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Well, looks like chainlink finally wants people to pay their fair share for the use of their infrastructure and those who have been subsidized by the token holders aren't very happy. This guy apparently works on OHM, you remember than ponzi scheme right? My guess is for economically viable projects it shouldn't be an issue but when you pretend to work on a "project" that is strictly a ponzi you might be a little frustrated given that your "project" isn't generating any revenue. What do you think /biz/?

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that dude's iq is definitely double digit

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>shit price feeds
>that literally everyone uses
>because they outperform everything else by orders of magnitude in times of market stress
Chainlink Oracles Power Everything

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Why would he pay for a scam though? Hes gonna cash in big time shorting the cult.

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Only pajeets would complain about paying for price feeds

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>5 likes per post

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you forgot
>paying for a service is blackmail

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His replies are even funnier. He compared it to buying nails from home depot and then them coming back and saying you need to pay more for the nails or they will take them back. He doesn't even know the difference between goods and services.

I also checked etherscan and woof, you can be a top OHM holder for $2550 (I'm sure their are whales with liquidity locked, but still).

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It begins.

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>actual COPE
holy fuck buy ad nao

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Fucking checked. The switch has been flipped.

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Pay the fuck up

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You pay for a service.

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Time of subsidy is over. Time to pay up or die ponzipajeets

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Isn't he breaking an NDA by disclosing the price? It wasn't public knowledge

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The thing that has held back price pumpamentals in crypto infra projects is the fact they should all have SaaS 'for-profit' business models. This is because open-source, decentralized platforms can't become a monopoly through patents and other kikery. Chainlink finally flipping the switch for to charge users truly shows product-market fit for the first time. Any project that uses another "oracle" seems to get immediately "hacked" and drained of all liquidity.
Side note- I think Chainlink is who's behind a majority of these.

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Use Chainlink or fuck around and find out

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Can't wait to see what the fud talking points for this development will be. They are currently in their little discords panicing.

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Do you know what video this is from? I want to make a good pic with it.

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Some random girl on twitch at one of early chainlink meetups

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Lol this pussy deleted the tweet.

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Has anyone else mentioned how much it costs for price data feeds? It would be amazing if it's actually 100k per year already

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Some anon might have it saved, but it's hard to find otherwise. It was a Twitch stream by an Asian girl named "Toaster" or something. She streamed a fireside chat event with Sergey, Ari and I think Tom Gonser. She spilled all of her spaghetti when interviewing Ari, which I believe is where that screenshot originated from.

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>being this new

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The thread was great

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oldfag detected. she was the queen of biz for some months. She tried to ask Ari about satanism and sergey wasnt sure she was recording before speaking with her. fun times

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Hello? Ari, I’d like the execute the fire sale plan.

Also can you send Thomas Hodge down the street to minecraft someone, thanks.

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this is fucking huge, finally sergey have activated the pay model, now all crypto will bend the knee, they can still fuck off and use pyth nobody is forcing them to pay for link.
lets see how it goes kek

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Thanks. Pretty impossible to find for a relative newfag such as myself.

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You seem confident. I know why Chainlink is great, but can you share why Pyth sucks?

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I tried to look for it, but just found this clip from the last part of her stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoR3lykh3uU
Not going to lie, hearing this back then brought a tear to my eye

I also found a transcription of Toaster/Lauren's interview with Ari:

Lauren: oh.. for… hi… so, like, all my viewers are asking about your book, you talk about the number, um,2- 216, something about, and I heard that something to be reincarnation, haha, how would you explain that?

Ari: Uh, I guess I’d refer you then to Tektractys.

Lauren: Y-ah-eah, like, the numbers, then, ahah sorry I’m like freaking out, it’s like the pyramid right, and then the, um, I know it’s like everything’s like in order, like, it’s hard for me to explain it, but like mathematically, um…. Hehehe

Ari: yeah, um, Tectractys means “fourness”. It’s a representation of this concept. Yep.

Lauren: And like, how, how would you describe that with like 2016 or something? It’s six times, six…

Ari: It’s six cubed.

Lauren: Six cubed, yeah. Haha. Yeah, everyone here is like saying, like oh, uh, ChainLink has like six sides, and six cubed is like 2016, like, you’re here, and like, haha..

