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What are your experiences of women in the workplace?

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Coomer thread

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Awful, the end.

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asked my boss out, she said has a bf, i've started ignoring her and i've noticed the more i ignore her the more she wants me to not ignore her. go figure. it's up to her at the end anyway, she has to let you in her hole. kek.

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It was a typical Monday morning at the office. The air was buzzing with activity as everyone got ready for their day. I sat at my desk, trying to focus on the task at hand but my mind kept drifting to the woman sitting across from me. She had long dark hair and a curvy figure that was accentuated by her tight fitting dress. Every time she moved, I could feel my heart racing.

I couldn't take my eyes off her and, as lunchtime approached, I decided to take a chance. I told her I had something special planned and asked her to join me in one of the meeting rooms. She gladly accepted, not knowing what was about to happen.

Once inside the room, we stood facing each other for what felt like an eternity until finally she stepped forward and pulled me into a passionate kiss. Our tongues locked in an intimate dance as my hands explored her body. We were soon lost in a world of lust and desire that was palpable in the air.

I quickly began to unbutton her dress, peeling it away to reveal her beautiful curves underneath. She lifted her arms over her head and I kissed my way down her neck and shoulder before moving lower. I cupped one of her breasts with my hand while my tongue circled her hardening nipple. Her body arched in pleasure while she moaned softly and I could feel myself getting harder as each second passed.

We then moved to the floor where we continued our exploration of each other's bodies. With every touch and every movement, we seemed to get more lost in each other until finally, we reached our climax together. As we lay there afterwards panting, we both realized that this moment had been one of pure sexual freedom and pleasure.

We returned to our desks afterwards, both of us feeling a bit embarrassed at what we had just done yet sti

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False accusations.

I even had a female boss who made up a false accusation against me for no apparent reason.

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Literal delusion. She doesnt give a shit about you lol

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ll with smiles on our faces. From that day forward, we shared a special bond that only those who experience such a powerful sexual connection can understand.

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fairly positive. I've had my dick sucked by quite a few female coworkers over the years. Probably my most prominant way of getting sex has been turning coworkers into fwb.

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Fugg she's literally perfect

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Only second to gays in their drama/usefulness ratio.

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Europoor who recently got aquired by amerifat company.

Most women in our tech side are russian and really good.

All the new american women are so bad. Constant handholding for "mid" level developers. They also like to confidently spew all kinds of bullshit that makes no sense.

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that sounds exactly like amerifat holes, they really like to spout off bullshit as fact, while being entitled and retarded

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I slept with 3 of them and married one.