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I'm a courier driver. I make $10k/month. I need $20k to bail my brother out from jail. Making money is all that matters.

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You brother will make it.

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why's he in jail?

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Two things that never happened glad you made a post about it though very important business stuff.
God forbid I make a post about business I might get shoah'd

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homosexuality in uganda

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this is why i (unironically) think the government should just start bombing browns and blacks for being racist and homophobic

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Go back to Israel

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based jews defending white values. i find it funny how chuds constantly defend nonwhite savagery. if you hate liberalism you hate whitness, chuds want to negrify white society to le own the troons. this is why they so often worship multiracial people like tate or fuentes, but never worship actual white people.

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You’re a midwit arguing with a midwit. The only people that worship Fuentes are castizo zoomers and White boys in the process of making their way down the Jordan Peterson->Tom Sewell pipeline.

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