Ari: yeah, that’s where they’re taking the conspiracy theories a bit too far…

Lauren: Yeah, they’re all like freaking out hehe… Is there anything you’d like to say, um, about that, like are you into conspiracy theories, or…

Ari: Um… I would like to believe in conspiracy theories, but I don’t think that people as a whole have their act together enough…

Lauren: Oh… Like you kind of have to, um, like be in the middle of rationality and kinda exploring different kinda topics, right, like, things that are kinda out of whack, that most people won’t, um, admit that is a thing, and, but you just wanna explore if it’s relative to what’s the current, kinda, um, it’s hard for me to explain…

Ari: yeah.

Lauren: Alright, haha, sorry…(walks away)

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kek, pyth and chainlink don't play in the same courtyard, let them use it and get all their liquidity get drained
lmao you dont seem to understand that an oracle cant fail or shutdown not even once, all it takes is 1 wrong price report, and all ur liq (millions of $ are gone) its not that much to ask for 8.5k$ per month for complete safety

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>My guess is for economically viable projects it shouldn't be an issue but when you pretend to work on a "project" that is strictly a ponzi you might be a little frustrated given that your "project" isn't generating any revenue.

Well that’s unfortunate then because crypto has not produced anything that people use at any sort of scale in the decade it’s existed

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i was in the live reaction thread for this

where has my life gone. when it will begin again

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Execute order 77

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Thanks for sharing that. Nice and wholesome, hopefully we can play that again after we've all made it.
I laughed haha. What happened to this streamer? Just lost interest in Link?
>all it takes is 1 wrong price report
I just looked it up and looks like Pyth has failed before.
>an oracle cant fail or shutdown not even once
It actually can. Some projects still use Pyth despite the fact its failed before. And if Pyth has fixed the issue, then what's the problem?
>t. brainlet hehe

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look at these polish fuckers shamelessly shilling themselves in between all of it lmao

one Ari field day and they are done

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>don’t pay for $100k a year
>lose $100M every time the L1 gets congested

Surely an insurmountable conundrum

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>What happened to this streamer? Just lost interest in Link?
She made it.

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he deleted the tweet

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yup, but the internet never forgetti

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A lot of OGs in this thread, I can smell it.
Cheers guys, WAGMI

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>posts a 2017 schizo ramble
why are Linkcucks so pathetic? It's been 6 years

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Buy an ad. Maybe it can say, “chainlink bad”

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Imagine not knowing the difference between goods and services

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Compound was charged $1500 a month and this is security to prevent multimillion dollar hacks.

Chainlink was barely charging anything for the pricefeeds hence why the DeFi market they bootstrapped took off without them.

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lool I remember I had to click away during the Ari interview, it was too cringe
people in the chat were going "STOP HER HOLY SHIT"
today I would watch the full thing easily though

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Flip flip flip

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>Prices provided by the oracle network are also compared to Chainlink's public price feeds for additional security.
>If prices have more than a 2% difference the transaction is reverted.

What if they do it like this though?

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lul i was the anon who typed that up, good to see it posted sometimes still

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no need, it's shitting right now
you're too poor to buy an ad that says "chainlink good"

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What? nobody saved it??
>pic related
100 linkies and video is yours, I will email you my address

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this brings back memories

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Paying $100,000 for something that should cost less than $1,000. Token not needed. Cope.

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I miss her, bros.

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Clips from the legendary stream:

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>Chainlink was barely charging anything
I still don't get how it works. Is this right?
>Project wants to use Chainlink service
>Project sends x dollars to Chainlink Labs, to prepay top-up their balance
>Each time Project uses Chainlink service, Chainlink Labs sends some Link to node operators to pay for the cost, and deducts the fee from the Project's balance
If this is correct, why in this blog (https://blog.chain.link/the-chainlink-network-in-2023/)) did they say "payments can be made in LINK, or in certain cases, in other assets, including native tokens", since it seems like project's are already NOT paying in Link - they pay in USD and CLL converts it to Link for them!

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>hence why the DeFi market they bootstrapped took off without them
That’s not how speculation works.

