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I personally think AI has a lot more room to grow.
I personally find security is important and few projects like QRDO, HAPI and QNT.
Do you have any suggestions for me to dmor on?

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Ai is fading out , arbitrum projects are the trending ones

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AI? You are not gonna make it

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AI is slavery
playing God is against the bible

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Jeet, we are.in the era of post quantum cryptography projects. Wake up or loose out

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Clintex CTI

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Qanplatform is your choice newfag. Don't fade it

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No suggestions , go fuck yourself

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take AI to Avalanche subnets and it will be huge project

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Crystals Dilithium is the best of the post quantum algorithm and you should consider it while investing

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I almost lost hope in crypto, until arbitrum airdrop

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Came here to say this. Also, check out Fetch.AI for the second best option.

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The recent partnership with AlpineEsport made it stand out.

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POR concensus algorithm will be revolutionary and I am waiting for that to go live soon. So dyor anon.

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This is the 1st F1 project that has partnered with a blockchain to bring real life utilities.

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ARB to moon soon.

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Wait for MASK tokens

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QNT Twitter looks dead. So I don't really care.

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Exactly. It will be in charge of developing the proof of attendance that will be used for daily operations of the team

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I came here to add XLM, MATIC, HBAR, ENJ, SAND. Whatelse?

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And it has the only decentralised blockchain explorer in the crypto called the Librescan

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Invest in a project that is quantum proof and built on the post quantum cryptography CRYSTALS-Dilithium algorithm.

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QRDO has good potential. Hope it pump soon.

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You don't appear to be investing in low-cap alts. I'll add those with potential just like what I see on MyS. DeFi investors have countless opportunities with Magic Yearn imo.

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Web3, Privacy,ZK tech, NFTs and Blockchain gaming.

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I hope so I got a handful.

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Get ready to enjoy crypto the more with the introduction of validation with mobile phones. Proof of Randomness consensus algorithm made it possible

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The devs have alot of opportunities in this space these days but they have so much of restrictions when comes to coding.
With the QVM it has been fixed where they can code in any programming languages and the devs are inclined to get royalties for life time. This l1 will be a game changer.

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All highcaps, good for security but frustrating for gains. A healthy portfolio should have some lowcaps too, MINA,RAIL and CTSI have great potentials.

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I have heard it's economic and eco-friendly.
Just need the mainnet to go live

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You make sense anon. Gains is also very important. Made 2x with QANX recently and will continue to hold for long term for sure. It ensure goid security as well.

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It used the democracy of PoW and eco-friendly feature of PoS to come about this

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We can mine the tokens with a mobile phone or with a raspberry pi. This is more economical and simple.

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Real World Asset trend. Eg crypto projects backed by real world assets. One such example is CREDI, which is a microcap at 1.5 million MC. Genuine 100x potential, links to national banks, EU, UN and the like. DYOR and you’re gonna make it anon

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Get the fuck off shiller

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AI on blockchain is a meme. Think about it, what's the use case? Run AI on EVM? It's too slow. Pay for AI with crypto? Doesn't require a new token. Use AI as an oracle? Doesn't need a token.

What can AI add to blockchain, or blockchain to AI, through the use of an AI token?

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Have been holding shit for a while now. I wish I listened to my grandma and sold when I had the chance

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>Do you have any suggestions for me to dmor on?
Well, I don't know about you, but I think the 'off' button is pretty underrated these days.

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I see you are one of those morons that are against innovation. If you are smart enough, you can utilize AI and be smarter. Unfortunately, you are dumb and probably leaving your data exposed for hackers to exploit.

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Of course AI has room to grow. I think we overestimate the complexity of our own structure and out ability to produce something based on us but vastly faster. Because we can't connect our brains together but a computer can be evolved much quicker.

That being said we need to be using chatGPT today. It might not get everything correct but neither does the average human, therefore our leaders should be the ones that can manipulate chatGPT into giving the most beneficial solutions to the QoL for the average person.

It's biased and it's flawed but it's still superior to our current system.

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lol bruh, who needs to do their own research when we can just ape into any crypto that has a fancy-sounding algorithm? POR? More like POUR ME ANOTHER SHOT OF THAT HYPE JUICE AMIRITE? I'm just gonna throw my life savings at it and hope for the best.

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You're totally right! If you're not investing in lowcaps, then you're missing out on the real gains. I mean, who wants to make slow and steady gains with those boring high caps when you can put your money into some good low caps and make a fortune? The problem is that most biztards can't identify the good ones most times.

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This shit is like a rocket ship waiting to blast off. Use this dip and bag more while it's still cheap and thank biz later when we're all sipping margaritas on our yachts.

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While I agree that AI has a lot of room to grow, we shouldn't rely solely on machines to make decisions for us. Sure, AI like ChatGPT can provide us with helpful solutions, but we can't forget that it's still a machine and it's only as good as the data it's fed. We need to find a balance between human intuition and machine intelligence to make the best decisions for society as a whole.

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It's a moonbag. The potential this L1 has is just phenomenal. This can be a ETH killer with its POR algorithm.
>Fucking tired with the high gas.

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The Librescan is the shit, bro. Who needs the man telling us what's what when we have the power to explore the blockchain on our own terms?

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I have to agree with you, it is a project to keep an eye on. The team behind it is solid, and their focus on providing easy-to-use blockchain solutions for businesses is something that the industry desperately needs.

