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Some people unironically think this LMAOOOOOO
I mean sure it sucks if it's a eva ghetto school, but compare their job to say truck driving (driving a death machine), airplane pilot (even worse), cs job/engineering (where you have to perform extremely intellectually difficult tasks), trades (fucking ass pay and ass work), retail worker (getting yelled at by the lowest IQ retards), salesmen (having to sound slimy as fuck and being extremely extroverted with hundreds to thousands of people), nursing (same as what retail workers deal with, but even worse because of all the disgusting fluids and smells), etc.

Name me ONE middle class job easier than a teaching gig. Hint: There is none. I'd rather deal with a classroom of the most ghetto trash than an employer that reams your ass for not being a perfect optimal unicorn expecting you to be a giga pro with minimal to no guidance. Teachers literally only have to learn one year worth of info and it's low level at that. Then it's just a repeat of easy powerpoint slides every year.

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there is a reason the pay is dogshit

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My sister is a teach and is always surrounded by stacks of paper and marking homework in her off time, so much time is stolen in that profession. It's definitely not easy, unless you're an art or music teacher or P.E. teacher.

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>My sister is a teach and is always surrounded by stacks of paper and marking homework in her off time
easy as shit
>so much time is stolen in that profession.
Nigga, literally every job "steals your time". Programmers for instance have to CONSTANTLY study new complicated shit on their off time just to keep up.
Engineers constantly work well over 40hrs a week. Truck drivers literally live their job (12 hrs of driving and then instead of go home sleep in the truck) and get like 1 day off. etc.

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homework is a scam, i refused to do it and failed high school. the lessons are bullshit anyways and now i have to do the bullshit where i don't learn anything anyways at home too?

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That too. Schools have a retarded curriculum that doesn't even prepare people for jobs. A disservice rather than a service at the cost of tax payers, though I blame the curriculum itself rather than tears for that one.

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*for jobs or for self-employment

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they think it's hard because most of them are midwits who liked school growing up but aren't motivated enough to do something else

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This is the truth. Never really tried anything else, and usually not intelligent enough to crack it elsewhere

Yea you have to deal with kids. But teaching is so much more preferable than typical soul crushing office jobs. Oh you have to grade papers over wine on Tuesday night? Boo hoo. Office work especially as you get into middle management hell and beyond just brings a constant low level of anxiety that non-office workers can’t understand.

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I study during my work hours because I’m not a retard. If someone wants me to know something then they need to pay me to learn said thing
t. IT chad, 230k salary

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try spending one hour with a 16 year old and then imagine spending 8 hours with 20 of them, every day.
teachers deserve $500k a year. I would literally kill the little motherfuckers.

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Yeah if you can teach at some non Niggaville school sounds like the easiest job ever. It might actually be cool to teach some interesting subject like history for a couple years if you are close to retiring but want a bit more money and a less stressful job.

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You can say "nigger" here, you're not on plebbit anymore.

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>missing my point
Yep. If I could do it over I'd be a teacher. Easy money

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you view it very simply
being a good teacher and students actually learning and applying the knowledge later down the years requires good skill. not just the knowledge of a subject, but the ability to learn and critical think for future subjects. Identifying the different ways students learn instead of just using one method to teach the entire class.
"just teaching is easy, but it helps very few students and teachers shouldn't be allowed to teach this way

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Anyone on this board who tried to teach would be fired or possibly in jail by the end of a fortnight.
>Mr Anon, can you tell me what you meant by "cunny"
>Mr Anon, I heard you gave an... Unusual lesson about WW2 history
>These are our valued students, referring to Krystal as "the tranny" will not be tolerated

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Teaching is a miserable gig if you are a male. You’re surrounded by middle aged white women with a slew of mental illnesses that need to take 10 different medications to function. Constant bullshit meetings because these miserable whores don’t want to go home. The parents who try to negotiate grades like they’re in a flea market.
Honestly working with/around medicated middle aged white women is a nightmare.
>t. ex teacher that’s learning2code

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again. Cope

I can only assume none of you ever worked a real job before. Incapable of properly comparing and contrasting a teaching role to an actual rough job

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You're only kidding yourself nigger.

