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Because there's nothing exciting about crypto lately. Which cases/capsules are you slurping?

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Any Antwerp capsule except Champions is a good bet imo. They are the only borderless stickers beside OG Katowice and 21 Stockholm and will skyrocket if 23 Paris isn't borderless like Rio.

Expecting at least 10$ per

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Falchion Cases while they cheap and Ancient Beast (Foil) stickers

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FAQ (how it works): https://www.csgodatabase.com/cases/
Items database: https://csgostash.com/
Unboxing tracker: https://csgocasetracker.com/

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Not buying your bags

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Whatever it is already pumped

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You were told years ago.
You willingly missed out.

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>there's nothing exciting about crypto lately.
>he doesn't know the madness happening at Koyo Finance

Bro you have SO MUCH to DYOR right now, Ryoshi is going crazy on this one, everyone is joining their train and even I don't know why

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This board is full of bots lmao no wonder nobody does money here. It's scammers trying to scam scammers and doomers trying to doompost doomers.

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We need a csgo investment general

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I have over 100 cases waiting the prices go up, or maybe i sell them now and buy hogwarz legacy coz my gf wants to play it

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I just hope that paris stickers suck because that would make aw/sh go parabolic

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How exactly do you cash out cases btw? Steam market takes a huge fee then buying something liquid on steam is another massive fee then finally selling on buff is one more fee then selling your buff balance to a trader is yet another fee. Is there a better way to get money in the bank then what i just described?

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I'm a little bias tho Im falling in love atm

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I have 129K USD in Stockholm Holos right now. LOL, everyday I wake up, I'm up another 5-9K

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Steam are gay about anyone cashing out directly to fiat so you'll basically always have to use a third party site to sell your shit on and then withdraw from them back to fiat. I got a tiger tooth stat trak flip knife a few years back, sold it for 400$, and of that only got 302$ in my bank account all said and done. If you're really autistic you can grind trade-ups and hodl cases and stickers and sometimes skins until the value goes up but I've had the most luck just regularly opening cases and doing high value tradeups for profit.

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3rd party sites with no KYC and trade for crypto = CSGO market validated and insanely legit. You can make a stupid amount of money in the CSGO market. It's the most valuable in-game market ever made and it's the only reason CS is thriving. Valve just confirmed a non-stop bull market with CS2 and their dedication to making it incredible. I'm so erect right now

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Yea but how do i offload 5000 cases

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Sell them to the market directly over time so you don't crash the price and fuck yourself, or do a private trade with someone for something of equal value/sell them on a 3rd party site. You can also sell your shit and just buy gift keys for games and then resell those to key reselling sites. There's quite a few ways to cash out, you just end up taking a 25-40% haircut no matter what.

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recently checked my stash and i have around 150 euros worth of cases just from playing years ago.
What do you suggest i buy if i want to put in 150 now

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dust 2 souvenirs :P gold arabesque is looking mighty fine , only way to get it is with expensive trade ups or souvenirs , dust 2 has been removed from the map pool for all foreseeable major and will do numbers like cobblestone souvenirs (last souvenirs 2018)

im looking to buy around 200 @ 20$ and looking to start re-sales at the 300$ mark (profits of 58k to 100k in the next 5 years )

the risks are ;
-trade up skins become cheaper to buy
-people start realizing that its impossible to pull the arabesque
-dust 2 returns to the cs2 map pool in future majors

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https://steamcommunity.com/market/multisell?appid=730&contextid=2&items[]={copy/paste item name here without brackets}

make sure you double check prices and you can only post 250 items at a time due to mobile app limits ( or else you will get an error message )

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Are those 2018s the Kennys Cobblestones?

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I'm not interested in making peanuts

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not sure , the only ones I can find are the 2017 krakow , average listing price is 400 k


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We know you are interested in making penis, faggot.

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>4chan makes fun of Call of Duty for releasing the same game year after year

Gee, I sure can't wait to play on the classic Dust2 again! Like I have since 2005!! Isn't it awesome to have an awp duel from T spawn into the door mid with the CT side at start of round?



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another thing is updated skins on cs2 , there are lesser known skins that look absolutely crazy on the new engine my play for this is (copper galaxy )

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they are not releasing the same game you fucking retard , they are updating it...the game is free.

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Okay but,


Nothing personal, kid. Just ruining a perfect map because of "the pro gamers whined about it".

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that open space was op , the amount of quick scope kills and getting early info on lower tunnel and b site stacks was too easy , It's okay to adjust a game due to unfair advantages but one thing I don't like from the updates are the colored smoke that tell you if a ct or t threw it rip ninja defuses

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>defending the dust2 t spawn wall

How much did Valve pay you to post in this thread? You try to downplay it by saying "Oh the wall is bad but I agree Valve shouldn't have colored the smokes!" Very good tactic but you don't fool me. CSGO is dying and they're faking their player numbers to keep "investors" interested in their skins market.

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this is just crap ive held over the years

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50-100x is peanuts I agree

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Will any of it transfer to cs2?

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all of it.

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>awp duel from T spawn into the door mid with the CT side at start of round?
This was literally because reddit balance trannies complained about it

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>CSGO Clutch Case Keys (tradeable) upto $30
hold or sell?

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you can buy those at any time from the cs go shop for 3$ the keys are a meme

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Hold unless you've found something else to reinvest in with a better ROI. It's a more 'novelty' item at this point but there's still a market for it. You could compare them to old operation passes.

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>8 operation breakout cases

Do I open them to most definitely lose money overall?

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idk how people play this so much I have 1200 hours over 10 years and the game is so insanely boring. It should have been natural selection instead of 1.6 that became immortalized

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Sounds like skill issue desu

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Anybody have any junk items or skins they'd be willing to donate to a brokie that's getting back into CS in anticipation for CS2?

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Bruh you know they hand out skins and cases just for playing the game right

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if you didnt invest in 2015-2017.

you are NGMI
if you didnt buy guns with high end stickers (you dumb fucks actually fell for people telling you stickers arent worth anything on guns)

Thats like saying diamonds on a gold chain are worthless. BWahahahah

I own over 2000 Penta Sports Holo 2015 stickers. i slurped hard asf boys


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What website is this?

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>guns with high end stickers
???? qrd?

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Didn't realize there was even a market for this shit.
Haven't played CS:GO since it came out god knows how long ago. Looks like I have a weapons case worth $10
better than nothing i guess

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>people telling you stickers arent worth anything on guns)
Oh, yeah. Those 'people' are dumb as rocks. They're good holds but more difficult to liquidate.
Skins with K14 holos for example.

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i got honwarts for my wife and she played it on my pc for like 5 hours then couldn't beat some easy quest and gave up. I might make a character and try it out tho

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>mfw I have all 3 m9 doppler gems and cs2 comes out

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Not really I got to global elite 7 years ago and now that I'm old as fuck I still have an hltv rating of 1.4

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My brothers inventory was worth about $1k last year just from random junk he had kept from the early game, particularly cases.

Have prices been going up with the CS2 announcement?

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Buy low caps when there's nothing exciting. ORE, HBAR and VRA are good.

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Making decent yield from my ORE/ETH LP.

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Can't wait for the absolute profit I'm going to make off of these fuckers. Ice Cap is one of the best looking, least well known skins in cs2, watch the pumps.