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How many ARBies to make it?

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£100 Lets go

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dumped this shit, will rebuy under $1

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I need some arbie shitcoins
cmon give me something fresh

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Good call. Huge retrace today on all arb alts. Check out Camelot coins. I have a feeling they’ll be the next 10x’s

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Did they really give out 16k usd worth to people?

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I did fuck all on the arbitrum network and I still got 2250 tokens, worth over $3000 now after the massive dump. I'm surprised I got this much desu

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dude they gave me 6,750 tokens and i barely did shit. i got a free 10k

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Under 1$ when.

>> No.54301250

in 6 months

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Arboreum is retracing to where I got a lil bit of it

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I have finally accumulated my autism 32 ETH and 10K LINK stack. Originally thought I'll have to wage for another year living like the oatmeal anon to do so, but ARB did it for me instead.
Sold 15.5K ARB at $1.47. And I sincerely hope the rest of you get to sell ARB way higher, I just couldn't miss the opportunity to finally get my autism numbers in. Now I no longer care what the market does, I am complete my accumulation is done. Thank you /biz/, thank you God.

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congrats anon, genuinely happy for you
>10k link
>32 eth
youre gonna make it

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Congrats bro. God bless

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Link is dogshit
Congrats on eth

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Woo, that's a lot for you senpai. You are going gold.

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Good job ser. 3k LINK 5 ETH here

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What tokens anon and what wallet do you use?

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All are sold out. Nowhere to be found.

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i would also very much like to be spoonfed the arb ecosystem gems if anyone would be so kind

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>”it will dump it will dump!!!!!”
Two more weeks

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What did you have to do to get free arbies? I used to be active enough to get most air drops but I've been away from the game past year

>> No.54302592

6500 arb to make it and i base it entirely on the size of my stack

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>doesn't have 2.1 BTC
did you check the btc/eth chart?

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rtfm https://docs.arbitrum.foundation/airdrop-eligibility-distribution#user-airdrop-eligibility-details

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incredibly based.

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He ain't real. He is talking shit.

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You guys buying any ARB shitcoins?

Seems like with all the attention and airdroppers that sold now having some funds on ARB would be primetime for some bullshit memecoins to pop off

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32 ETH havers will be the new overlords in a few years

>> No.54304250

>hodl your illegal security goy! 2 more years!

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mint a dragon egg

app dot dragonduel dot io

the liq is going to a token that will launch hard

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>He doesn't know

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Sell your airdrop and play poker

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Got about 100 USD worth today. Saw it just dropped. Not a biz guy /x/ and /pol/ tard am I gonna get monies now like I guys? I did make a few grand offa bit coin back in the day but I spent it all on gamma goblin interweb droogs.

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