD and AI are the current centre of interest.

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Told you that you haven't missed out....yet...
SXP was under the radar for a ton of good reasons that you'll see in the coming months.

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Privacy and self custody is well recommendable.

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>when a regulatory wave from America is brewing

/biz/ was,is and will always hate money.

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When it comes to privacy, Librescan beats other blockchain explorer to it

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Combining the best of PoS and PoW was a good innovation.ngl

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No doubt, librescan is a top notch. Getting more narratives is kinda juicy. Ain't gonna settle for one.


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anything digital identity related will melt faces soon. regulators will not outright kill crypto but they will force on-chain kyc on us and the identity projects will all gigamoon
cheq, kilt, everest. all low MC

its a bet on uncle schwab

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Tokenization of real-world asset would be big deal soon, and a project like Allianceblock that is working on it is worth considering IMO

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iExec RLC utility NFTs

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Toshi.tools is doing an ama with binance today, should pump pretty good

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I saw MEXC announcement about integrating its NexeraID into their system

>> No.54411193

I love seeing NexeraID and OREID making giant strides. Thanks to ID management protocols

>> No.54411254

tethies.net...the memes will moon itself...just needs some eyeballs on it

>> No.54411340

>Rumor is one if the main shib devs is behind the token

I can't believe you jeets still doing this.

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100xgems dev is face doxxed, after getting rugged and losing $2k in 3 seconds I only buy tokens that have face doxxed devs. Is it perfect? No. Do I miss out on a lot of moonshots? Yes. Have I gotten rugged again since I started this? No.

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Thanks just bought 100 trillion catgirls

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damn toshi.tools is fucking based thanks anon

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>arbitrum erc20 token
>an epoch is one hour long
>when you buy, you get free bonus tokens based on how many epochs you've been buying in consecutively
>when you sell, your epochs counter resets to 0
>bonus tokens formula: 1.01 ** EPOCHS

>you've been buying for 8 epochs consecutively
>you buy 100 tokens in the 9th epoch
>total amount you get: 100 * 1.01 ** 8 = 108.28 tokens (bonus is 8.28)

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The NXRA token is mind-blowing and with the project's new product NexerID, it is going to be on the moon soon.

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lmfao tethies, im in

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Based bag fr.

>> No.54414773

You should take a look at CYMI token for the crypto payment app CryptMi.

>> No.54415317

deflation bad
Is exclusively believed by literal retards who think that humans will choose to die today because it will be cheaper to live tomorrow

>> No.54416412

NexerID is coming up strongly, OREID is already giving hackers sleepless nights. DiD seem to be another big narrative.

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OpenBetAI on arbitrum...I sold at 10x but its still got some gas in it

>> No.54416901

Sell all for QANX ORE BNB. Good picks

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>> No.54417303

Bag some QRDO, METIS, HAPI, UTK and EGLD to become a big fat Rich prick.
Thank yourself anon if you bag any of this. Based.

>> No.54417509

toshi tools has all the functions you need to be a crypto boss, like wallet tracking, advanced analytics, and AI insights, it's like a cheat code for trading.

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>> No.54418169

When I am aping into shitcoins I usually don't research too much into the token itself but rather I judge the team behind the token. That's why I have a bag of tethies. The creators of Tethies are a group of seasoned degens and blockchain experts, backed by strategic advisors with additional expertise in finance, marketing, and business development, all committed to delivering a high-quality product and growing the Tethies ecosystem.

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>> No.54418755

ArbPyre on telegram...hasn't launced yet get in here now

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>shill me something mind blowing anons

Most of the stars in the universe are red dwarf stars.
You can NOT see any with the naked eye.
No red dwarf star has EVER died of "ageing" since the universe began, nor will any for a VERY long time.

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SHOW ME UR FACE COIN DADDY<div class="xa23b"><span class="xa23t"></span><span class="xa23i"></span></div>

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SPOOL has been on the edge of development. Joined Arbitrum and V2 for the project is coming behind.

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>> No.54420231

You need to balance both anon, I hold high caps like Eth, Bnb and Ltc and also Low caps like Ar and Sylo all for long term gains

>> No.54420268

>because the main dogecoin is on his deathbead and any crypto 'backed' by the dogecoin dev is sure to be a hit.

