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its over

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Interesting, no one on reddit is talking about this yet.
Or 4chan either.

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>Even when users were caught engaging in fraud or other prohibited activity, Block blacklisted the account without banning the user. A former customer service rep shared screenshots showing how blacklisted accounts were regularly associated with dozens or hundreds of other active accounts suspected of fraud. This phenomenon of allowing blacklisted users was so common that rappers bragged about it in hip hop songs.
It's popular with criminals, niggers, prostitutes, and eThots on Instagram and TikTok.
I never even downloaded CashApp because of how bad it is.

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Is Jack Dorsey an autist? That explains how he's both retarded and a multi-billionaire.

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As soon as I saw it, I immediately shorted. I love Hinderburg research. Time to rekt niggers, jack dorsey and thots. I'll make money out of it.

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The time to short would've been months ago. It's still going to be popular until it gets shut down by the government.

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Literal nothing burger, kys retards

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Sure Jack

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You have to admit, it's kind of funny how almost all of the "songs" that mention CashApp are from violent/criminal niggers.
I don't think there are any rock/punk songs, or country songs, that reference CashApp.

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