I really hate todays kids also.

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I just told you I was a teacher. I taught in Canada and the amount of garbage I had to deal with was insane. Literally had a troon in my grade 7 English class during pride month.
Also am currently working in oil rigs making slightly more but being able to not be censored and have to walk on eggshells is worth all the aches.

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It's literally a part time job that gets 4 months off a year.

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It didn't used to be. The Boomers gobbled up all the benefits for themselves and ruined it for everybody that came after them. Good luck getting those same pensions and benefits that they got. Fuckers.

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I have done several of the jobs you mentioned and my only point is that you are a retard. You would not last the scrutiny of 20-30 teenagers for more than an hour, let alone be able to form more than two coherent sentences while being the center of attention

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I have a part time job as a programming teacher at a private school for self improvement while being a software engineer the rest of the week
It's not difficult, but the work attitude is definitely different with teachers. Management has no problems planning in unpaid training in the evenings

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Pro-tip: it's agreed upon social convention that we treat teachers as benevolent souls who forego a decent paycheck. Bitching about how easy their jobs are compared to jobs that actually do pay vastly more just proves that you fail to understand the social conventions at play here or why they exist in the first place.

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Teaching isn’t hard if you don’t have to actually teach. Handing out busy work or some assignment on Google classroom isn’t shit. If that’s what constitutes teaching, teachers definitely get paid fairly.

If you actually have to teach and manage a classroom, it’s not easy at all. It’s not the 70s; pedagogy is it’s own field, and you can’t just teach how you “feel”. There’s science behind it, and your lesson/unit plans must be structured correctly.

You wouldn’t understand unless you actually went to school for it and then actually had experience in the classroom.

Just like how you have managers and supervisors in an office, you have people watching you/critiquing your teaching methods. There is a right and wrong way to teach; it’s objective and performance based, I guess that’s something your premise fails to accept.

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>Name me ONE middle class job easier than a teaching gig
Government. And you don't even have to interact with young children or the public (usually).
>t. $130k low stress WFH iron-clad job security

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Well I've seen tons of videos of teachers being assaulted by students. That doesn't happen with other jobs.

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why do you freaks get worked up over jobs like teachers here
I see so many posts on /biz/ about the profession
did you get bullied by your teachers for being freaks lmao

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You have to respect Jews and trannies in most jobs anon, and pedophilia will get you ostracized. Is that really relevant here?

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You're a lying retard if you think an oil rig job is easier than a piss easy teaching job
THIS as well. I forgot about their 4 month vacation time too.
You're an absolute idiot. A real job (which you haven't done, you larping shit) would absolutely rape your mind. You wouldn't be able to take it.
Schools are worthless anyways because the curriculum is not designed to get people ready for the real world. It is a disservice to children
Read above. Also LOL. News flash. I went to k-12. Omg I know, right?? Kek. I know how they do things. Everyone does. You'd have to be an idiot to think their jobs are highly demanding compared to 99% of other jobs
Eh, sort of I guess. Higher barrier to entry though.
nursing and retail lol.

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Teaching to a bunch of rowdy niggers everyday must be a punishment, especially if math

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My sister's been assaulted multiple times as a teacher. Luckily she teaches elementary school so the kids aren't very strong. She teaches in an inner city school system that we both attended growing up, so she kind of knew what she was getting into, but it's still awful. They are so handcuffed in how they handle the emotionally stunted kids. The issues ultimately stems from problems in the children home life, or lack of, and all the money that's poured into it does nothing.

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After spending an unreasonable amount of time on this board, the concept of someone here teaching amused me, that's all.

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I have worked construction and restaurant jobs in college, I taught high school for a few years, taught college English and comp during and after my phd, was an academic librarian, now am a data scientist. Teaching high school was by far the hardest and most stressful. By far.

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It's not a hard job, but it is a shit job.

