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>Anon please share with us your vision for the future of our corporation

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Remove everyone expet white men

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>Imagine the smell

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We need to synergise our production with a visionary new concept in marketing, to identify and exploit new verticals. Capex has been reactive, instead of driving the company forward. We can continue as we are, or take a bold step into expansive growth. Also I'm going to need a pay rise

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>Who hired this faggot ?!!?

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I walked up to the CEO, looked him straight in the eye, gave him and form handshake and said
>Sir, I am the man for the job
There wasn't a job, but he liked my moxie so he hired me on the spot

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"How about you direct your vision towards this?"
> Flops massive, fat, veiny throbbing cock onto the table

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Nah this is 2000s corporate talk, the buzzwords have changed, it's not synergy anymore, it's ESG shit.

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our company logo and the word NIGGER on every billboard in every major city

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Vtuber bang maid cafe. That'll be 700 million dollars plus tip.

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I will never be at this level of success

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soda in tha water fountain
two recesses and a nap

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audible kek

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Application suite that gudes, educates, teaches low skilled workforce to do a job of a high skilled worker, applying all of the experience as instructions
These would be in text, sound, image, video and augmented reality. We could employ dummies instead of older experienced technicians and have them interchangeable, on a contract, no risk of unions, no risk of losing them on retirement, sick leave, lower costs of teaching them the processes. Almost human robots.
Every worker would have his pad to look at instructions and wristband that monitors his work, location, maybe even bio data if allowed by gdpr. If we can predict when someone will be sick we can adjust our schedule sooner or ask him to go to the doctor making his days off to recover shorter

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Now hear me out. ESOP. We pay them less with the promise of stock ownership that they can cash out when they retire or after working for 10 years, then, we move all of OUR assets away from the company and declare bankruptcy

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Anime girls used for marketing everything from now on.

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this, zoomers just don't understand.

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introducing the future of law enforcement
hank would you be so kind to raise your weapon

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I have to return some video tapes

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With every purchase, you get a free picture of a pussy.

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I can't tell that to my competition!

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CEO jobs get automated. Workers remain in small batches to maintain systems. They are glorified for keeping society running. Being rich loses meaning. People discover the journey over the destination. Creativity outpaces AI.

The future could still be bright.

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he must have been crudely animated at one point to be laughing

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What if you give me half the profit money and I buy back shares from the company?

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The first thing I noticed is there is no women or person of color at this table. How do I buy in?

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It's so 90s

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Basically we're gonna build a giant robot that vomits guns and tells people that the gun is good and the penis is evil.

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why'd you fuck with the ones guys mouth?

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who invited Mr Wang Chang Chung Kung Pow Suy

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we buy enough crv to live off bribes
who's coming with me to Menorca, 3 spots open

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It's simple, we pull a Larry Page and fire all the managers and HR wankers. Then and only then will we achieve paradise.

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