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This is what an actual pump looks like.

Tired of all these "pumps" where you are basically lossing money as BTC goes down against your alt and you only make USD (so in the long term you lost money, see Litecoin chart).

What's the next coin that's flat, and will give us a big hard orange erection?

Holy fuck, just imagine you happen to be holding 1 BTC worth of whatever the fuck Verge is.

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I don't think XVG is a pump and dump. I follow a couple discords that PnD though, simply for the fact that I don't wanna get caught in one

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>Tired of all these "pumps" where you only make USD

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I know one guys, he hold 86 mill verge since 5 sat back in Jan. but not sure he dumped it yet. if he does absolute dump we can expect. he told me he dump in phases.

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Crazy how much verge I had back when it was like 70 sats and the devs were shilling that they'd reach 1000 sats by EOY

I sold all that shit after the countdown timer fiasco, if I held I would have truly made it.

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>I follow a couple discords that PnD though,
How does that work out for you? Following the discords - Are you able to be a part of the PnD or do you just avoid them?

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Shitcoiners still don't understand that USD is real money, and that their memecoins are retarded ponzi schemes dressed as magic tokens of unlimited wealth.

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Both, I don't have much experience in PnD but if I catch it soon enough it's an ez 40-50% in a few min. I always leave some on the table but I'm conservative; it's a lot easier to lose than gain.

If you're interested, here: https://discord.gg/WxBRkQK

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>I don't think XVG is a pump and dump. I follow a couple discords that PnD though
why megawhales will use pajeet groups?
xvg richlist can pull any pump by themself
they can even afford macfaggot pajeet

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>USD is real money

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You can't buy anything with bitcoin, except for korean loli porn.

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15 dolphins = 1 whale
That's the goal.

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how's drawing imaginary lines at random places on a chart working out for you?