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>Hedera is the adult role model for all of the kids at the crypto playground
Why are HBAR bagholders so delusional?

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They don't have another option, bagholder mentality

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>Why are HBAR bagholders so delusional?
arent all bagholders delusional?

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Yes, but shitcoin delusion has the profoundly odd effect of causing one to attack charts identical to their own beloved coin/ token without a hint of self awareness that the entire asset class is the scam.

The dsm is going to need an entry for diagnosing late millennial/ zoomers with terminal bagholder syndrome.

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It’s literally what several of the companies that joined the gc have said including dell and a few others. Cope seethe dilate
>imagine even making this thread kek

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>I'm the ADULT
Just like how a kid would say.

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>Companies said stuff
Oh shit! I take everything back... The price action must be crazy! I'm so happy for you adults. What a fantastic investment you made and continue to hold.

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redditors don't understand why blockchains exist
they have never read this:

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You asked and made this stupid cope thread. Yes dell and others said hedera felt like the adults in the room, not your shit gay fuck ftm xrp ada algo eth whatever.
Cope and dilate, you’re already seething

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Do you not know how ids work bro? I'm not even mad at you, and I wasn't even attacking hbar (I sold at $.40 BTW. Thank you footfag). You seem pretty low iq, and particularly deficient in reading comprehension. Hope everything accidentally works out OK for you with your eth clone #18 bags. <3

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Keep XRP out of your mouth, kid.

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All you faggots are the same. May as well have been the op.
>in the hbar thread

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SAUCE will mint millionaires before HBAR

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Is the fud bullish? Go check out a link, grt, icp, rose, or even gme thread and you'll see a bunch of desperate baggies, just like you, all using the same coping strategies you use in your hbar threads.
>fudders are all paid jeet hedgie bulgarian transsexual holders of competing shit tokens/ stocks trying to steal my bags!!!
Nah, you're just a retard who bought the top, and you think being angry and arrogant on /biz/, while sharing half-truth "partnership announcements from Twitter that the market doesn't care about, is how you "make it" because it worked for 2017 election tourist chainlink marines that sold the top in 2020. It won't.

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Price action relies on retail sentiment... Hedera relies on network usage which relies on enterprise adoption. Hedera doesnt work like the current jewish schemes youre accustomed to and it wasnt designed to work in such a world either. And yes we are all aware that you made 70 million buying shiba inu last year ol wise one.

Youre retarded if you cant differentiate bw the two.

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I sold hbar for a 10x. You're currently at a divided by 10. Learn2shitcoin. Make your money and get out. Alts pump against btc once and take the escalator to zero. Check all 5000 charts (1 exception).

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I have 500 kilobags headed to 1MM.
HBAG will be worth between $2.67 - $2.94 ATH this coming bullrun.
At current prices that's a ~47x.
programmable currency + digital ID + it's green
Hail the WEF
Slava Ukraini!
Israel is our greatest ally!

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More companies have deployed on ethere than the total number of companies working with hedera to dump on retail.

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Dump dump dump on baggies heads
Baggies lose leemon wins

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what does this mean ?
could someone explain?

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I sold my HBAR after seeing some retarded woke tweet a few weeks ago

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Crypto currently has no use case apart from gambling. Hype is the only thing that matters if you're in it for the money.

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Hedera got hacked, there was a problem with contracts + staking on smaller networks.
It was resolved and re-enabled 3 days later.
It's kind of bittersweet, means hedera got enough interest to get hacked.