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>bobo gets heemed
>mumu gets heemed
>cashcucks get heemed (by inflation)
well where the FUCK do i put my fucking money then

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Invest in faith in the white light that you will return to when you die, only if you are a good person

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gold is at almost 2000$ per troy ounce but holding dollars or euros is also fine or a basket of currencies including jpy top

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Nowhere. You just get fucked.

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jpy too*

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Yeah, but what if it doesn't?
Have you seen the gold chart? whoever bought in sep 2013 has been bagholding for 10 years. 10 fucking years.

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its not an investment
its a store of value for the avarege person it doesnt matter but there are situations where it does matter
same reason why central bank have gold reserves
and yeah its value is consistent and it only increases slowly because of inflation
>Verification not required.

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central banks*
and the only major central bank that doesnt have gold reserves is canada's

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Dont listen to this anon. The white light is a trap to bring you back here


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Gold and silver.

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If you bought in 2011 you would have been bagholding AT A LOSS for 9 fucking years dude.

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Land with good soil. Shiny rocks are higher tier midwit trap

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since when. real state is in a hugge bubble itself, and will go down once recession hits along with the stock market.ecession

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Tbh, the only current viable long term investment is land/home in a place that will not be too impacted/benefit from climate change. It's gonna get cray cray in a few years

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there's less demand of real state in a recession, i dont see how it magically isn't the case and there's less people = less demand anyway (see inverted demographic pyramid) and it's also iliquid as fuck. your value for the land is only as much as the next guy wants to pay and you don't really know how much that is and when could you liquidate it plus the taxes and bureocracy that goes with it makes me stressed, I like to click a button and get cash type of investment.

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I don't think you get my point. I am saying mass migration and exodus to move to places where life is not a fuking nightmare, and where you have an okay supply of water & food. Any properties in those areas will become extremely expensive. Regardless of demographic changes

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You just described north america and the way the rest of the world views it

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Not sure I get your point

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Ok bro. Miss out on the greatest transfer of wealth in history.

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I told you all to buy rare cards, but you laughed at me and bullied the alternative investments general. Now look at the state of you

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How about VINU?
Look at this shit, my dudes are BULLing, always trusted them, no taxes, no slippage, just blue dog

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japanese toilet companies
captcha 2ppjpp