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visual representation of me in the current market

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Why the fuck would you look down like an arrogant bitch and leave your jaw open like that.
Lucky his buddy was there.

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Audible kek

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Learn mosh etiquette or get socked in the nose

I enjoy a good metal show but when I see someone spin kicking I do what I can to shove those faggots across the crowd

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Wow, that pipsqueak who threw that punch most of weighed 130 lbs soaking wet. Just goes to show you boxing will always rain supreme in a street fight.

There are literal lanklets here that think they could take a 40 year old 5'7' 130 lbs Floyd Mayweather in a street fight....

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Fuckin dropped

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What a retard, looks like they were "dancing" and he freezes and throws a punch lol

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>Just goes to show you boxing will always rain supreme in a street fight.
Wrong, this just shows every time you think you're in a 1v1 in a street fight you could actually be getting in a 1v5 situation without even knowing with his friends sucker punching you and or stabbing/shooting you on the spot for petty things.

You can be the best boxer in the world and get ready to fuck up some whatever loud mouth drunk retard, but none of your boxing skills matter when his friend which just came from the bathroom slams a beer bottle on your head from the back and then shanks you on the ground as well.

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this anon gets it
that said boxing is still >lifting considering fights

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I meant more in comparison to other martial arts. In your scenario, wrestling and bjj would fair much much worse so again Boxing is the best because technically you could knock each of the friends out one by one quickly before anyone can touch you. Yes it's rare and low probability but it's literally happened on film so it is possible. Meanwhile you aren't strangling 5 guys one by one using bjj.

Now if I was in jail, BJJ would be the best martial art. Especially preventing yourself from gettin raped in a cell with another cellmate.

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I'm glad I've never been knocked out. worse still dude has in on camera I could never live that down

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This is very unlikely to be a metal gig. Unfortunately DnB/Tekno raves have developed pits over time. However there is not etiquette at all and you always get some coked up prick with his shirt off just targeting people and suplexing them.
As someone who has seen both metal and rave pits, the metal ones are like an ordered civilisation compared to some tribal head hunter tribe

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Thats not his buddy it was a random brown guy. The other guy without a shirt was his buddy which is why he slammed the mud in the first place, the other mud who punched him was friends with the mud who got slammed.

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you're close but not completely right. boxing is a good 2nd choice in a street fight. the supreme champion in street fights is the diving tackle assuming weight class is close. if youre fighting a fat just kick them in the knee and run

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You've never been in a ring or a street fight
And yes without the ref decisions and the ability to prance around the ring like a faggot Mayweather would get heemed, why do you think he makes MMA fighters box? The fact that you think he's tough PROVES you're a keyboard warrior faggot.

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Doesn’t matter how big, small, skilled, or unskilled you are at fighting. You won’t be able to take a shot nearly as good if you don’t see it coming. Some of you flabby chuds could sleep Chad with a sucker punch if it lands flush on the jaw or behind the ear.

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>A jewish youtube influencer who's only been doing the sport a few years isn't punching as fast as the 60 pounds lighter nigger who's been doing it for decades
Doesn't change the fact that Mayweather's still scared shitless of getting in a cage cuz he knows what would happen

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>the smaller, faster boxer has the advant-ACK!
I'd probably actually pay $10k for just pay per view to see what niglet Mayweather would do against the Irish candyman

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> Faggot whose never seen a boxer's hand speed up close and knew that at any moment they could knock you out because the speed of their hands resemble a hummingbird's wings and would be impossible for a non-trained person to dodge....

Keep talking, cannot wait until you get clocked out and wake up feeling insecure of the world because you thought boxers were a joke. Mayweather would knock out 99.99% of untrained people weighing only 130 lbs and being 5'7 ona good day. Cope seethe and dilate.

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These guys get swarmed in most mosh pits I'm surprised more people didn't jump on him

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I go to a boxing and MMA gym thrice a week you fucking troon, you know what they call Mayweather there? "The fairy"
Seriously you're lusting after his nigger dick, get a life

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>> Faggot whose never seen a boxer's hand speed up close and knew that at any moment they could knock you out because the speed of their hands resemble a hummingbird's wings and would be impossible for a non-trained person to dodge....
I just want to take a second to really emphasize that you wrote this, holy fuck this is some "katana folded 1000 times" fanboy shit, I couldn't tell chatgpt to write me something this fucking cringe

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sure you do bjj faggot. No one believes you go to a boxing gym and MMA gym maybe but no boxing. Only non-boxer faggots do not appreciate the speed and footwork and core strength of a boxer. In person it blows your mind. Ergo you've never met a real boxer before, faggot.