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Good shit anon. I checked the Toastertecc Twitch account but the Videos section shows up empty for me, except for when I use your link. Weird

This is the particular spaghetti interview:

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>charging for providing a service is literally blackmail
Holy fucking shit. Just went to get some stuff from the supermarket and they blackmailed me into giving them cash before I left. Fucking scammers man

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>the difference between constantly losing dozens of millions in exploits/failures and no exploits/failures whatsoever should only cost $1,000
lol good one

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>only the economically viable will survive
so none. there is no economically viable shitcoin. it’s all scams.

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…so your argument is… chainlink… bad?

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So, is this priced in Link? As in, it will rise and fall in dollars with Link and not stay at $100,000?
If so, how can this be sustainable with Link at $100 if some companies have an issue at $7? It would be an exponential increase (even though you fags would just respond 1 Link = 1 Link).
If it is in dollars and not link (so it stays $100k even if link is $100+), if link’s value doesn’t affect this, then would it affect link’s dollar value?
Sounds to me if it is tied to X # of Link every day/week/etc then even the most profitable of businesses will be quickly looking for alternatives if link goes up.

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I wanted to kill her so bad bros

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I remember that. Good times.

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The problem is, which crypto project is making money from anything other than dumping their pre minted tokens on bagholders? Name a single one that's making a profit from their stated value proposition

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This. Projects that use Chainlink will be seen as legit while those who don’t have scams. Chainlink is the gold standard

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After getting all the drugheads addicted, Sergey just did a 100x on the price of crack, this after proving thaf all the other dealers will get you killed by lacing their rocks with AIDS

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Actually bullish. Thanks for sharing.

Yes but doesn't mean he can't make money on his short lol. If big accounts convince everyone to short/sell and scare everyone from the idea of buying, they make money. Simple as that.

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> blackmail
You mean chainlink's functionality can decide whether a project lives or dies?

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Why is Chainlink charging off chain for price feeds? That's not how the network is supposed to work. The price of the data should be calculated like the fees for any other blockchain and paid in LINK. That price should be built into whatever protocol uses it. The whole point is that it is supposed to be decentralized end to end.

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She aight.

>> No.54320633

While frogs are picnicing

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i can find the price of a coin just by going to cmc, why would anyone pay for that? holy fuck retars

>> No.54320686

Bro you should like, alert these companies and institutions that are using chainlink cuz like they have no fucking clue what they are doing and you’re like, super smart and know everything amirite?

>> No.54320702

just use an api request lol. Who cares if that makes it less decentralized

>> No.54320729

>who cares
The organisations who get fucked for millions of dollars through that info being unreliable care. That's who, and they're going to make me rich by paying to make that go away. I have to tell you; it feels pretty fucking excellent. Sorry you missed it.

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beautifully worded
but you should add, pajeets unable to pay new costs already malding at thoughts of going through forced withdrawal, while others are happy to buy more of the crack fro themselves and starving their competitors

>> No.54321399

The cost is is the value of whatever you are securing minus $1


>> No.54321487

do you know how much these protocols make in fees? They dont want to pay because then they would get lest while stealing from retail

>> No.54321492

>le secret investmant
>were makin history marinesthhhh
>hey marinesth letsth do an all dudesth yacht party

Linkies, THE Cuckolds of crypto

>> No.54321506

Oh nooooooooooooo not le heckin genius autist who still wears a mask everywhere for a fake virus!!!!!

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>i i itsth a conspirathy

>> No.54321705

>immediately hacked, and I suspect its the cl team
My last golden drop of hopium

>> No.54321741

>Toaster tech

>> No.54322132

I unironically thought I was going to be worth millions of dollars when this meme came out. God damn those were such comfy times, literally none of the worries I have now.
I cannot believe we’re under $10 top kek what a DISASTER. Thank fuck I told no one about this project I would have been humiliated

>> No.54322247

>Thank fuck I told no one about this project I would have been humiliated
hehe now that would've been funny hehe hopefully no one did that.. hehe

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Everyone knew this was Chainlinks plan from the start.
Did these retarded dapps really think Chainlink was going to subsidize them forever?
This just goes to show how many dapps shouldn't exist in the first place if they can't even read the whitepaper for something that they're integrating into their project.

