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You do realise LINK is hitting $10,000 minimum right?

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Wow fud, we are going to 81k

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yeah so i guess you dont know the rules around here.
if you want to post positive stuff about chainlink, you need to buy an ad. 4chan doesn't pay for itself

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ad not needed

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I'm so glad chainlink is still trading sideways... I'm not sure I'm ready for hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Not before we lose our youth. Even with all its potential, even after staking, I personally regret holding.

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Why has Link turned into a stablecoin?

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why is everyone always talking about chainlink? redpill me anon

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I’ll be on my deathbed by time the singularity hits

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my nose will enter her butthole and I WILL sniff

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i did not realize it was this bad, just sold the remaining tokens i had. thank you for this sentiment

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Literally who token?

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Hello cuckold

Your token is trading at —> $7

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>itt. we pretend it's 2019

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And you’re too poor to afford a suicide stack

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Hello cuckold

Nobody cares about your rank 24 shitcoin, only Bitcoin matters

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Projecting cuckoldry

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Hello cuckold

Spamming a schizo image won’t change your submissive cuckold nature

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The image is right and it cuts you and your kind deep. Degenerate subhuman.

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Holy shit the FUDDERS really are porn addicted trannies. I thought this was just a joke fucking with them because they are annoying kek

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How many linkies for a suicide stack?

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Hello cuckhold, u made up lies for 7 years, why should I believe the attached pic?

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Jesus fucking christ, that's grim

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Because the attached pic is one of you confessing? Or are you calling you and yours liars too?

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>keeps spamming schizo collages
lol truly the saltiest cuckolds of crypto

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Why are fudders so mentally ill? Every post of their contain some sort of sexual perversion. It's insane how broken they are, but that can't really be just from buying the top, right?

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>t-the Bulgarian fudders are mentally ill not me spamming a dead 2017 altcoin and making a cult revolving around Sergey plus look at this collage!

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>Can't resist sneaking a cuckold reference into the meme
Truly buck broken.

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as an OG link marine who literally helped spawn the marines and the singularity meme: buy an ad chainlink labs.

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LOL these chaincucks really are losers lmao

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Any day now lol

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Ok, but why is the token needed? You can just pay them in usdt

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Imagine actually taking credit for the marine meme. It was one of the cringiest things of 2017. Should've let the Digimarines keep that one.

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This is horse shit. Chainlink is done.

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Yes when BTC is $100,000,000 each and bread costs double that

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I wish i didn’t force the meme but i did, now i also forced the 1k eoy meme and the singularity meme. i sold link above 40 dollars but seeing the literal cult of deluded bagholders who the russhit scammer dumps on lose all of their money makes me kind of feel sorry. No one can actually believe sergey is some secret genius autist after the chainlinkgod podcast. he even sounds like jordan paterson. fucking cringe. wake up you faggots you got memed on don’t take it so seriously. i also forced sn=sn and literally came up with it lol and people actually believe it.. same with the singularity meme.

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>he even sounds like jordan paterson
this is an appropriate comparison
sirgay is the short and obese version of jorden paterson LOL hahahahahaha

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Ok, but what good is money when you're 50 years old? You could have a small fortune in your twenties instead and actually experience life

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jordan peterson* fucking phonefag posting. yea sergey is jp tier he thinks he’s some lofty intellectual but he is below midwit

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>spawned marines & singularity meme
>forced the 1k eoy meme
>came up with sn= sn
>sold above $40
Woah, impressive resume!
>brings up Jordan Peterson for some reason
I reckon it is VERY unlikely some seething leftoid was le epic OG memester that happened to sell the Chainlink top, who only now returned to use his impressive resume to give weight to the new "buy an ad" Discord psyop.

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>Jordan Paterson
>3 different ids
Newfag doesn't know how to properly samefag. Back to the Discord you go, Sven.

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the spelling doesn't matter, everyone who ever listened to sirgay knows that wash your penor guy is actually much more intelligent
I suspect that the handful of chaincucks left that are spamming this board are short and fat midwit losers and them looking at sirgay is like looking into a mirror except he's rich from ripping them off and they are too poor to buy an ad

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It already did (in my mind where I sold and became a multi-millionaire and achieved my dream of marrying my high school crush)

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Just buy an ad and stop spamming the board with your dead token

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it's obvious that you are either
>getting paid to FUD
>missed out, you had 5 years
>tranny that will never be a woman and therefore attacking the white gentleman's token

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I see a lot about trustless smart contract but what does that mean in the real world in its application and what are examples of a business actually using it? Why is it necessary to have some oracle to get external information when there's ways to feed that information into blockchain products already?

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филтpиpaй гo пeдик

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because liars lie. price oracles. weather feeds.
look up "bank collapse" and " proof of reserves"

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what is the sui STACK PLZ FOR THIS SHITCOINS ????

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>you are missing out on my huge losses while the market moons
why are cucks like this?

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Most people would rather be a newfag than a bagholding oldfag who missed the greatest opportunity for generational wealth in centuries, loser. Token not needed.

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lmao, newfag spotted

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It's just hilarious you got outed as a degenerate beyond anyone's expectations

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chainlink hitting 10k would mean it has more value in its network then the total gdp of the entire planet. please learn how to do basic math retard.

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>Basic math
It would be 10% of total world gdp. Gonna be crazy when LINK hits $81k!

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250k in two weeks

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It's the internet for blockchains with a swiss army knife worth of other functionality that blockchains need to build useful applications.

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>he could sell at any point and make it during TWO bullruns
>he married his bags instead because "the tech is solid bro"

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What color is your chastity device?

For me it’s Sail blue just like the chain link logo and I painted a Chainlink labs logo on it like a good little cuckold.

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Look at this cumbrained troon trying to blend in. Your efforts are futile. We can sniff your rotten wound axe and Discord stench from miles away kek

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lol you are a cuck hahahahahaha

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Newfags are probably indifferent.
I don't go into the single XRP thread posting up a storm because I think their token isn't needed.
Yet people do this daily in the many Chainlink threads.
There are people still massively butthurt they missed out buying <$1, not realizing how cheap it is right now.
And there are people still massively salty they didn't sell >$40, not realizing what has already been achieved.

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I'm afraid you're a cuckold married to his bags

Your memes are stale, your posts are cringe and your bags are heavy

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First stop, 1K

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>blue ID
>triple 7 get
Undeniably based

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Just buy a fucking ad

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As an oldfag, I have just a moon bag left from the past bull run but I'm now focusing on crypto payment tokens like sand UTK with an eye on zkSync. It's always good to ride the trend and also know when to get the fuck out.