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I dunno how it works in HS but for college classes it is almost completely automated. Only things they have to check are essays and written assignments.

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Easy poverty tier money lol. Every teacher I know regrets it or has left. Can you honestly say why there is a massive teacher shortage in every part of the country If it’s easy money?

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>You wouldn’t understand unless you actually went to school for it and then actually had experience in the classroom.

You realize that everybody ITT went to school and sat in a classroom right?

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Retard cap
Good way to compromise, but all jobs are shit. Especially non-teaching jobs. There's a reason the expression "those that can't do teach" got coined.

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At least non-teaching jobs don't crush your faith in the future of humanity. Unless you work for the government or in customer service I guess. I can't even imagine how mind numbing and demoralizing it is to grade the essays of zoomer high school students.

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They get paid middle class wage for only working 8/12 months, Lol. They are whiny babies that would fold under real pressure. If they can't handle teaching, imagine a coding job where day 1 they expect you to be a god. Or imagine flying a plane that can kill everyone if you do something retarded aka high responsibility. Or imagine being a journeyman tradesman that has to teach and know how to solve real world problems rather than just repeat the same shit year after year the way a teacher does.
I will never understand why people treat teaching like it's more difficult than other jobs that are clearly 100x+ more demanding.

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I’m a data scientist at a university. I work maybe 20 hours per week. Regularly go do shit during the week days. If someone asked me to work on a weekend or ar night I’d laugh. Literally make 3x what a teacher makes. And I work remote, so I was able to move my family to Hawaii. If I was still teaching I’d be locked in a shit town with fucking gross kids I hate all day every day. Lol my job is incomparably easier and better than a teacher

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The white:nig ratio is off
The current generation is white women who thought teaching would be an easy inspirational job and got put in a classroom full of third worlders, pure culture shock

America needs to train negresses to be teachers so they can half-ass it in a classroom full of students half-assing it and bring the system into equilibrium again

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Lol truth. Bay field Colorado high school. Right after my undergrad. Didn’t even need a teaching degree they needed workers so badly. Nightmare tier work

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higher barrier to entry for your role though

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>music teacher
try directing a marching band on top of several ensembles, each with their own repertoire, bussing everyone to competitions, and training sometimes ill-tempered and distractable kids into decent musicians. my HS music director was always stressed as hell, and all the music ed majors I knew had to be very organized and disciplined or get weeded out. music isn't an easy major.

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What the fuck are you talking about. Places that are massively white are having the same issues. My parents and sister taught in Colorado schools that are 95% white and they cannot retain teachers, mostly because the pay is terrible and the issues with the work are terrible

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Yeah very high. I’d still have labored out my phd and masters though or just tradied out my days before going back to public Ed.

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>Name me ONE middle class job easier than a teaching gig.
I cannot, you are correct

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>don’t have a masters degree to be a teacher

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Most districts would rather hire you without one since they can pay less. Get a job with a ba then get an ma remotely while working to bump your pay. Education degrees are the easiest degrees to get

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Did your oneitis just get deep-dicked by a college professor? Why are you seething at teachers all of the sudden, he'll probably just get shot on campus one day don't worry about it

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>for a chick in America
Kek. Anyways, I just saw some teachers complaining on some video and got salty because they don't know how easy they have it.

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"Pedagogy" is trash. Teachers are ineffective. Every teacher had their own style and they were all differently obnoxious. It clearly cannot be as regimented and structured as you say since there are so many differences from classroom to classroom.

Cut the fluff, toss them in, make the students figure things out on their own. The more the teachers get trained the worse the results become.

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No. The issue is the curriculum is trash.

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Also just to give you an example, my uncle is a master mechanic. He was trained since he was a preteen. Never even went to school. By the time he was an adult, life was basically easy mode for him because he was actually taught useful shit growing up so he didn't even struggle for money his whole life.

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You sound like more of a moron every time you bring up the coding as a comparison. I'm a professional software developer and everything you've said is dogshit retardation typed by brown hands.

