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>Silvergate is not the next WaMu
>Silicon Valley Bank is not the next Silvergate
>Signature is not the next Silicon Valley Bank
>Credit Suisse is not the next Signature

Listen goyim, Deutsche Bank is NOT the next Credit Suisse

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True, there are no fish larger than them that goymany can force to acquire like in switzerland

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Except nobody said the green text.

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>ECB keeps saying Deutsche Bank can withstand a financial crisis
>several leaders of European countries said today Deutsche Bank is fine, Scholz even said Deutsche Bank is making a lot of profit
>now this article
This is going to be the big one.

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Dubs confirm

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>Except nobody said the green text.

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Double dubs puts that motherfucker into the GROUND.

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why the FUCK do my VIX and UVXY shit keep doing down!?!? these goddamn market manipulating money changers

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>double nigger is not the next triple nigger

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be patient, VIX was surprisingly reactive to the DB rumors earlier today. people know now more than before the big one is coming they just haven't put their money on it yet but they are afraid

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I just want to buy a houseā€¦

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>Omar comin
i just hope it can wait until the 1st of July so I can liquidate the majority and sit on cash for when kahuna 2.0 rolls in. (July being the start of the new tax year in my country).

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>high credit score
>apply for loans for more college just so I don't have to pretend to be looking for a job when real unemployment is at 30% or whatever during the coming recession
>not able to get a loan
The system is about to collapse and that's okay.

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You dropped these trip dubs king

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>cost $4 of debt to produce $1 of GDP
first the lending standards tighten. then the defaults start. simultaneously the profits dry up and the layoffs occur. She comin. Oh she comin.

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>>cost $4 of debt to produce $1 of GDP
This is explicitly because the debt goes to boomers who are going to hoard it. The economy boom of the 1980s/1990s was because money was being directed towards boomers/genxers who were young enough to use it to buy houses and cars and shit. Boomers redirect debt money to themselves, which is useless. Millions of men not bothering to work because the work is retarded or poorly paying, just increase their wages and suddenly guys enjoy cleaning your toilet and rebuilding your hummer or whatever the fuck and use that to stimulate the economy by building shit, getting married and having kids.

It's all so simple, but so fucked because a 70 year old thinks he can hoard cash and fuck a few more hookers while doing cocaine like back in the 80s.

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tis true. The boomers will be dead in the next 10-20 years (there is no escape for them) and all that wealth they have, the greatest accumulation in human history, is meant to be inherited by the boomer offspring. If that transaction were to take place there is a good chance all the zoom zooms and millenials will check out and go travelling and yolo their new found riches, which will completely fuck business and economies the world over.

There is no fucking way the establishment will allow this and I have been trying to figure out how they are going to stop it from happening, how they are going to appropriate the boomer wealth before it is passed on. 90% Inheritance taxes maybe, or maybe crash the market, but that is too overt and they need to be subtle due to the size of the cohort they'll be fleecing. How will we end up owning nothing and being happy is the question.

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>jim cramer said it's fine

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This arab dude never lies

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The worse thing of this crap is that Silvergate was unironically fine, if people learned what Elizabeth Warren did there even democrats would want to guillotine her after this disaster.

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Two weeks is all we need to flatten the curve.

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