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If Bitcoin doesn’t go back down to a lower low. Then I don’t care anymore. I’m not buying.

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Die bobo

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Based, buying now would solidify your status as a complete drooling retard. I've got a short prepped at 29k, it's looking like a double top. Too much resistance and it hasn't broke through already. Down we go.

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your pride will be your downfall. anything below 30k is still incredibly cheap.

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We told you that if you are one of these retarded I BUY THE PICO BOTTOM and I WONT EVER BUY HIGHER THEN MY TARGET guyy that you will be a nocoiner
You retard 2020 had the same people that waited for 2k and never bought if you are that all in you should just dca only. And i warned you all to dcy at 16k because otherwise you will be one of these retards this time

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This is merely the beginning of your self-imposed psychotic breakdown.

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nah same
I'm just done with crypto. I can't make the right calls and I've accepted it.

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You know what I do when I don't care about something? I make threads reminding people how much I don't care. Because I'm cool and collected and above it. Yeah, I don't care.

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The truth is that your ego is inflated. You think you have an advantaged perspective, but in reality you are merely consuming doomporn which is propagated to trick small fish such as yourself. We told you over and over to just DCA, but being ego-driven, you try to time tops and bottoms and inevitably fail.

The right call, given that you are a brainlet small fish (like 99% of the users here including yours truly) was to not play into the chart-psyop and instead to buy incrementally over a long period of time.

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Sad bobo :(

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Its so easy if you are not trying to outperform
Buy btc/eth at the lows of the cycle and sell at the highs
The lows literally were in the same month as expected
Just leave out ALL NOISE
Everything rates, muh recession, ftx, gensler ignore all

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Too much greed. You're not going to catch the bottom not are you going to sell the top nor are you going to catch the short term highs and lows. You only function as liquidity for the movers and shakers.

So, if you don't provide them with that, it will become an even more low float asset. Bullish low float assets tend to go up rapidly until normies find it.

Just buy and hold it. Quit being a liquidiwhore

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you're a piece of shit for baiting newfags

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I've been trading on the way up, but I feel like something bad is about to happen.
It's okay to buy, bearfriends. But you should set reasonable stop losses.

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Kill bobos. Behead bobos. Roundhouse kick a bobo into the concrete. Slam dunk a bobo baby into the trashcan. Crucify filthy bobos. Defecate in a bobos food. Launch bobos into the sun. Stir fry bobos in a wok. Toss bobos into active volcanoes. Urinate into a bobos gas tank. Judo throw bobos into a wood chipper. Twist bobos heads off. Report bobos to the IRS. Karate chop bobos in half. Curb stomp pregnant black bobos. Trap bobos in quicksand. Crush bobos in the trash compactor. Liquefy bobos in a vat of acid. Eat bobos. Dissect bobos. Exterminate bobos in the gas chamber. Stomp bobo skulls with steel toed boots. Cremate bobos in the oven. Lobotomize bobos. Mandatory abortions for bobos. Grind bobo fetuses in the garbage disposal. Drown bobos in fried chicken grease. Vaporize bobos with a ray gun. Kick old bobos down the stairs. Feed bobos to alligators. Slice bobos with a katana.

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I'm not buying either.
But that's because I went all-in a while ago.
Fuck you bobo.

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I've got my eyes on low caps... Don't care about any shit that may happen

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Just a notice!

Quantum threat is coming.

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It was a gift that it went as low as it did.

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What's the difference between shorting at 28.5 and waiting for 29?

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Bought LINK ENS and ORE at a discount, next should be QANX and UCT.

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Haha based op posted the funny bear haha

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>and another seething nocoiner was borne

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>I feel like
that time of the month again?
tits or gtfo

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Have fun making it in 30 years boomer

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i was the same in 2018
i didn't buy 3K and ended up buying at 21K
don't be a sad cunt, OP
start DCA'ing

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Not looking back on QANX OFE

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That‘s some reverse baggie cope.

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that's not entirely untrue tho. BTCs main mission will be $1MM+ even without the hyperinflation meme. to even have 0.3~ BTC will be more valuable than a zoomer's retirement fund.

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I'm still waiting for my sora card before we go back to 22k, I'm pretty sure everything will get worse, but at least I want to be prepared for that

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I started DCAing when BTC was <$500.

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That's a pussy smelly shit

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