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You're an idiot then for lacking the ability to be objective. Stem jobs is not = to teaching k-12. I had a physics teacher in high school for instance that failed out of jobs hence became a teacher. Sure, some exceptions are there, but teaching is easier than a typical job. That's not an opinion. It's an objective fact, faggot.

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You would have nothing without your education.
You just grew up in a better system than they did.

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You're a dumb nigger. The money I've made was from MY efforts alone. NOT from some faggot k-12 curriculum garbage that did nothing in preparing me for the real world.

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? What do you mean by the "curriculum". The curriculum would be a part of the "pedagogy" I am emailing against.

Even so, anything outside the humanities is mostly unchanged. Math is math, physics is physics. You can disagree with the subjects being being academic in nature, rather than practical, but this is not something that has changed. Public school has always been primarily academic. They've introduced increasing levels of "pedagogical" theory and practice to the classroom and have posted worse academic results on top of the practical struggles.

I'm only making an argument that things are demonstrably worse at what it's always tried to do. You're arguing that it should be something else entirely, which is irrelevant to what I am saying.

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It taught you that you were on your own in this world, faggot. Sounds like a lesson you got a lot from.

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Okay, teaching is "easier". It doesn't require much skill or education and you only have to be smarter than a literal child. Fine. However, dealing with teenagers all day every day is in no way less stressful or challenging than most jobs.

The problem is that you don't understand social stressors because you likely haven't stopped posting on 4chan or left your parent's house in the past 20 years.

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>? What do you mean by the "curriculum". The curriculum would be a part of the "pedagogy" I am emailing against.
Use common sense. I'm talking about the literal material they make you study that has 0 real world aka no skillsets are taught that help you make money.

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>it was useless which is in itself useful!
Kys, absolute moron. What kind of brain dead logic is this?

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>Okay, teaching is "easier". It doesn't require much skill or education and you only have to be smarter than a literal child.
correct. The rest of your post is garbage

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Want to highlight this post that was ignored.
Mentoring a person in a job >>>>> school.
1 year of working >>>> 10 years of school.
School is largely filled with fluff garbage that doesn't teach you shit that helps you make money. Fact. Not an opinion. For this reason alone a teaching job is not only easy, but useless (though the useless aspect is the fault of the curriculum itself. Not on the teachers).

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>Common sense

Dude, you used a term with a specific definition incorrectly. I needed to know what you thought the term meant. Curriculum isn't just the broad subjects taught, it's the full planned sequence of instruction and assignments. I can't use "common sense" with someone who is speaking in a way that indicates they aren't using any in their own. It means I need to do what I can to bridge that gap in understanding.


It's what you said dude. The best instruction didn't come from school, it was learned independently. Now you're upset that school didn't hold your hand and undermine your ability to learn from that process?

Here's the deal. If everyone was taught to weld in school, there would be too many welders. Your skill would be worthless in the market. There's no winning. People have to figure out what the market will pay for on their own.

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OP doesn't understand this simple point because he's part of the underclass which school was designed to fail for. Society needs trashmen and 4chan posters.

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>Dude, you used a term with a specific definition incorrectly
Curriculum = the subjects comprising a course of study in a school or college.

Stupid nigger
>The best instruction didn't come from school, it was learned independently. Now you're upset that school didn't hold your hand and undermine your ability to learn from that process?
Read this, retard: >>54279340
The best learning isn't from being independent. That's inefficient, but I wasn't left with much choice. The BEST method of learning is actually MENTORSHIP yet your dumbass defends the inefficient k-12 garbage and say "it being useless is good!". Dk you know what an opportunity cost is, dumbass? That tome would have been better spent being mentored in a job.

>> No.54279604

>OP doesn't understand this simple point
which one, nigger? That schools being useless = good? LMAO are you on crack?
>wasting tax payer money on dumbass classes is good because.. because it just is, okay??

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Your problem is that you're poor you were born poor, and by design, you are not supposed to become anything (which you aren't). The answer to this entire thread is simple. Bad schools are purposefully bad to keep people (like you) at your station in life. You were determined by your socioeconomically laughable zipcode to be a useless human, and so you went to a useless human school to learn useless human things. Sorry, but that's life.

