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turns out only crypto banks are having issues

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we bottomed at $15k which was $5k less than the expected $20k bottom

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soon brother

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Bollinger band pump will be 27000 by morning again just wait.

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lol I should have just stuck to the cold storage HODL meme

I fell for the trade meme and lost so much btc lol

lol i hope i get proven wrong and this shit just crashes again lol

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pretty much exactly according to plan, it almost couldn't be going more to plan if it tried.
i assume most oldfags that have seen cycles play out don't even really post anymore, it's almost boring how easy this all is

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If old cycles are playing out as normal, then we should have another lower low EOY

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lol yeah just 2 more weeks poorfag bobo

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check the vol

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kek no, what do you mean? bottom always happens 1 year after ATH, just like it did this time.
lower low on SOME shitcoins maybe if there's a black swan.

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Bitcoin can survive without banks, without MtGox, without Binance, without Coinbase, without everything. Bitcoin will continue to go up forever until a critical bug is found and destroys the currency. It's coded to be like this.

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You got baited
Whales don't care about USA kikery
Short squeeze for all bobos

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I'm a mumu through and through, but will always be bearish on shitcoins especially shibags.

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Can it survive without eletricity?

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we barely even crossed 15.5k if you think that was capitulation you are a special kind of autist

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>80% down from ATH


keep waiting for $10k dumb priced out bobo

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its supposed to be 90% down from ATH. where are you newfags getting this 80% figure from?

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Don't bother they will just cope and say ledgers, and otc trades.
Mind you charging ledgers and hooking them up to an internet to trade with never comes across their minds or the fact if all off ramps shut down everyone will be selling OTC at the same time making it a buyers market who can simple say no thanks for a week and watch every faggot sell their shit for pennies on the dollar.
This is the biggest trap in human history.

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I bet you will try to sell the exact top too

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>it was supposed to go down 90%
>well because, i mean.....IT JUST WAS OK??

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hilarious that those idiots didnt take a margin of error lol

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being late to the party and shorting now

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zoom out

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Bitcoin is a war of millennials trying to escape wageslavery vs. boomers seething and crying and trying to ban it.

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I did, BTC has diminishing returns and diminishing losses, so a 76% drop from ATH this cycle makes perfect sense
stay on the sidelines though nigger, this crypto thing isn't for you clearly, leave making money to the big boys

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2014 cycle it was 90%
2018 cycle it was 85%
2022 cycle it was 80%
Use your fucking brain retarded bobo, bitty sea will behave less like a BSC shitcoin as it gets bigger

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very good
buy high sell low
ps. swingers get to rope

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If you read the CFTC filing then you should know that it's retard brain to short crypto. CZ has 300 accounts ready to instantly liquidate you.

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yeah and then adjust for inflation between 2018 and 2022, and we probably went down more like 90% if you factor that in
the pure arrogance/retardation of not buying in at $15k is comical, bottom bobos deserve to be mocked

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10k is coming

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Keep coping