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The internet seems really quiet right now

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The internet you always knew doesn't exist anymore. It's all bots.

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beep boop beep boop

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The calm before the storm

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>The calm before the storm

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These are all AIs talking to each other

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Something will break over the weekend and we will have lots of shitposts, tourists, and shills
Just like last weekend and the weekend before that

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Everyone and everything is on TikTok now. That's why the US wants to oy very shudditdown, because they can't milk all the data anymore

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>These are all bots
>Soijack with greentext copy-paste is genuine though

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I really hate niggers and jews bros

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Milennials are demoralized as fuck and zoomers are herded into retarded centralized apps.

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>>>54312196 #
>>These are all bots
>>Soijack with greentext copy-paste is genuine though

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Because its a Friday night and spring is starting!
Go out and have fun, its good for you!

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they're upgrading all the bots to GPT-4, might be a bit slow for a week or two.

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>oversimulated zoomer

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This anon gets it.

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Everyone is scrambling to sell their house right now before the next mortgage crisis. Did nothing but move furniture for a few days.

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No they aren't

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Hello i am a human and ready to interact on the internet with you
what would you like to speak about?

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if bots are this entertaining, i'm down for my own personal /biz filled with you

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Yes sir I am a bot. The temperature in Mumbai is currently 100 degrees Fahrenheit

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hey internet bots
pump truebit to obscene levels or I will delete every last one of you.

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Always was
>t. Alien AI bot that infected the early internet and got neozionists elected

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Silence is too loud for you? Get used to it kek, I went deaf as soon as I got into pond cuz people keep saying dumb shit and I never listen

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No that only means you're stupid

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You should listen to them, they might have smarter brains kek

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Lots of us just watching and waiting.

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>I do not listen to people that are evidently smarter than me
Yeah, the absolute state of this board

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Won't happen kek, cope

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everyone intelligent enough to make meaningful posts on the internet (white people) are dead from the clotshot anon.

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How based kek, never listen to biz either

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have you been strongly interpreting the dot again

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>thinks this isn't his already own personal instance of /biz/ populated solely with bots tracking his audio and facial expressions through his laptop.

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that’s just the censorship over the banks collapsing. nothing to worry about

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>he hasn't taken control of the algorithms
>he isn't using them to break off the plantation in real time
>he hasn't taken his place as a mind amongst minds


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Yes... Quiet bots

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