>> No.54279634

No, the point is that these institutions are designed on purpose to keep low socioeconomic status individuals like yourself in the same tax bracket until you die. If school was amazing for everyone, there wouldn't be any ditch diggers. This is a very simple concept.

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I'd rather roof under the hot sun in the summer than have to teach a horde of ghetto nigletts how to read

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nah, I'm doing above average for my age despite the crash fucking me hard. I have what I need to retire next bullrun. And literally worst case scenario is I live with mommy in her home country where I helped in paying for the house over there so I can just chill there for life if I wanted to. Only reason I don't do that now is because it leaves a bad taste in my mouth so would rather leave it as a final resort.
That doesn't even act as a rebuttal to what I said about them being shit LMAO

>> No.54279709

Except it's not shit. It's only shit to the people it negatively affects. It's a well-designed system, too. I think you're just bitter because you're the person the system was designed for. Unfortunately, you've woken up and seen the truth that wasn't mean for you, but unlike the Matrix, there is no escape. This is it for you. There is no Zion, anon.

>> No.54279720

>Except it's not shit. It's only shit to the people it negatively affects
You're a retard. I remember for instance I had a 4.13 one time. That didn't magically enhance my future LMFAOOOO you're an IDIOT.
k-12 is the most useless garbage ever. You've made ZERO argument as to how they aren't inefficient pieces of garbage.

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You should work as a substitute teacher for a couple days if it's really as nice and easy as you imply

>> No.54279737

Maybe I will. I've had some that legit just took attendance and had us do nothing, LOL. Also instructors leave basic shit too like "teach them where to put the apostrophe!". What a fucking toughy! LMAO

>> No.54279746

*instructors leave notes to the substitute
elementary and middle school in particular is beyond cake

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Sequence of planned experiences. The curriculum is more than surface level.


You do know that work experience is a valid high school credit, yeah? So is volunteer experience. You're only on the hook for a handful of core credits in fundamental academics, such as math, language, science, and civics. Almost all schools have CTE programs. Wood and metal shop is eternal.

You get what you put in. It's not economically possible to mentor in everything and economy needs, there's no guarantee those skills won't become obsolete, and any skill taught en masse would flood the market, making the skill useless for making money.

It's really that simple. You need skills other people don't have to make money.

>> No.54279769

Go for it and make a new thread in like a week
Like every district everywhere needs all the help they can get, and getting on as a substitute is super easy
So why not?

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This is a clear sign the education system has failed you, because you've repeatedly failed to understand an extremely clear point. Either that or you're a typical ASL nig that doesn't understand basic English. I'll try explaining this one more time.

If you come from money, from a networked family, school literally doesn't matter. School is a song and dance for rich people. School only matters to poor people, like you. Doing well in school only matters to poor people, like you.

I went to school with a few billionaire's children. Every single one of them fucked around in highschool. Every single one of them fucked around in college. Do you know why? Because no matter what their GPA is, no matter what they accomplish (or don't), they're getting a career regardless. Because they're part of a network, which you aren't. School is simply means-testing for poor retards.

K-12 is, in fact, useless garbage. But it exists to babysit poor people's kids so they can grind out their 9-5 dead-end job and contribute to the GDP without worrying about raising their own children in the interim. Do you see how family lineage plays into this? School exists so poor parents can put their poor kids in a state-subsidized daycare so they can both continue to be poor and feed the system. It's that easy. You're sperging out like a retard autist about something that's been litigated millions of times throughout American history. You're not saying anything or new or interesting. You're another Rick and Morty tier "SCHOOL ISN'T FOR SMART PEOPLE" moron.

