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Some people on biz talk about making it by getting rich, but they couldn't be more wrong.

If you didn't make out with a cute virgin at sub-15 you will never truly have made it because that'a step one. Most if not everyone on here are still stuck there.

Feeling her breath, the innocent moaning, her soft skin, her lips. If you didn't get the honor to pick a young virgin girl's flower, nothing else will matter. Having sex with a 20 year old will mean nothing to her. She'll pretend like she's enjoying it if she has something to gain but at that point she has deprecated.

This is why men become pedophiles: to experience what they missed in their youth. They too realize they will never make it but they keep chasing it and keep try to fill that void.

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You try to give your suffering to others, but you cannot give it away.

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When I was 16 my girlfriend was amazing. She wasn’t that hot, but she was soft and petite with a very squeezable ass. She didn’t really have much confidence so when we started dating I think she was really really excited about it, and she worshipped my cock. Every time we fucked she had this look on her face that was just like “holy shit, this dick inside of me is so fucking amazing. God I love this dick in me so much, ugggghhh!!!” And she would have these big orgasms and she let me come inside of her over and over. And her pussy was real tight and wet. I broke up with her and started dating a younger girl and she was always super jealous, but when we went to college she went to a school not far from mine. One night I just happened to run into her at a bar crawl thing, and I was fingering her pussy under the table. We went back to her dorm and she mounted me and that tight wet pussy made me come in like 30 seconds while I squeezed her ass. I didn’t really speak to her again after that. I don’t think she aged well but I still think about how much she loved me fucking her.

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>women dont react like that to sex with you now
lift some weights or something anon I still get those responses now as a 30 year old man

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>came in 30 seconds

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