>> No.54420299

yeah, and there are times i use the sylo wallet cos they already partnered with various merchants across the globe to make payments comfy

>> No.54420358

Kek...devs do have good opportunities in tye crypto space these days where they can code in any programming language using the QVM. This is revolutionary why stick with
>fucking Doge

>> No.54420377

I got RAIL on Arbitrum, solid buy.

>> No.54420413

LOL, ur alts won't save u from getting doxxed, ngmi anon. Better step up ur opsec game and add some privacy tokens before it's too late, kek.

>> No.54420440

Privacy has some potential no doubts there but security against quantum threats is important too. So for now focusing on quantum resistant blockchain.

>> No.54420507

the dog dies eventually, and so will the coin. it'll be as backseat as litecoin after a year from it's greatest high. comb is the panty drencher from girltalk but i bet they hate when i make light of their presences. if that's your bag, follow the memes anon

>> No.54420603

Ankr has partnership with microsoft

Microsoft has power over GPT-4.

Do the math.

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With a strong focus on security and QVM, QANX is my 100x gem right now. Maybe I will add some TSUKA and DMTR to spice up my bag. We will ride of some sexy titties once we land on the moon

>> No.54421571

This is the real deal for me. SCRT and UTK are some of the gems I'm slurping up. The fact that I can store them on my Kepler and Hold wallet makes them highly based.

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>..I sold at 10x but its still got some gas in it

>> No.54421602

This will smash its ATH with ease especially its recent rebranding to MultiverseX
With Crypto payment now becoming a global thing, I don't see dying anytime soon

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The threat is real but shirtless homo schizo will ignore this and get their ass kicked. Quantum-resistant blockchain is the way to go, man. Forget about all the other boring privacy and security stuff, this is where the real action is. We need to be prepared for the inevitable rise of quantum computing and ensure that our blockchain technology is ready to handle it.

Plus, it's just cooler to be able to say that you're using a quantum-resistant blockchain, don't you think? It's like we're living in the future already

>> No.54422519

This got to be another interesting airdrop though still in "testnet" but officially launching April 4, 2023 and you gotta join now.

```This project will launch on the 4th of April .```

*Wow *

*That's just less than 5 days

```"Make hay while the sun shines"```


*Register now!*

Let's get jiggy!

>> No.54422643

Best picks but for interoperability sake, I'll go for ORE

>> No.54422746


>> No.54422767

A few things I'm looking at on zk are FRIN, RAIL, and ZZ

>> No.54422778

LINK (ticker:chain)

>> No.54422809

Nexa sui and make it?
Shit is 17 trillions MCap... I'm sure you need ar least 1Billion

>> No.54422865
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Privacy tokens are coming strong anon. Likely a ZKP season.

>> No.54422929

Lots of complete fucking garbage in this thread. Anyhow take a look at Allianceblock if you want pajeet.<div class="xa23b"><span class="xa23t"></span><span class="xa23i"></span></div>

>> No.54422974

ROSE and AZERO will do a better pump. More focus on mid cap privacy tokens

>> No.54422993

Nice shot, DiD based projects are gaining attentions.

>> No.54423047

MEXC is a good place to find gems and I found some there.

>> No.54423064

LINK out, ORE in.
A sub 4M mcap solid coin.

>> No.54423071

This Q2 will be superb for the Nexera ID.

>> No.54423087

A good narrative better the the shilled AI.

>> No.54423103

ID solution is a new trend for me.

>> No.54423284

More of DiD and self-custody in Q2.

>> No.54423481

With banks fucking up really hard, crypto payment is now the real deal and lots of these crypto payment gateways including Utrust will blow up very soon. Only trannies will sleep on this.

>> No.54423548

Injective (INJ)

It's a dex where you make bank from holding the token

Orderbook exchange

>> No.54423599

10k mc lol

>> No.54423715

Best at cross chain interoperability

>> No.54425231
File: 33 KB, 600x900, man-aiming-shotgun-takes-aim-hunting-rifle-closeup-82320207.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>something mind blowing
For you and all the pajeet niggers itt

>> No.54425344
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launching in 24h

>> No.54425570

RAIL. multichain privacy enhancement protcol with one of the cheapest fees.

>> No.54425579

Based, ZKPs too.

>> No.54425877
File: 1.60 MB, 1708x2374, phil hale.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anybody have the pink wojak that's being converted into an npc mr smith hand in chest style?