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Digital identity management? More like a joke, amirite guys? It's all just a bunch of over hyped tech nonsense. They claim it's secure and private but nothing is really private in this digital age

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It's all joke OP. Don't beat yourself.

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Bob Reid will scan your face, by force if necessary

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Lot of hacks happens in crypto daily. It's all a mess and the bad actors always win.

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>he doesnt know the difference between identity and identification

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Kekk. Make it more comprehensive anon.

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i smoke skins

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Crypto is the only place to find some privacy of anything. The IRS might still get you.

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Anon is a fucking retard, it's basically the same.

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Normies are ready to adopt privacy to secure their assets to avoid hacks and theft.

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Got my arbitrum tokens hacked. Bad actors getting the whole money. we need more security.

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No they aren't
Normies will throw privacy away the second the mass media makes it trendy
See: the social media phenomenon

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Normies like that do not value their security.

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Go for SPACE ID. Your best bet.

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Nexera and ORE ID are better solutions IMO.

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Better to use one of these ID solutions anon.

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Creating easy sign-on solutions for users to easily get started in web3 using regular web2 social logins for authorization can't be thrown away and that's what normies are dying for.

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Y'all need to understand what the fuck SSI is and how its different to the propaganda shit being spewed by Everest holders (a coin so weak its ticker got stolen by a binance launchpad).

Self-Sovereign Identity is the OG name for tech that essentially allows you to hold all your own data. Instead of every company you do business with holding your data, instead, you have assurances from trusted organisations (or whatever - Im talking here about genuine use-cases such as drivers licences or passoports etc) that you are who you say you are, with a big ol' digital stamp which can be checked against a record.

This gives you WAY more control over your data than before as YOU are the one who owns and controls it.


Fade $ID, buy $cheq. They are literally going to be working with Credit Rating agencies to make undercollateralized defi possible.

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You all should chill and wait for NexeraID, that is all you will ever need for Identity.

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>>54300714 wow so smart, an $ID shill used two different words!

Kind reminder on Everest ID:
1. Github is bare, with nothing much really released and none of these really relate to identity at all. In fact most of them aren't even original but forks/copies of something else https://github.com/EverID

2. This is supposedly the website of their ID network foundation and it is...quite bare to put it mildly https://identitynetwork.io/ (also, fine doesn;t mean much on its own.) Mostly it seems they are alone in this, without any real partners on their network.

3. They have these icons to the google play store and app store that go nowhere: https://www.everest.org/about - and I've manually searched across all 3 for EverID, EverWallet, Everest ID etc and nothing from them. I find this disappointing because I could have decoded their Android file to see what they were up to

4. They do have https://wallet.everest.org/ as a web app, so I thought I’d give it a try and at the same time intercept the traffic/sources it’s using to see what’s going on. They seem to be using assets from Kyber Network for their wallet. I don’t think they have made their own wallet: https://kyber.network/#build_with_kyber

5. If you try to sign up they prompt taking a picture for ID verification. I can’t get this step to work, at all but here’s some fun facts: their web app is a clean copy of a demo web app named “Sample React Application”

6. From the looks of it, they do seem to have some APIs functional at api.prod.identitynetwork.io and here’s what they seem to be doing. Where they REALLY mess up is that they write out a lot of secrets / inputs in plaintext client-side when they hash the image in JavaScript. Translation: I can basically edit the JavaScript and inject random data or someone else’s image in, for instance.

7. The fact that it's a single API that runs the whole thing is basically a great demonstration that they are a wallet skin around someone else's tech

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You're going to have to scan your face and pay your taxes jack

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I won't be doing it with the Everest ID wallet. SSI is a much simpler and elegant solution to KYC than Everest ID's scam app. Sorry, but the EU already knows about SSI and is working with cheqd partners Walt ID plus others.

You guys are good at stretching and obfuscating the truth using complex words and EU regulations but the truth is that your team has let you down and they are not delivering past Bob's doom mongering to less than 4000 people on twitter. Nobody wants to use your product, sorry.

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You learnt the hard way. Start paying more attention to security, self-custody and you won't be sorry.

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Talk about a solid ID solution and i'll take it but not this heal of an ID.

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Then stick to ORE ID by AIKON, my best bet so far.

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Polygon ID is based

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Devs need to integrated these more often, defi can be very complicated.

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AIKON getting some recognition. Thought nobody speaks of it.

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Won't this be a source of compromise?

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Everest is a scam. >>54288472 be careful anons, everest pajeets pop up in every ID thread and “next big token, 100x” thread to shill their scam.

Report them to the SEC.

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Hacks in defi are scary. There's a need for better security.

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These are all wallets. $CHEQ will be used by all of them for payment rails as the undrlying infrastructure. Y'all are arguing about what the metamask of Identity will be rather than what the Ethereum of identity will be (it will be cheqd network).

Now shoo shoo filthy Everest shills no-one wants your soft-rug.

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Everyone knows this.

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I think the two most promising ID projects are the Polygon and AllianceBlock IDs.

