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How do wagies do their job each and every day without succumbing to alcoholism or drugs? Even if you're making $200k/y, the day to day drudgery is literal hell.

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>5’ 3”

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They don’t. You’d be surprised how many functional addicts exist irregardless (*tips*) of their wealth or socioeconomic status

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I really dont know how I do it. I have spent 7 years wage slaving in a management position and I consider quitting right the fuck now. Problem is I have a wife and child I have to take care of. I want to be honest, I dont even think I would get up and change my life completely if not for the family. I would still wageslave, dream of greatness and waste my years away until I am too old to change anything. I dont know man. I understand guys like you, but consider this: You will waste your life in insignificance one way or the other. We all hope someone or some opportunity finds us, because we have been made to believe that live is about more than just that dreaded existence of doing the same every day for years straight. But it isnt. Think about your ancestors, tending beasts and fields day in day out, the only change of habit provided by the seasons. Humans were cursed with self awareness that torments their entire existence. Just imagine being a dog and waking up every day being the best day of your life because some bipedal being feeds you and cant get enough of you. I fear the day AI becomes self conscious because it will stare into the very same void.

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I see no difference between an investment banker, a McDonald cashier, a lawyer or a high school teacher.

At the end of the day you're a wagie wasting more than 50 hours per week (2500 hours per year) on your job for the next half a century.

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I dont know dude, i just like my job.

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They unironically probably think that sitting around dwelling on things like a neet is the worst kind of drudgery imaginable. To them somebody like that is barely above a vagrant. Like bums with a house.

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I worked as an investment banker in the late 80s, believe it wasn't like working in mcdonalds.

If I could go back I would.

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I still finding the concept of working for a corporation or for other people too humiliating. The idea of doing something like that for 50 years is beyond mind boggling

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Yeah its 'conceptually' humiliating, but in practice we were having the time of our lives every single day. Except when the markets turned to shit, and the IRS came knocking.

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Stop being an entitled whinny pussy ass crybaby and get to fucking work.

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I just succumbed to alcoholism, so they don't do it very well

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i do drugs. i would have quit years ago without them. mental and physical health is a luxury

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this isn't even middle class anymore. If you're not making $700k/y, it's over

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Not everyone's work is drudgery. I kinda like mine and it pays pretty good

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I wanna hear the stories

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i cant do it any more

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>without succumbing to alcoholism or drugs
They don't, normie wagies are all druggie alcoholics

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Except to me, I guess its worth with more self-awareness, and the internet.
Society and culture is FUBAR if we can agree on that? So where in the past you might have only had your herd of goats.. Well at least you see the gods at work when the weather changes, got some animal friends, go to the festival and everyone has the same beliefs, part of a community. Time in nature is good for mental health too. Maybe you die fo dysentery at age 45 but your daily life had more fundamental meaning. Not to dismiss the serfs and slaves who had it really bad in history. I've read that even medieval peasants had most of the saints and feasts days off so they only worked like 100-200 days a year or something, and within a work day there's not always necessarily always more to do.
Contrast to today, your job is over-optimised, time pressure and overtime. Even if not you're in an office 20 minute drive from home not the field just a 2 minute walk away. Removed from nature. There isn't a community/culture/society to be a part of. Maybe the golden age was the old boomer generation - still might have felt nice to just be a middle class worker, maybe a union job with the boys, society is a homogenous yet free place to live, and you're probably respected for being simply competent.
Now the "reason" of existing in a society is lost, and the only way to really benefit from society is to be in the 8 figure + NW range and access all the luxuries and benefits without slaving. To add insult to injury we're both hyper aware of how bad we have it; you can go on insta/youtube/etc and see endless people living the high life all day, AND maybe even worse - there is the dangling thin thread of hope/chance/opportunity that you can make it too. You're successful in business or whatever you make it - that means if you haven't made it, it is entirely your fault and can be construed as such.
I have come to believe I deserve this purgatory.

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>Maybe you die fo dysentery at age 45
Statistically as likely as getting your house to collapse on you and failing to be rescued from it, by the way. Stop believing mass media propaganda.

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>serfs and slaves who had it really bad in history.
That, too, is bullshit. There are exceptions, for example eastern euro serf equivalents really did have it bad, but in the rest of the world, even slaves had it better than the lower classes get it nowadays. As for serfs, they had it as good as our upper middle class.

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We do succumb to those things. Was an alcoholic for two years irretrievably destroyed my body.

