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Do you have faith in this dudes trading cartel to keep Crypto from dying?

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His fake pump will drag out this bear period even longer.

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Unfortunately. It's like the Costa Concordia, except the driver is a goddamn chink.

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if CZ goes down. It's jOeVER for crypto
no more bullruns

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i think hes smart enough but the glowies are good enough at manipulating stupid people it wont matter

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He's the only one keeping crypto alive. When *they* are done with him, it'll be over for real for crypto.

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Sad state, but yes. I trust a bug more than a million SECs put together.

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If Binance falls that is a black swan, Btc will lose 90% of it’s value in less then a week and most alts will lose 95-100% of their value

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yes CZ is based and brought down SBF. if it wasn't for him all of crypto twitter and the press would still be sucking Sam off

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An obvious and easily predictable event isn't a black swan, anon.

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Based, then we can be purged of the normie cringe moonboy fag parasite that has ruined any semblance of respectability foe the future of money

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>has ruined any semblance of respectability

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>fake pump
Lol I love how every pump is "fake" to bears. Here's a tip if someone is BUYING something someone else is SELLING it's real.

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fuck binance

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Insilico knows

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The alphabet boys are after him because he took out /their guy/. That being said he is just as slimy as SBF and both were trying to control crypto.

Both deserve to go down and unfortunately crypto will take a hit with them in the short/medium term.

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Here's just one wallet I was interested in today. It's very clear they just play around and we play their game happily.

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Good. I'll accumulate when there isnt a single cex operating in America