>> No.54322284

I see no one answers this.
Is it priced in Link or in Dollars?
If link, it’s cheaper for them if link is lower priced.
If Dollars, then they just need to buy less link as long as link’s price goes up.
You can see that if it is priced in a set number of link, it ends up exorbitantly costed if link shoots up.

>> No.54322286

I wouldn't use Chainlink feeds for free.

>> No.54322583

You are not as smart as even scamfuck mcsbergey, let alone ari.

>> No.54322619

People who don't build stuff don't need CL feeds, so no of course you wouldn't use them even if free.

>> No.54322661

Not an explanation.
Will it stay economical as link’s price changes?
It’s simple.

>> No.54322704

18 decimal places

>> No.54323240

The article you linked is for cryptoeconomics 2.0, not presently where Chainlink was basically giving away their services for chump change.

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Tell me how it works you faggotron. The DeFi market exploded and protocols were hitting billion dollar market caps yet the revenue wasn't flowing back into Chainlink despite preventing things like pic related. Tell me what speculation has to do with things.

>> No.54323286

$100k/year/feed for each project using price feeds. How many projects use them? And how many feeds in total? This is unsustainable

>> No.54323422

broken by design. If the oracles deviate by more than 2% that protocol will revert all trades meaning traders won't be able to close positions, stop-loss and take profits won't trigger

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Is Chainlink sneeded when smart contracts can do https calls?

>> No.54323689

No you can't. All of ohm is is staked or coverted unto gOHM, which is the tokenized version of sOHM

>> No.54323789

Not likely. So for, the token isn't needed to do anything

>> No.54324631

Is no one worried about competition? What if someone offers it for 90k per year?

>> No.54324698

Name one competitor as secure as Chainlink.

>> No.54324719

Fuck I hate you discord faggots

>> No.54324868

Binance oracles?

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Sure would be a shame if someone started posting real metrics every time fudders suggest Link is not profitable. A terrible shame.

>> No.54325443

gains network

>> No.54325469


It’s toastertecc. I have full stream saved. All you poorfags deserve nothing.

>> No.54325496


>> No.54325640

I did this and keep getting asked what happened. 2-3 people are wicked pissed at me. Sergey should be minecrafted for this

>> No.54325951

Stream is still watchable on Twitch, it was linked further up in this thread. Weird thing to seethe about.

>> No.54325968

>broke and broken chaincuck seething about an asian ladyboy that he's stalking


>> No.54326062

100K a year is steep for young projects. Goodbye competition. All is going to be aave, compounder and other members of the inner kike circle oligopol. We might get a new oracle season

>> No.54326757

Finally Sergey has the balls to ask these freeloaders for money.

Longing the shit out of link from here on out.

>> No.54326785

Wow, some actual tangibly good news for once. We might actually be close

>> No.54326793

Chud if Chainlink Oracles Powered Everything it would be actual real time COPE all caps

Buy a fuckling ad

>> No.54326811

What changed recently that they've decided to start charging for their feeds? Is there a fees chart explaining data packages?

>> No.54327060

My first comment in probably two years, but been lurking *rarley*. First thread full of oldfags since who knows

>> No.54327075

Damn she ugly

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Watching this for the first time and wtf is even going on with toastertecc kek. She literally just smiles autistically the whole time, doesn't say a word.

On-topic: I cannot express the amount of hate I have for people like that Twitterfaggot. Is it just complete dishonesty or genuine retardation? I'm really not sure which one is worse. In either case he's absolute scum and if you go through the rest of his Twitter he's an absolute midwit. Just look at this fucking retard kek.

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Checked. Witnessed. Blessed dub thread discussing the future of Link. Token price over $100 this year guaranteed. Great time to be alive and witnessing truth come into the light.

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MY ID: lmH58wEh
Checked. Witnessed. Blessed dub thread discussing the future of Link. Token price over $100 this year guaranteed. Great time to be alive and witnessing truth come into the light.

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>Enables literally trillions
>"N-No! You can't earn millions! This is unsustainable!"
Oh, you don't want to pay up? Then go let your protocol get exploited faggot.

