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Schizo thought but what are the chances that "CBDCs" are just a scare tactic to push people into crypto which after all comes out as the actual CBDCs?

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They are trying to really implement them because their fundamental problem (well, one of their fundamental problems) is that they can't get the velocity of money up, so they're thinking of having expiring currency.
They can't help themselves, of course, so once you have programmable and expiring money, it's only a small step from there to differential interest rates for different sectors, set by the government, blacklisting, differential interest rates for different people (they'll be able to do those reparations with the press of a button, and if not that, you can easily enough get a -6% interest rate on your cash while someone else gets 15% for political reasons). Imagine all those shitcoins with their "giveaways", token burns, and whatnot, just as a currency in day-to-day use.

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open source software doesn't mean I just "see the source"
it means I build it from source, compile it myself
any attempt at changing the source just makes your network fork itself

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Unrelated but you're not 'schizo-ing' as you're just exploring avenues on the issues being discussed at hand. Schizos don't have hamster wheel inside their heads, they only have various voices whispering things.
Hamster wheel spinning is autistic, and spergs are good-natured truth seekers.

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except that this already happens
the 5% rates are not for the general population

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Yes, but with a CDBC, they could do it instantly with the click of a button, and based on a search query like
>{"gender": "male", "race": "white"}
I imagine you could actually use GRT to create a toy example out of this.
If you have to issue a CDBC like this at all, it's because you think you have to manually hand out money (instead of having an economy). It's a bit like Craig Wright manually tweeeting about which chain is authoritative on BSV - one would think that the system is there to take of this sort of thing. And it's not as if it's any use: politicians will never be able to resist the power to monkey around with monetary policy - they can't resist it now, and the only thing that is doing is fucking everything up, but imagine if they could fine-tune the fucking up to the individual level. It's like communism, but even historical communism was not this onerous, because the Soviets weren't able to control every single person's decisions on an individual level either.
The point is that "CDBCs are communism", but that the Soviet system was highly inefficient, which caused it to fail, and the CDBC-system will fail for the same reasons.

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XRP is the standard. Babacugs and Trump are working together to save the USA from demonic libtards. Trust the plan. Two more weeks. WWG1WGA.

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How would they keep track of taxes? how many employees would have to moniter the chain? how long would it take to create a database identifying every (american) wallet for example?

CBDC's would be quicker and more customizable, but to continue global trade it is like this >>54391967 anon says, there will be a "stablecoin" used by the elites with a different inflation rate, if one at all.

They will probably be used as bonus rewards for hard workers and you can use them to go on holiday. - highly speculative of course but all you got to do is ask yourself "what would be reasonable" and you'll see the dystopia.

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>Gresham's law
No matter how much shit I try to think of, someone comes up with more. Lmao, actual in-game premium currency in the real world - it really would be possible.

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>How would they keep track of taxes?

Taxes can be done in real time with transaction fees. But honestly at this point Taxes just becomes a worthless concept. If you have CBDC running amuck you can just generate money out of thin air for no fucking reason any time you want and have it evaporate after a set time to avoid inflation.

Only issue then is, nobody outside of America is going to want our magically evaporating money. You wont be able to buy shit from other countries anymore.

This sounds like a really fucking stupid idea and I feel like they are basically going to fail at this shit. Nobody fucking wants it. The only advantage I can maybe see is that taxes being automatic I wont have to think about it anymore. But then wtf, why not just NOT HAVE TAXES ANYWAY?

This is fucked..

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Honestly I think a CBDC is a good idea. I don't want to pay the ridiculous fees of crypto.

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>Honestly I think a CBDC is a good idea. I don't want to pay the ridiculous fees of crypto.

there are plenty of examples of coins that have fees that are less than a penny.

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Oh I guess there is one interesting advantage with a CBDC. Good luck ever stealing anyone's money ever again. Not only will be be obvious you did it, but your money might get sent back and you pay a fine.

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Well if you think about it, china isn't going to want a self burning token. Or any kind of token that can be burnt or revoked at all. I kind of just took your idea to the extreme with mine, thought they fit pretty well.

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Well I hope you don't like winnie the pooh.

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the chinese actually ran a test with expiring money a few years back

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Xi? I'm fine with the guy. He's just following the orders of Davos anyway.

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delete this

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It's programmable money. If you can program it, you can implement it. And since it's programming, you can implement anything you can think of.
This is why the power will just be irresistible: you really can "do everything". There's probably going to be a government department determining per-cohort interest rates and rugpulls.
>inflation too high? no problem, we'll take half from group X and give it to group Y because of ESG

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>muh cbdc
as soon as its too restrictive people will start working under the table, use whatever suits their needs best as black market currency and still buy all the same shit as now

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Evaporating money can only work within a 100% closed system. Nobody is going to want your evaporating money. Nobody will see value in holding a currency that is 100% controlled.

The more I think about it the more I realize that the concept is fundamentally fucked at every level. You cant buy crypto with it. You cant buy anything of value with it. The only way it can work is if its a global currency everyone is forced to use at gun point. The moment you have anything outside of this shitcoin is the moment you create a vacuum of actual value that EVERYONE will gravitate toward.