>> No.54279808

1. I literally copied and pasted the definition and you're saying it's wrong. LOL fucking moron. Shit, you're way too stupid.
>work experience is a valid high school credit, yeah? So is volunteer experience.
Ya no. None of that shit is ever pushed. In fact that's the first I've even heard of it. If it's there, it's kept a secret.
Regardless, use your head. The point is 99% of it is a waste of time. Also being a volunteer isn't the same as say being mentored on doing an actual job. Volunteering doesn't give you a skillset. It's braindead work. LOL. You can't be serious right now.
>You get what you put in.
You're missing my point, retard. Schools FORCE you to waste time on dumbass subjects when that same time could have been used in developing a real skill.

>> No.54279830

I have such a personality and mindset and way of working and using tech that I am a disaster at transferring knowledge or maintaining discipline with students or any other domain of a teacher.

>> No.54279839

1. It failed everyone, Lol. Even you. But you would rather cock suck than be objective about it.
In what way did it help you with jobs :)
It didn't, huh? LOL
2. exactly, tard. Most of the advantages from life are from connections. Not relying on school. You're literally proving my point on how school itself is a worthless time sink
3. Exactly, you dumb bitch. You're literally enhancing my point of how useless schools are in actually preparing people for anything
>K-12 is, in fact, useless garbage.

>> No.54279851

Fair enough, but your job is objectively more difficult as it demands a higher level of skillsets.

>> No.54279862

LMAO this nigger is so stupid that he doesn't even comprehend that I've been agreeing with him this entire time. The entire point is that you're so fucking retarded, you don't understand or can't even comprehend why the system exists. What an actual fucking retard. The absolute state of 4chan.

>> No.54279868

>that I've been agreeing with him this entire time
No you haven't, nigger. You kept defending the existence of k-12 as is. Nice back peddling though, you absolute brain dead single digit IQ retard

>> No.54279871

Also, go back to your third world shithole with momma. At least she won't be making any intellectually confusing commentary.

>> No.54279875

You got ass fucked, nigger

>> No.54279882

Like I said, K-12 is only bad if you're born into a poor, failure family. The system works because it keeps people like you picking up trash for a living, which society requires to remain functional. Rich people go to good K-12 schools. Again, this isn't hard to understand. You're just upset because you are society's fodder.

>> No.54279886


I wouldn't call the rudimentary math, science, English, and civics "worthless". In my district the cores are just 11 credits. It used to ensure we were on the same page with the most basic understanding of things. You don't need fucking calculus to graduate.

You learned to self advocate. The opportunity was always there for those smart enough to take it. You encountered a problem and blamed the system, rather than working around it. It's like the other anon said, we need trash collectors. Those kinds people need the extra instruction in following orders and dealing with bullshit; their lives are gonna be full of it.

Again, anyone who bitches about public school didn't take advantage of what was on offer. It's really that simple.

>> No.54279890

>Like I said, K-12 is only bad if you're born into a poor, failure family.
No, you stupid nigger. It's ALWAYS bad as is, you brain dead retard. The reason is because it acts as an OPPORTUNITY COST. Time wasted could have been better spent on something productive. That goes for those born from wealth too, you inbred fuck.

>> No.54279915

If that were true, wealthy families wouldn't send their kids to places like Montessori or other insanely expensive K-12s. People like Elon Musk wouldn't create their own private schools. What you don't understand, again, because you're poor, is that rich people use their children's school as a networking mechanism.

Again, you're just mad because mad at school because you came from a dirt-farmer's lineage and have to live your life knowing that you were forced to waste half of your life learning garbage.

>> No.54279927

I give math and english a pass to an EXTENT. 90% of people won't see anything passed algebra 1. Let's be real. As for english, high school was literally just essays after essays. In fact, college was like that for me too. Essays could be important in that it teaches dumbasses to use facts to back up their thoughts. After a certain point it's overkill though. Rest of the subjects are hot garbage in middle school and onwards.
>you blame the system
No shit, retard. Ig I see inefficiency, you better bet your ass I'll expose it.
>didn't take advantage of what was on offer
What "offer", you dumb nigger? It "offers" an opportunity cost LOL

>> No.54279940

>If that were true, wealthy families wouldn't send their kids to places like Montessori or other insanely expensive K-12s.
Idiots waste money. My uncle for instance was more educated than 99.9% of people that go to school. He was a master mechanic by his teen years. How many people in that age can say that? Exactly, retard. Mentorship > bullshit random ass courses.