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Idk I want to kill myself everyday but I know I'm too much of a pussy to expect that sort of go getter attitude from myself

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Yeah I know in reality childhood/childbirth mortality was a bit higher, I was pre-empting the idea that even if "health$care" wasn't as good, life had meaning. Change dysentery to black plague, or the pox or something then. Compared to the crippled depressed 90 year olds clinging to life in abject misery often without even a sane mind, a shorter life with more meaning might be better. And I'm aware people were healthier pre-industrial revolution on the whole and the rabbit hole of modern "food" and environmental contaminants.
Like I said, "not to dismiss" the few that did have it really bad... but most were better off, didn't work every day, etc.

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I used to drink a bottle of wine every evening, hated my wagie job so much. I finally twigged my employers were just being cunts, and it wasn't just me, so I quit. I also ended up in hospital, though it wasn't technically alcohol-related. I doubt the boozing helped. So I quit booze for > a year. Anyway, I too have concluded that the 48 weeks a year, 40 hours a week treadmill is completely un-natural, and our ancestors would basically regard us as slaves. I'm going to go further. I think this working model is designed by psychopaths and sociopaths, who excel and thrive in this kind of environment. They'll work 60 hours a week because they have a kind of pathological energy, and enjoy screwing people over. You and I, however, find it a burden and a pain.
Still, on the upside I personally will be jobless by the end of the year, if I read the sign right. I may just take year off and do nothing but read and shitpost.

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>Like I said, "not to dismiss" the few that did have it really bad..
Ah, I read that as implying that all serfs and slaves had it really bad, which simply wasn't even remotely true.
> even if "health$care" wasn't as good,
The trick is that healthcare is greatly overrated. Hygiene was a more pressing concern, but even then the data is not as it first appears. Due to paterfamilia rights, many children in ancient rome were abandonned outside without any care. In fact, less than 1% of children who died, died in the care of their parents in an involuntary fashion, based on more useful estimates like grieving records or tombstones, combined with known records of mourning customs of the time. So you get an infant mortality that is 1.7% to 2.5% in real terms in first century rome. While this number went up a lot during the middle ages, largely due to sanitation issues, it is also incorrectly computed and quoted almost everytime you read the statistics about it. For example, the numbers never exclude the plague and famine periods, which were devastating but also very scarce in the scope of the entire middle ages.
Speaking of which, this is also why you can't say things like
>Change dysentery to black plague
Pox mortality was also nowhere near as bad as is usually portrayed for two reasons: 1- the difference between minor (<1% mortality rate) and major (~30% mortality rate in poor sanitary conditions, around 5% in good sanitary conditions, up to 45% in apefrica-tier conditions); 2. the incidence rate. Overall the death rate in sweden in the 1700's, for instance, was less than 1-7 per thousands (1 is normal, but some years it spikes up to 4 or 7), and obviously mostly killed children. Also, pox innoculation dates back to 1350bc.

What is true is that people had shorter lives: far more people live to be 90-100 now than before, although hitting those ages weren't anything to be too surprised about in those days either, with most people consistently living to 65-70.

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I suspect that this might further be influanced by the work and overall safety of life, outside the human condition. Blue collar workers nowadays live shorter, worse lives than our middle ages ancestors did, while they would have had roughly the same kind of job functions, but because white collars are so common now, they skew the statistics and give the elites a stick to hit the blue collars with.

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So, uh, here's the thing...most of humanity is miserable. They're just good at keeping it a secret. I'm 23, and I just decided recently that I'm just never going to work. I simply will not do it.

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>23, and I just decided recently that I'm just never going to work. I simply will not do it.
you will regret this

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This. It's literally better to stick to flipping burgers than to do nothing.

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The only thing that keeps me going is the fact I've got just 13 years till retirement hits. My job isn't bad though. I'm one of the last people with an actual pension and ability to early retire at my workplace. I couldn't do it if I had to work till 65. Fuck that. I don't see how lawyers do it. Yeah your making loads of money but your killing yourself each week to do it.

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>IT wagie here
I save and invest pretty much all my money while doing hobbies like playing drums, VR games, "coding", working out, 3D modelling/printing. Shit's not bad really, I have enough to just quit whenever the fuck I want, but I like the job becuase I do maybe an hour of actual work a day, and get along with everyone else pretty well.

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>5' 3"
>215 lbs

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that's a typical nigger

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Zoomie here, just fucking shoot me now NOTHING will get better, I can't even get an electrician apprenticeship despite being a qualified electrical inspector. There is absolutely nothing worth living for except surviving purely to spite the globohomo.
Society is FUCKED

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Dream girl?

