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>And I never paid the Crypto to Crypto tax again

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who iusses these cards?

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I actually do. Card works well for the most part and is simple. I wish BTC had an equivalent one though so I could just use BTC for everything.

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There is no crypto to crypto tax in my country.

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There's also no clean drinking water too I bet.

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Bullshit. The bank that issues that card is KYC'd out of New York, so you have to report all your tx's because you're still converting LTC to USD on all your purchases. The Blockcard company won't give the IRS a tax form so the burden of proof is solely on your if you get audited, which they will provide if you ask them to. Did you really think you could get off that easy on not reporting? This is burgerland after all.

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>self-reporting this hard

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Is there any crypto credit card that is not KYC'd?

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No. I wouldn't use crypto cards at all if you want any semblance of privacy. Any US based bank that issues these things will eventually be forced to submit a tax form every year like US based exchanges will have to now.

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>The bank that issues that card is KYC'd out of New York
what does it mean out of new york? is it not in new york? kek

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>converting LTC to USD is not a taxable event if there's a piece of plastic in your hand
Pay up

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Yes the phrases based out of, operates out of, etc means they're located in that place.

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any transaction you make with a card in a payment terminal is logged somewhere

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Just use Nexo.

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There's countries with crypto to crypto tax?

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I want one that holds my balance in btc that i can send btc to directly. Thats what this offers for LTC. Not just selling to dollars ahead of time to "load" the card and then just spending dollars.

Just my preference, but I wonder why the ltc card is the only one that offers this. Nexo doesnt give you this from what I understand

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Good luck buying house with that

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Isn’t this just CRO?

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Coinbase card let’s you choose which asset you want to spend from purchase to purchase