>> No.54279941

>anything passed
>railing against grammar education
This thread is too good. Hey, I left an extra garbage can on the curb for trash pick-up day tomorrow. Make sure you don't forget it.

>> No.54279967

Nigger, what are you crying about now?
There was no grammar error here:
>I give math and english a pass to an EXTENT.
The fucking irony, LOL

>> No.54279968

My expertise in computing and cyber sec exceeds that which is required to teach CS to high school kids.
Despite that someone with less understand and skill level
but with affinity for teaching would do a better job of transferring knowledge.
And as others have said primary purpose of the schooling system isnt to teach you anything but to train plebs to be obedient and sit around for 8 hours and to act as daycare so their parents can work freely.

If you want to really learn something and attain proficiency in a skill that you can earn money with you have to go way beyond standard school curriculum.

>> No.54279988

Yes, I know. Out of school when I applied to jobs, they asked me shit that I wasn't even exposed to in school further showing schools are largely garbage and you basically have to self study shit just to get passed interviews.
I bring up my uncle though because he DIDN'T have to self study shit as he was an expert thanks to his MENTORSHIP.

>> No.54280008

I didn't do it either, but passed graduated mostly due to test and projects

>> No.54280025

most public schools are just little prisons, but actual well-funded huwhite schools in small towns are so nice.

Miss my school and my intelligent caring and cool teachers, small classes of kids who were curious, driven, and competitive.

Feel bad for the 99% of kids who get their goyslop deskjob-prep education and think "school sux" lol oh well

>> No.54280052

All public schools have the same material taught, tard.
>small classes of kids who were curious, driven, and competitive.
dumbass, I probably performed better than you LOL. It doesn't actually matter though since the subjects added NOTHING to my marketability. College was also shit for multiple reasons too, but I digress.

>> No.54280054


Again. You're missing the point. It's just like the other anon said. There's specialist opportunities for the students smart and ambitious enough to seek them out. The rest go into the retard holding chamber where they belong. It's working as intended.

Math, English, Science (just two credits at my dist, so enough for biology and physics), one credit of foreign language, one of civics. You can graduate with as little as algebra 1.

Beside the point. It's optional by age 16 in most states. Age of majority, get your GED. School is an opportunity. You get whatever you seek out of it, especially now that there are online programs that teach all kinds of specialist shit.

>> No.54280099

>Again. You're missing the point.
I'm not. I BTFOd you to oblivion. You're missing my point though. Typical smooth brain.
>There's specialist opportunities for the students smart and ambitious enough to seek them out.
Nigher those don't magically erase the opportunity cost of how inefficient they are LOL this IDIOT still doesn't fucking get what an opportunity cost is. Holy shit, google that term.
>The rest go into the retard holding chamber where they belong. It's working as intended.
No, nigger. You're pretending the retarded nature of school is "by design". It's like saying if a car is half gone, it's "good" because "it was designed to be incomplete" LOL. Looking at schools at face value and with just a tiny bit of thought, you'd see things my way instead of making up cope bullshit to justify the retarded nature of it.

>> No.54280178


What exactly are you complaining about? You said math and English were mostly fine. That's more than half the mandatory credits. Couple credits for science and civics and you've met the requirements for what's been chosen for you. They go over and over and over your elective options. They shill them hard.

The kids that can't or refuse to choose for themselves need people to choose for them. They get suboptimal service that isn't tailored to their interests, because they didn't fuckin' pick anything.

It's a good thing. If they don't want to take control of their own lives and make what they can of the opportunity then factory drone training is altogether appropriate and helpful for these types of people.

We get it. You struggled in tri and will carry a chip on your shoulder for your entire life. We get it. Successful people don't need to be told what to do; they find opportunity and capitalize on it.

>> No.54280188

>What exactly are you complaining about?
Learn to read. I'm not repeating myself anymore.