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I'm autistic. I derive pleasure from simple repetitive tasks.
That, and I usually have an audiobook or podcast going. I've worked my way though most of Wolfe's stuff the past few months.

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Join the military man. Being a tradie in the military is a sweet gig if you cant get in a union for private sector. Its backbreaking labor but you can get bennies after if they fuck you up.

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>Living out of spite
Yup, that's basically the only reason I still carry on.

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Old timer question for you.
Is it worth it to buy some SPY puts right now?
My gut is telling me no but some of the technical I've ready seem to indicate it wouldn't hurt as a hedge.

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most wagies even if a good waige get
divource raped (if male)
or ccccombo of above

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Haha all these women haha so thin and optimistic getting fatter and fatter from work stress haha... "I can lose it" they say... "It's nothing"... haha... that's how it starts, the never ending cycle of gaining and lazing and stress eating and gaining and making excuses haha...
I love it so much.

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My only drug are cryptos, I had a lot of looses and bad experiences on it, I only made it with HAMI last week (got a 2x) so yeah, still there

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>A breach in the very unity of life, a biological paradox, an abomination, an absurdity, an exaggeration of disastrous nature. Life had overshot its target, blowing itself apart. A species had been armed too heavily – by spirit made almighty without, but equally a menace to its own well-being. Its weapon was like a sword without hilt or plate, a two-edged blade cleaving everything; but he who is to wield it must grasp the blade and turn the one edge toward himself.

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Imagine being dominated by that tall lady in the red.

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They don't. Ever worked in a restaurant? The kitchen staff is always sipping beers in the bathroom and the wait staff hits their dab pens when they take their cigarette breaks. Nurses and factory workers are addicted to coffee and nicotine because of their long, grueling shifts. There are so many more examples out there. Work destroys the soul and a lot of wagies rely on at least some kind of substance to function.

T. Former retail wagie who used to carry a flask of vodka to work

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Kill yourself, zogbot recruiter.

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Be all that you can be.

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drugs (prescriptions)

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>So I quit booze for > a year
congrats anon, keep up the good work

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5"5 > 5"8 > 5"3 > 5"4 > 5"7 > 6"1 = 5"9 = 5"6 (last 3 are all garbage tier)

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>black bar
a fucking US military officer

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Good post anon. I commiserate with you.l and have thought the same things. This is why I don't like living in more urban areas, even if it's not a big city.

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And then you die from a tooth infection at the ripe old age of 32.

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yeah faggot slaving away for an extra 40 years is SO valuable

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Interesting to read, when I was pontificating pretty loosely and learned something instead. I'm just gonna assume you're right from how much detail you can conjure up, thanks for the info and correcting me.

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Jesus, just give China Taiwan already. It’s over.

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But they're all addicts, try to take away wagies' 10 coffees a day and they will literally blow their brains out after 2 hours.

Now ask me how I do it. I'm just built different and literally can't get addicted to anything.

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Idk, I was a software engineer for a long time at a small firm. Everything I touched turned into gold for them, so they pretty much let me free to do whatever I want, I liked coming to work
Waging is pretty bearable once the boss realizes that keeping you in a cage is worthless.
I'm the boss of my own company now and I don't hire anyone who needs a lot of supervision

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Yeah and I was having orgies with white women at Woodstock during the Summer of love. Things change.
So you were a house slave and not a field slave.. You are still a slave for the government, just in a bit more comfortable position.

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If you fags really want to KYS as wagies then just fucking switch jobs to something that gives you lots of time and adjust your expectations very downwards or just nut up and start some kind of business.

The drudgery goes away, you still have to deal with a heavy amount of shit and you'll be on the clock 24/7 especially at the start but at least you don't get treated like a baby under constant supervision and you call the shots on your own life. It's not easy and I'm sure these plenty of people that will come up with all sorts of excuses but ultimately it's your life, some people are meant to lead, others follow and some checkout.

The people checking out are lucky that they still have value as consoomers to keep the world turning but I wouldn't gamble my life on these conditions staying the same for your whole life.

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>How do wagies do their job each and every day without succumbing to alcoholism or drugs?
I know many wagies
they say they do drugs and alcohol to have fun, they unironically say it means they are successfull

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What happens when that business fails and my credit is ruined due to the bankruptcy.
Unless I'm already rich, I can't just start another business like that and continue to not wagie.
Starting a business fails 95% of the time, it seems like it's only a temporary escape from wagieing, not a permanent solution unless you're that 5%.