>> No.54327834


$100,000 on LINK.
They have to buy $100,000 worth of LINK and give it to smartcontract.com

>> No.54327837

I kept it to myself out of pure greed, wanted to have more money and power than my friends and family. I’m glad those sentiments paid off in some small way. It makes sense that the one thing I’d be rewarded for in clownworld is being a literal scumbag

>> No.54328554


>> No.54329275

When did chainlink begin charging for the previously free services? Was this announced somewhere? Is there a pricelist of charges somewhere?
I keep seeing complaint and discussion threads but nothing official on the subject.
Sorry if I'm just being retarded and somehow missed all this

>> No.54329313

nahh she cute

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>> No.54329341

>that literally everyone uses
>because they outperform everything else
binance/kucoin is free and and has 100ms lag.

alternatively you can run your own fucking node with a single server for $50/mo and just generate the candles yourself.
>100k /year
? why are people using chainlink even for free?

i shudder at the thought of pulling my candles from fucking web3 off all things

>> No.54329381

Good luck with your candles. I'll stick with the bigbrains, thanks.

>> No.54329402

>price feed
most of crypto is still in binance and coinbase

what "feed" are you getting that you need? you can hit pancakeswap / whatever meme shit swap your using directly for the price via web3

>> No.54329417

that's one trashy asian ladyboy

>> No.54329443


Amazing that there are still people like this, this amateurish, having important roles in leading defi DAOs. OHM is a ponzi but it is what it is. Defi is still clown kiddie shit, imagine a financial firm complaining on twitter that their data service provider upgraded their pricing. Imagine multi-millions financial firms whining on twitter about 6 figures operational costs for their most basic security layer. Amazing that their reaction to normal adult business model is to sperg out on twitter and publicly disclose private deals, while also engaging in muh token war petty juvenile talk and blatantly talking about shorting a fucking partner's token.

Amazing that a project that likely handles millions in volume is acting like 100k is """blackmail""" when oracles are the one security layer without which there would be no defi, being just as criticial as the blockchain layer itself. All these projects got rich off stink's secure hard work, and instead of profusely thanking them for everything they pioneered and enabled, there's still no recognition and respect.

Amazing that this buffoon already deleted his tweet, but is still engaging in twitter wars with bagholding frogs instead of just talking with his peers or with people from the team. Amazing that he also claims he received death threats by dm's, fucking lol, to deflect any kind of criticism received for his amateurish stupidity and incompetence.

Amazing that this guy who has leadership role in a defi team, apparently cannot even understand that these oracles which constantly get updated on chain imply massive gas costs on eth L1.

There are so many layers to this retard onion to be baffled about, but some good news is.

Amazing that shitstink is finally turning on the monetization switch. They were likely offered the BUILD alternatives but chose this 100k offer instead. Now they have thousands of customers already so do the math, even if pricing scale with project sizes and treasuries.

>> No.54329643

kek this faggot couldnt even keep his tweet up, hes not gonna keep a contract that can be cryptographically guaranteed in his scam

>> No.54329758

Great! Good luck with that and enjoy losing everything. Sounds like you're cleverer than everyone else. Must be wonderful.

>> No.54329827

What are you even babbling about?
When crypto projects get exploited, it's typically user money that's lost.

The projects themselves lose money because their token tanks due to loss of confidence after the exploit. Meaning it's in their best interest not to have any exploits happen if (like you said) they rely on token sales for income.

>> No.54329846
File: 680 KB, 3356x1134, 1658958195769973.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Chainlink price feeds not needed
>just use a centralized source like Binance or Coinbase


>> No.54329856

You are a retarded gorilla

>> No.54329888

Just shows that a lot of this market still has to be purged from retarded players

>> No.54329902

>asking $100k from an unprofitable vaporware scam
seems desperate, they have to know they can't pay up what they're asking for, right?

>> No.54330045

>One more thing, price of the brick going up

>> No.54330110

What were you worth at ath?

>> No.54330120

Well said. He deserves to be thrown into a deep fryer and fed to a pack of abused pit bulls who haven’t eaten for 2 weeks.

