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That's it. I'm building an anti-crypto army.

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Reporting for duty.

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I hate politicians so much it’s unreal

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Based, she's literally /ourgirl/

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I'm not big on democrats but this is a cause I can get behind. Where do I sign up, liz?

-sent from my iPhone

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how much was she in line to get from FTX?

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FTX literally tried to bring fractional reserve into crypto

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let's do this.

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Red leader standing by

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lol who is this soulless golem boomer? I'm a ski instructor and if he has children in my ski school, I'm just going to send them down the double blacks and call it a day.

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Isn't she full blooded native american? Building an army seems kinda racist

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Blue leader, standing by.

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xX_Pension_Destroyer_Xx reporting for duty.

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she doesnt need to
When I took interest in crypto I was looking up videos on youtube about it and jesus fucking christ the amount of clickbait, scams and basedfaces was incredible. Any sane person with at least 2 braincells instinctively knows that crypto is just a failed idea with a cult-like following keeping it present on social media. The only people getting rich of crypto are bitcoin oldfags who accumulated thousands of BTC when it went for a couple of cents and outright scammers shilling their ponzi coin. I've been coming here for 5 years now and every other "project" that has been shilled here was a scam. HOW DO YOU KEEP FALLING FOR THE SAME FUCKING THING?

>inb4 hurr durr I made a few thousand dollars with these "scam projects"
good for you buddy, wanna know how much the devs aka the scammers made with their PnD coin? millions, but keep bragging about you pocket change.
Crypto has provided nothing of value. yes, even your fucking blockchain is just a payment history book for feds and banks to observe your transactions, its literally what the glowies are dreaming of happening to fiat.

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This is how i imagine Peggy from king of the hill would look if she was a real person kek

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This bitch would look real nice with cum on her face. I can tell she's taken many BBCs.

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I highly recommend everyone ITT to read the new Nic Carter article


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