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Start of this rally: 4.35 btc

Current: 2.94 btc

I shorted too early

Now what’s funny is that I’ll be right, it’s just that the market had to liquidate people like me first

The question is now, how much do I go in with my next short? Perhaps 30-32k? Maybe if I get that right I can get back to 4+ btc

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Bobo stop, you don’t know what you are doing ng, you are just gambling.

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Gambling is tax free in my country

Crypto is not tax free

Therefore crypto trading is not gambling

I’m in Australia, even if I went $100,000,000 dollars I pay 0 taxes if it’s gambling, but if you trade crypto you pay taxes

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Post shorts, but like 99% of the bobo threads you won't. You'll just post some gay ass bear laughing with the word "cope"

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>i'm too smart that's why i get liquidated
just trade with less leverage dummie

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>I’m in Australia

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Well I just shorted with 2X but I’ll increase it to 20X if we start plummeting

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Just play plinko on stake, it doesn’t have to end like this, bobo.

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>I jumped far enough, I just jumped too early - that's why I fell!
Next time I'll jump far enough AND at the right time.

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I notice you didn't post it still, must be a coincidence

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wtf its pumping as I opened the short lol

wts counter-trading signals

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negative funding rates at support, you just know some late bobo homos are about to get popped

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Why does negative funding rates mean its gona pump

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Are you the 4 btc guy hahaha i told you 6 months ago your strategy works only in a bear market
In a bull market you need to work with longs you retard

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It actually is me unironically

I was trying to get to 5....i was so close....maybe i should have just been happy with 4

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At least you gave up on your original crazy target
I told you with you selling fast you will always miss the boat on uptrends
Well no idea but i would not gamble with everything

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Have you consider joining some legit paid group that give signal? They do chart for you and tell you when is good time to long or short.

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>shorting a macro up trend with anything more than pocket change

I shorted from 28.3 down to 27.3 just yesterday but the tiniest degen stack
Why the fuck would you blow 1btc unless you had a 100btc folio

You are fucking stupid and gonna lose it all

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Everyone and they're grandma knows about scam wicks bobo. Shorting crypto put of all things was never smart.

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No-one tell him. Keep shorting m8, you'll get it right next time champ

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Your "yfw" face when when you realize that BTC coin barts up and down to eliminate as many leveraged retards as possible

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Find where the liquidity rests. MM take them out. You can count on it.

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>the the MARKET yes it was the MARKET that liquidated me!

u played urself retard, surely u will ride the next short to 12k

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You are the owner of an asset that did 6p millions percent return over its lifespan, and you turn out to be a bear. You deserve to have zero.

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You're trading against the same exchanges who have every incentive to pump the price and unlimited amounts of usdt fiat to do it with.
What you're doing isn't even gambling. Gambling would imply there's a chance to win.

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stop gambling, buy and hold instead. btc, link, and xcm