>> No.54330408

W/o patents, decentralized protocols face the risk that someone can just fork and copy all the actual tech, at best there will be 100s of grifting projects with sub-par tech but still "get the job done". It seems that Chainlink has finally found product market fit with the BUILD token swaps enough to charge existing users. The question will be when does Chainlink say fuck off to customers who publicly shit on them as a company. WWGD? Google would sue them to oblivion until Google owned or killed them then 2x the price.

>> No.54330787

lol top b8

>> No.54331153

Like $700K at $52. Thought we were going to $300 no problem.

>> No.54331186

>Amazing that there are still people like this, this amateurish, having important roles in leading defi DAOs.
>implying defi DAOs aren't amateurish ponzi schemes

>> No.54331282

just change your company name and ask for another free trial heheheh

>> No.54331571
File: 128 KB, 480x600, 1618424152198.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is such a Russian tactic. It hails to Sergey's Russian roots. He got them all hooked on Chainlink just like Putin got Europe hooked on natural gas. Now Sergey, knowing they are reliant on Chainlink, put them in a precarious position and stands to gain immeasurably.

>> No.54331768

>Paying $100,000 for something that should cost less than $1,000. Token not needed. Cope.
and what, lose hundreds of millions in an exploit?

>> No.54331855

They are centralised

>> No.54331891

No one really cares about decentralization. Everyone in this space is just in it to make money.

>> No.54331899

Good goy. Keep playing that casino. Your funds are safu

>> No.54331916

>6years +
>there are still regarded niggers on this board still struggling with concept of decentralized oracles

>> No.54331993

>No one really cares about decentralization.
>Everyone in this space is just in it to make money.

Pick one, both can't be true at the same time.
See pic here: >>54329846

>> No.54332197

I'm just saying it how it is.
Centralized doesn't necessarily mean less secure. This space is still very immature, and to give credit to chainlink, they were pretty much the first company to take oracles seriously. But the nose software which just aggregates api calls is not complicated, and it's open source. As this space grows, projects won't want to shell out millions for chainlink oracles, and the incentive will be there to create something just as robust for a fraction of the cost.

>> No.54332235

I think he’s a reasonably smart guy who got too prideful in public about something he doesn’t know much about and instead of just admitting he’s wrong is digging himself deeper in his hole.

Interesting about the $100k, I have a lot of questions about this but I’m sleepy.

>> No.54332237

>Centralized doesn't necessarily mean less secure.
In the case of oracles, it absolutely does.
As soon as your one source/oracle is compromised, the entire thing is unusable and fortunes get lost.
As proven dozens of times over.

>> No.54332264

I thought for sure at least $60 which is where I planned to sell. Do you know how hard it is to sell at $50, $48, $33, $27, $12.65 etc. when your goal was $60 and it went to $53? I want to die every time I wake up. At this point though I think I’m just going to hold long term. Staking now existing means I could potentially just live off staking and BUILD gains one day.

>> No.54332293

that's hard to do, they just want to get paid for calculating a median, no decentralization needed for than

>> No.54332314

You should be banned. You have the fucking IQ of a peanut.

>> No.54332322

>Ari field day

>> No.54332325

>Why is Chainlink charging off chain for price feeds? That's not how the network is supposed to work.
Yes it is.
The nodes/contracs obviously have to be paid on-chain, but how the payment structure looks beyond that is completely optional.

In most cases, node wrangling and contract creation/upkeep is going to be outsourced to a contract operator, node marketplace, consultants, etc.

>> No.54333866

Not specifying how the prices would scale is actually quite clever by them. Because it allows unbounded speculation about the price of the token by people who are only interested in buying and selling a speculative asset.
So yeah they may be smart, but not because of the complex and specific product pricing and scaling...but what happens when you leave that part to the imagination of a board full of poor autistic children...
Realistic modeling and pricing including full version 1.0 or whatever the real staking is would be interesting though. The problem is modeling the token price is hard since they wield almost absolute power over so much of it, making the easy move just to do whatever to keep people in a speculative mindset rather than a fundamental one. It's more a problem with society and human psychology than just link really...it's more profitable to sell potential buy such a massive margin that you're irrational to not sacrifice tomorrow for today as a standard.
Even satoshi, despite apparently not doing it for greed since he does not appear to have ever sold a single coin seems to have understood that implicitly.
They will make more from things like staking 0.1 then from the risk of proper fundamental analysis messing with what works for them and their huge stack.
This is a good start though with the OP. I think they're feeling the heat from holders if I'm being optimistic here. I hope they're not actually in need of the revenue desu after all that's happened.