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>This can be a ETH killer with its POR algorithm.
Its POR is amazing but can this really be this ETH killer? Just thinking out loud

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>It's biased and it's flawed but it's still superior to our current system.

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>AI on blockchain is a meme. Think about it, what's the use case? Run AI on EVM? It's too slow. Pay for AI with crypto? Doesn't require a new token. Use AI as an oracle? Doesn't need a token.
>What can AI add to blockchain, or blockchain to AI, through the use of an AI token?
This is the shittiest thing I have seen on biz today. Holy moly!

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DiDs, Security, and metaverse are also good places to look into.

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The hybrid consensus mechanism is definitely one of its strongest selling points as it is able to strike a balance between security and sustainability.

This is a great example of how innovation and creativity can lead to truly groundbreaking solutions in the world of blockchain.

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Retards are in safe hands with POR, the number of TPS is good and can get dicks hard.

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I DCA ENS and ORE. DiD are melting faces

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What about quantum-resistant chains

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So many ETH killers in the past, maybe this is the one since its decentralized

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Never knew idiots still exist, that's where fags can secure access to their blockchain explorer without being tracked by mfs.

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I'm rooted in staking all manner of shits on ppTorn vault. It's got a good APY.

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I love the fact that lazy idiots are now recognising quantum resistant security. This feels like a juicy pussy.

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The list can't be complete without ORE, all ID solution seems to be gaining traction.

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This will be a game changer because only 1% uses Solidity Imagine how many Devs will start developing on-chain

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With the recent partner with Alpine ESPORTS on its Blockchain, that's gonna be the next biggest narrative in years to come.

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That's good news for Devs anon, JavaScript is out. Soon there will be more languages for Devs to fuck with while earning huge rewards.

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Look what's gonna hit you, YLA is a flow generating structured investment product composed of five yearn stable coin vaults LP tokens, each LP token accumulates interest over time.

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He's got no balls dude

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I think using the vault for staking is a significant improvement over direct staking. Although I haven't had a chance to fully explore it yet, I've been pretty absorbed in magic yearn LP staking and NFTs lately. In fact, I have a few NFTs I want to mint on the platform.

Considering the current rate and direction of development, I believe that in the next few years, it will be very worthwhile.

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Low caps with working products like these are the best.

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AI hype is not over

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Nexera and OREID seems to be the best solution to identity.

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They are just gaining traction but of course its the next huge thing to look into since QCT is inevitable

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We all need security as the Quantum threat is right before us, programmers, organizations, and global project managers and even bitches are already getting their asses secured on quantum-resistant blockchain.

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AI is just technological advancement, don't take it personally

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What about both. LILAI 250k mcap on Arb

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Don't fucking care about low caps, OGN's staking opportunity on binance is up to 25% APY sustainably

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For now, I think only QANplatform has that feature

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DiD and web3 based projects are the next big hit OP. Open your eyes to ID solutions.

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There's no ETH killer anon. I would old ETH and also pair with ORE as it has decent APY.

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>I personally think AI has a lot more room to grow.
Sweet child, you don't know the half of it.

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Definitely, projects and applications will secured from goddamn threats coming with the emergence of quantum computing.

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It's amazing how self custody is now momentum. Cheers to ID management

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PoW would have been the best if it was environmentally friendly and PoS would have been perfect if it was Decentralized, so having an algorithm like PoR that is decentralized and yet ecosystem-friendly looks like the best shot

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You've seen this shit called CRYSTALS-Dilithium? That's the primary algorithm for quantum-resistant signatures and I'm gonna fuck with it.

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Imagine how Stone Age will think of Android phones back then

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Staking xCVP entitles stakers to influence votes on meta-governance initiatives affecting other DAOS whose tokens are held in significant amounts in PowerPool baskets/indices

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Smart choice with QANX, I made 3x on it last month, IMO it's a good gem

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AI wil fade off like NFT and Metaverse

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Never a bad choice anon, It's still up by 20% since the relaunch. This calls for an all night orgy with milfs and trannies.

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RAILGUN is a smart contract for professional traders and DeFi users that adds privacy protection to cryptocurrency transactions.

When using the RAILGUN Privacy System, wallet addresses are removed from transactions on open-ledger blockchains. Without RAILGUN, wallet addresses are revealed and recorded on the blockchain. If a wallet address has been recorded in a transaction, anyone can then check that wallet’s history using tools like Etherscan. This is similar to a person having their bank balance and spending history revealed whenever they use a debit card. RAILGUN is the solution to this problem.

Through zero-knowledge proof (zk-SNARKs) technology, RAILGUN users enjoy full privacy. Their identifying information is kept private when making transfers, trading, using leverage platforms, adding liquidity or using decentralized applications (dApps) any way they like. RAILGUN is compatible with all standard ERC-20 tokens by default.

The RAILGUN smart contract is already deployed on Ethereum and other blockchains. It can be used by crypto wallets, such as Railway.xyz, or by protocols themselves that want to give their users privacy.

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Becoming Ethereum Compatible is the MVP, making massive migration of projects from Ethereum will be as easy as sucking juicy boobs.

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It's got no life anon, You better run that transaction through Railgun privacy platform. These brown hand indian pajeet are out to steal your crypto.

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Follow the trend AI is killing off poorfags

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Losing no sleep on AI, pushing for more ID management solutions. ENS and ORE are my target.

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DiDs, Privacy.

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I bagged this on mexc already. wagmi.