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he's paying for banners on biz lmao

Not buying your scam token you f***ing loser

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Buy a counter-ad

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linkies are now also bankrolling 4chan. they have a lot of experience donating toward the common good, i think it's nice

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just buy an ad bro

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>spam "buy an ad" for months
>an ad is actually bought
>complains that they bought an ad

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no i think it's nice of them. they have a lot of experience in charity work like this, we are all thankful to them

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I just like watching them waste money since they came in after the bank run not realizing how dead /biz/ actually is.
So I samefaged "buy an ad" for two weeks actually and you faggots caved.
Enjoy $2 link within a month

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>Buy a counter-ad
Buy a counter.

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literally use all your income on 4chan ads, faggot

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This ad is so based.
Too bad I'm not a phone poster and will never see it

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He can't afford it on account of being a bottom of the barrel loser with no money

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what mental illness is this? OCD? Autism? Autists get pathologically fixated on things, don't they?

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If I lost all my money by buying the top, I'd be mindbroken and furious too.

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>h-heh it was my plan all along to make you spend 20 USD in an ad, lmao how do you like them apples
>i bet you feel stupid now and your days is ruined
I guess being a bottom feeder entails now being able to spend money casually, so it's only natural people like you think that anons, buying an ad for the lulz, is somehow a "GOTCHA" moment kek

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>fuddy wuddy woo can’t afford an ad

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>I am Chudabe Rinchudo I have come from the future to fud ticker (link) so they can't instititute complete enslavement of the population under central bank digital currencies.
>Maybe if I fud chainlink I can have sex... El... Psy... Chudgruu

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>h-h-ahaha we bought an ad see? fudders REKT reverse "GOTCHU" I'm so rich $20 is nothing for me and my fellow link muhrines seethe third worlder kek lmao!1
kek the irony is palpable

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Kek'd anon

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>tells linkies to buy an ad
>linkies buy the ad
>y-you fell into my trap! it was my plan all along, and it shows that i'm living rent free inside your heads heh i win once again linkchuds