>> No.54333902

This is good.
Anyone have any input or criticism on the accuracy of the numbers?
How does it calculate the token subsidies? Is it as if they sold them when they distribute the tokens to the nodes?

>> No.54333974

>I hope they're not actually in need of the revenue
lmao we're literally still at denial phase
checked and keked

>> No.54333987
File: 210 KB, 409x409, 1558487540685.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why would he need shit price feeds? Just use one of many other oracle solutions KEK

>> No.54334529

Obviously I was being facetious with that part.
(unless they as stupid as SBF, and there's no way Sergey is that degenerate I don't think)
It's the holders who need the revenue in this case, or the idea of it anyway.
Call it denial if you want, but I'd be happy to buy link again this instant if I thought it would outperform btc or eth.
Luckily I can do that in a matter of minutes should I see some reason to. It wouldn't take too much to convince me.
Really the one of the main issues has been /biz/ memes that worked years ago but now work against it. The wild expectations with no basis in reality are great for speculative pumps. But when it comes time for the real business to start it works against you after you've conditioned everyone to expect things that make even good realities look weak.
But since I'm in this shit for money and not some gay version of supporting tokens like they're your local football team, best case scenario is that some meme arises that link is drastically undervalued relative to revenue. And since I like to make money rather than lose it, I'll do the unthinkable according to most people here and just buy it. And sell it when people go full retard again with the hopium trying to find more people to pass the bag to.

>> No.54334677

>Not specifying how the prices would scale is actually quite clever by them
This is perhaps true though its likely to keep on the right side of the SEC

>> No.54335107

Very much agree with that. It's also why the token stuff in general(not specifically just link) is such a bitch. They will literally punish you and are looking specifically for any sort of implication of value transfer to holders. Or any sort of talk about token value in general. That makes it really difficult to have honest discussions or debates publicly about how to balance things between the company and holders, since the company can't say shit or even acknowledge the idea really.
It's especially fucked up because the SEC won't even tell you how to do things right, or have a way to register and play by some temporary rules that separate projects with good will vs scams.
And you can't just opt out by getting the fuck out of the US either. It's brutal.
Imagine they convinced the SEC to let them convert the token into stock at certain periods. While backing the token with some level of maybe non-preferred stock that can be redeemed by burning it and/or cash or something like that to give it some level of value for staking and on chain use and such)...that would be amazing.
Or nothing so convoluted, and just they go public as is but airdrop stock to stakers one time(that one is funnier because then the dumps are not just the company, but stockholders benefiting directly as partial owners as well).
I have always wanted to own some part of the company since you have much more leverage and protection. But I want the freedom to buy tokens as well if I choose...maybe with a path to becoming a legal security as an option if it makes sense.

>> No.54335435

It’s funny to watch fudders trying to come up with something to take a shit link but literally every posts are getting btfo lmao. Good thread op

>> No.54336121

>we wonnnned da game marinesth!!!!
>still down 90

A true cuckold. If he wasnt impotent (which he is, Sergey could come fuck your girl (which you dont have) and youd bow down and thank him for it. A linkie like you in the pinnacle of cuckoldry

>> No.54336240

Why are you implying that I bought the top?

>> No.54336443

>Centralized doesn't necessarily mean less secure. This space is still very immature, and to give credit to chainlink, they were pretty much the first company to take oracles seriously. But the nose software which just aggregates api calls is not complicated

It's 2023 and we're still doing this. Why do we even need a blockchain? Let's just base our transactions and balances on APIs from Binance and Coinbase. I'm going to fucking kill myself.

>> No.54336970

I appreciate the thread OP, much obliged

>> No.54337094


No one is gonna trust your stinky fucking node providing price feeds. Premium fuel only, none of this 10% ethanol shit global niggers pass off…

>> No.54337119

I'm going to bite this sentiment data mining thread, but I think Chainlink is doing the right thing