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> faggot dweeb who doesn't have any boxer friends....
Know how I know you're a literal limp wristed cuck pale skin dork? Touch grass.

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man this is some "whitebelt energy" if I've ever seen it. How long you been boxing? three weeks, a month?
Anyway Mayweather still never set foot in a cage and never will
>boxing friends
Is this what you call your boyfriend to your parents?

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Boxers have very good footwork but kicks kill the boxer.

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> yo0JYksE id

Your butthurt for being wrong is showing, you jew

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but untrained ppl couldn't kick to save their life. Against an untrained person boxing is the king.

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Whatever "hummingbird" ;) (Oh we're gonna have a laugh about this one at Friday afternoon practice and sparring)

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Floyd Mayweather would go down the exact same way as that big dude you moron, learn how anatomy works and why a fist to the jaw at the right angle could either daze you or kill you regardless of how strong or experiences you are. Also by kill I mean when your head hits the ground and gives you internal bleeding in your brain.

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Boxing is good but I prefer Muay Thai for striking, BJJ for grappling and Judo for the throws I think. But you don’t want to go to the ground in a street fight if you don’t need to for sure.

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Is this how the race war is going to play out?

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boxer/ mma fags who obviously looking to fight people deserve a "sucker punch"
looking for a "fair fight" when it wasn't so in the beginning(they thought they had the advantage)

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Why you mad bro theyre just having fun

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yeah cause Mayweather built a career at not getting hit by professional boxers who dedicated their every waking breath to boxing but some loser on the street will touch his chin like in OP's video.....

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You and the rest of your slow hand friends can laugh and gawk at what a metaphor is. Now make sure you molasses girls properly clinch your sparring partners this time or coach will get mad again.

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Holy shit I just realized my ID and post number are blessed

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>everyone in the 4chan thread is a street fight expert
Hey guys wanna see my abs?

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nice physique, but time to built some mass now...

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>Mayweather shopping at walmart = Mayweather in the ring

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Me on the right.

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Yep, it doesn’t take a lot of power to knock somebody out. This is why hulking strong men are not the best fighters. Even though they have the most power they have an excess of power. All you need is enough power to deal knock out blows and then the rest of your training should be speed and technique to be the most deadly fighter

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Are you the one that sucker punched or are you the one that fell like a bitch?

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I'm pretty sure prime Tyson could 1v10 in less than a minute.

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>Learn mosh etiquette or get socked in the nose
This. That was pure justice.
Jock faggots in the mosh is akin to reddit faggots on here. They don't get it.

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i'd pay $10k to watch the candyman fight Hasan Piker

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I always love the webm even if it's a gay club
If you see someone get knocked out you do not engage with "bro calm down" unless you are ready to fight

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are you the one who slammed a guy for no reason in a moshpit?

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No. That was some faggot standing next to me.

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so this is the power of BRIC countries...

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based post

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>mosh pit
Numetal is so fucking cringe

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Wrestling is the most dominant martial art.
In the 1800s and 1900s in america hundreds of wrestler vs boxer bouts were held under various rule sets and the wrestlers won 99% of them.

Wrestlers are the strongest.

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>my favorite nigger could beat up your favorite nigger

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Pumped but my bags says otherwise. Slurping the dip tho, these privacy and AI alts looks good to go.

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The truth is fights are completely unpredictable and end when the winner decides. You can disfigure your nose, eyes, parts of your face, lose teeth, I actually despise streetfights because fights can be permanently debilitating. A single punch won't do much, but if that punch lands a man on the floor and he hits the back of his head, death is a real possibility.

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I don't know what's happening but they all look like they're having a good time

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Boxing is for niggers they get wrecked by Muay Thai/ kick boxers or people with mma skills

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i farted poop

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>Be me
>Go to enjoy a cool metal concert
>Too fuckin hyped !!
>Get sucker punch, become more retarded than before
>become a bobo on 4channel
The circle of life