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Prepare your anuses, anons

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Bobos, mumus, and snibsnabbers all finna get their assholes pushed in, fr fr no cap

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the next 10 year is unironically critical for the crabbing bitcoin!

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checked, frfr

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on god

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checked nigga

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>monthly rsi is has been at zero forever and is not going up
>wedge forming
>BTC still on bullrun presiction path
BTC 40k unironically by may

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Thx friend I need all the copium I can get.
I feel like nothing ever happens and I'm gonna wageslave for 40 years.

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35k until mid-April, lfg

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So, it's either up or down, lol.

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No cap.

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Yes. For all we know, in the next 24h, someone's anusses are going to get widened a lot... No one knows if it's bobos or mumus (wouldn't be surprised if both, strong wick up only to turn into a correction or vice verse, a la CZ manipulation), but we know that someone is about to get pegged.

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first post bussin post. on god.

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tendie-posting in a fire thread.

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it will copy the pattern of the previous years so decline in april,may,june,july bleed out
it usually rises in autumn but 2022 was unusual its like a mini depression so lower highs and lower lows this year might be the same

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dump it

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Do yourself a favor and watch this chart

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Why do you have so many RSIs

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this, but unironically

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sure thing, bud

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How long do we have

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That's a very long timeframe.
BTC could dump to 12k and it wouldn't change it.

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Meaning, the chart would look exactly the same except with a little blip as it does during the covid dump. It provides no useful information beyond "we are roughly around the bottom give or take 25%."

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I'm done with prepping my asshole on a daily basis so im just sitting on my ass living frugally until rodeo finance releases so i can stake gmx to hell and back and finally make some money on arbi (im not touching iou with a ten foot pole though)