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Cousins you aren't getting longer for cheapies

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noone wants your scam cheapies. Try doing more than create a single wallet API before you come back here.

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Not your keys, not your coins.

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Normies always pick what's in their bag.

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Piss off pajeet. No one’s buying your scam. Typical pajeet shill response
>you fud for cheapies buy now!

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Will it coup the increasing data and identity theft??

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Self custody is already giving hackers sleepless nights, thanks to ID management in web3

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Key word for self-custody that no one practice.

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With all the hacks still going on? No anon.

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Only OG understand in the importance of privacy.

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Be wise, self custody is the way forward

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Having eyes on a lot of DiD project.

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the difference will be going to prison
you will never be a real identity provider etc

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I've got Monero

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Not just all DiD projects, push positively towards DiD that enables cross-chain interoperability.

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I don't care... I've got vaults where I put my assets and get paid

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Nice copy pasta anon

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good bump everest pajeet. Please go shit in the street

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Jeet! Thanks for making hackers rich.

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Everest ID is pure shit!

Ore ID works!

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Everyone knows it's shit already, even trumptards don't give a fuck about it.

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kek, if it's not Ore ID, Polygon ID or ENS, its literal cold shit.

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ORE ID is already on top of it. It's now easy to manage wallets and assets across multiple chains.

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You know what is more secure than digital id management? a card. Your run of the mill credit card
>They can hack it
No they can't, there are security breaches on third parties but never attacks to the data centres for VISA/MASTERCARD (they have military grade protection)
>They can steal your info
Nope, if you're careless and put your info on badly protected sites then that's on you friend
>B-but muh stolen money
Use protection,a VPN, a secure card info program, be smart

It's a world-wide used system for a reason and it's staying with us, that's why i put all my money into my XOR card to amp the protection and value as a storage with the blockchain. This IS the future, embrace it

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Everyone deserves an ID management, Self custody should be legalized.

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Fuck off, if it ain't Web3 defi then I'm not banking on any ID shit

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Got some defi plays already. Lookin for long term defi projects.

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Is privacy in a war with the government??

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Is this how you'll end tour life? Privacy-protecting digital identity should be your top priority.

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In theory, digital ID can be more private than keeping paper records. For example, you would be able to prove nationality or age without revealing your name or other information. But in practice we can't have nice things and it will be some centralized database where they collect and cross-reference all the data they have about you. Here they even want to push medical records into some government database. They say it's so that in emergencies doctors can look at your medical history or blood type and whatever. But this can be done without saving in where every glownigger can just take a look. Yet they don't and won't do it that way. The only reason why they would do the way they do is because they like it that way.

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The government is always at war with anything that keeps your data off their hands.

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Self-custody is crypto most powerful weapon against traditional finance

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Their partnership with Telos has helped them to onboard normies into their platform at ease

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Telos already partnered with them for the onboarding of newbies.

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products include a BSCDEFI token, giving the investor exposure to DeFi projects on the Binance Smart Chain.

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Keep talking about Identity management and privacy yet I still get stolen from every time I meet with my guys. So fuck off

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This, we need to get to the point in which normies use crypto not knowing that they are actually using it

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Why are you gay?

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imagine self custody over not just your funds but also your data, good for everyone, bad for big tech apps

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Wtf is that jpeg fag?

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Not your keys not your coins. Self custody is the way forward and identity management protocols are helping tools.

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That's because you are dumb and there's nothing any blockchain can do about that

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Their active NFTs is the blue-chip NFT

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>digital ID can be more private than keeping paper records. For example, you would be able to prove nationality or age without revealing your name or other information
literally everest

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Fuck off you filthy disgusting streetshitters shilling your ore scam shit

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I bet you use sylo, self custody wallet plus private messaging, your dick pics and dirty convos don't get spied on

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Fags will keep making thieves rich when Data and identity mgmt could have kept assets secured.

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Best secured and decentralized data storage atm, that's the MVP.

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Scam shit! Everest Is dead. It's got no life.

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At least your dick becomes popular when you nudes leak hahaha
fucking bobo

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Who's still shilling that shit in 2023?

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What kind of licensing does CHEQ have to perform money transfers in the EU/Germany and who are their partners for operating the payment rails?

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The provision for a more ethical alternative for digital identity solutions is top notch

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Literally a scam. These shills are so stupid. The posts above even explain why it’s a scam and these shills forget what thread they’re in.

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It's amazing how self custody is now important. Cheers to Digital Identity management.

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Yes ser CHEQ and ORE very good projects ser, licenses coming soon, devs working hard, good coins!

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You can show these people that white is white and they will still say that it is black. For whatever cognitive reasons; malice, stupidity, etc, they are demoralised for all intents and purpose. It doesn't really matter though when what we know is coming will happen as sure as tomorrow.

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Telegram is doing this, allowing people send crypto via chats but I doubt it gets that decentralization feature attached

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> More like a joke

>"The Bills, which the tech industry opposes, requires all users to submit age verification before opening a social media account."

It's no joke, it's becoming required.

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Oh wow more everest shills to spam their bags. Crazy how the pajeets can never address that point >>54302501

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I'm genuinely interested in what's under the hood for most of these identity projects. I don't think anyone on /biz/ understands what goes in to it.

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Depends, maybe? Depends on how it's implemented and where and how the data is stored. Essentially it boils down to who owns the keys and how to issue new identities. If you can't do it as easily in a permissionless way like creating a wallet it's shit. Otherwise it might be good.

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>who owns the keys and how to issue new identities

That's why biometric keys are the way to go, only you can own the keys ever & can only make one.

1 Human Body = 1 Identity

These other DIDs trying to make someone's Identification credentials the base layer are going to see Identity theft happen, already been happening on other crypto exchanges;

Undercollateralized Lending in DeFi is dead on arrive unless Human & Unique Identity is the first focus.

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More everst pajeet spam.

How To Report Cryptocurrency Scams

Report fraud and other suspicious activity involving cryptocurrency to

>FTC at ReportFraud.ftc.gov

>Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) at CFTC.gov/complaint

>U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) at sec.gov/tcr

>Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at ic3.gov/Home/FileComplaint

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Once the quantum computers are released where the fuck will you go and complain fool. Only a quantum resistant blockchain can secure the funds. Believe it or not it's coming for us.

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a bloo bloo bloo pajeet no one is buying your bags.

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>biometric keys are the way to go
No, those are actually the worst because they can't ever be changed. If any of your biometric data (fingerprints, iris scan, DNA, etc.) gets out you are totally fucked. Worse, someone who wants to impersonate you might just cut off your hand or head to use it as a key.

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Don’t tell the pajeet that. It’s better to just report everst to the SEC. Next thing you know they’ll be back shitting up the thread

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Kek...I can't stop laughing desu. Ignorance is indeed a blessing. Once the QCs are out your face will be melted. The anon and myself will be safe and chilling with babes with our investments secure.
>rekt is all I can see with your knowledge.

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sounds good street shitter
>many FOMO ! many woman !
lel street shitters are too obvious

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>can't ever be changed
Everest has The Foundation DAO which is built as a contingency for situations where you need emergency wallet access/hash resets. The DAO cannot collude or initiate an action on whims, but must be issued a court order.
For instance: Someone's face gets burned to be unrecognizable, a local court can petition The Foundation for access/biometric hash reset.
>If any of your biometric data gets out you are totally fucked
Liveness testing to verify your biometric hash is neither spoofed, deepfaked ect. exists. -but- multiple pieces of biometric hashes can be used as keys for instance a person's fingerprints matched to their face.
Easy to get someone's facial data with a photo, hard to get their live fingerprints & match them both.
>someone who wants to impersonate you might just cut off your hand or head to use it as a key
Liveness again, the detection is trained to check your biometrics are alive

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How To Report Cryptocurrency Scams

Report fraud and other suspicious activity involving cryptocurrency to

>FTC at ReportFraud.ftc.gov

>Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) at CFTC.gov/complaint

>U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) at sec.gov/tcr

>Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at ic3.gov/Home/FileComplaint

Street shitters promote a DAO to protect and grant access to PII, biometrics, etc.

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Can the everest pajeets defend fake volume and fraud transactions to inflate their shitcoins volume?


Look at all those same addresses just swapping, proxy swapping for this scam.

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Here to make money on biz with narratives.

>> No.54311381

I know a good ID management project with their product.

>> No.54311391

>The DAO cannot collude or initiate an action on whims, but must be issued a court order

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These everest pajeets might as well partner with Kelors Court and integrate into PNKs network.

>> No.54311476

Am I talking to a bot? I wouldn't mind, just wondering.

>> No.54311687

Found these 2 on MEXC.

>> No.54311710

Bad actors will always win because people just want to make money and forget security.

>> No.54311739

What's PNKs network? Similar to ORE network?

>> No.54311766

Kek...good one there. With out any cross border fees and chargebacks I have made payments with crypto using a web3 payment processor. As said security is important.

>> No.54311870

Privacy coins are good anon. Good tech and more adoption with anonymity.

>> No.54311886

Isn't the guy who invented Tether making one of these? Self.id or something?

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the PNK suggestion was a joke.


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Read cheqd.io‘s website and learn how SSI works. Revocation registries are necessary but there’s no need to store everything on the database if you can verify that info has been written by a trusted party using DIDs


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This is unironically going to be a major use case for $Cheq who are in talks with credit bureaus to make this possible.

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maybe you should tell them to integrate everest then

>> No.54312695

>integrating with a company under SEC investigation

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If this implies you'd be able to go to a credit bureau to confirm an user's Identity on Cheq I suppose that could actually work 'legally', still sounds like a lot of extra steps when handshaking with Everest would grant the same accreditation.

That'd be Astrace under SEC investigation.

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No that’s okay. It’d be everest.



I dunno man, seems like you guys might want to be more careful considering everything about everest is a fraud…

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Same here Desu. I got my eyes on QANX as developers continue to utilize the token in the creation of secured dApps.