>> No.54280214

>ITT OP bragging about being a fucking teacher

>> No.54280248

I wish. If I could redo things I'd have just done that. Don't feel like getting a masters for it now. Will probably retire next bull market anyways so why bother.

>> No.54280383


You're saying it was a prison and a bad use of time. You said most of the required classes are acceptable. So your entire worldview must logically be about the 4-5 credits spent on civics and science.

You don't have to do much of anything in high school. Almost nothing is required. It's your own damn fault if you didn't take advantage of work experience credit, CTE courses, or apprenticeship programs that grant you high school credit.

School is where the people who don't choose for themselves go. You've nobody to blame but yourself.

>> No.54280408

Nah, we're done here. I'm not repeating myself anymore.

>> No.54280448


I accept your concession. Please, in the future consider sharing with people how they can keep school from being a waste of time, rather than demoralizing them into thinking it's an inevitability.

>> No.54280473

You lost. Keep coping though.
>b-but I want the last word. That magically will mean I won
LOL. Go ahead and have it. You got ass gaped, but at least you'll get "muh last word in!"

>> No.54280484


That's not for anyone but the reader to decide. You bowed out. That's a concession, my guy. I accept it.

>> No.54280645

you are dense. and really cringe, nigger

>> No.54280652

>seething so hard they change IDs
Lmao even

>> No.54281340

I've had plenty of jobs, including the most shitty ones (retail, construction when I was a student) and I can confirm teacher was the absolute worst job I've had by far.
It's about the nervous fatigue.

>> No.54281414

It’s only easy if you’re a woke tranny faggot teaching electives. For any normal person it’s insufferable. Why? Unruly kids. No discipline in schools. Admin won’t back up good teachers. Woke tranny indoctrination is now the norm btw. No actual learning takes place anymore. Putting your child in a public school in current year is child abuse.

t. Former teacher

>> No.54281495

just being a teacher is easy but being a good teacher is hard. its just so easy to go through your teacher life without really teaching must.

>> No.54281706

>Teaching is relaying and cementing knowledge in some-on elses brain.
>Most kids nowadays are niggers or nigger amalgamations.
>Niggers have no brain and reject any form of mental stimulus.

>> No.54282445

Yeah I didn't do homework either now I've graduated and work in tech making slightly above median salary in the UK

>> No.54282458

Lol imagine if they taught people how to do basic personal finance
>noooo don't teach the goyim how not to get financially ruined

>> No.54282466

i think it's a hard job. i mean think about it, how do you restrain yourself from having sex with PRIME 16-18 year old pussy?

>> No.54282495
File: 169 KB, 1200x1200, E3B56BF7-F744-47DF-8BE3-EFD4DA074F20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I teach at uni. It’s pretty easy, dump the grading on grad students. Show up, talk for an hour. That’s it. If that was my only job I’d be cruising

>> No.54282564

Requiring teachers to give in-person lectures in the modern world when we have video and internet available should be illegal. It is a waste of time and money.

We need to separate the babysitting function of K-12 schooling from the education function.

Have children watch educational videos at home and come into the school building only to take tests or be tutored.

Have a separate government department for babysitting children under 14.

Athletic leagues and social events for kids should be conducted by the private sector and/or parents.

>> No.54282605

>Have children watch educational videos at home and come into the school building only to take tests or be tutored.

they tried that during covid. most children are too low IQ and undisciplined to do it. also most parents don't work from home.

>> No.54282679

Homework is bullshit. Plain and simple. Everything can be done in class, and knowledge is accrued through attendance and study.

>> No.54282721

>Some people unironically think this LMAOOOOOO

imagine dealing with 30 little bastards such as yourself and doing it all day long.

>> No.54282738

It’s not that bad after you have some experience. Once you get tenure you also can’t be fucking fired and you get summers off. I wanted to be a teacher when I was in college but my mom was like no you’ll be poor. Now I’m a faggot accountant who is still poor except my job makes me want to kms and I work with fags and my bosses are women.

>> No.54282767

fellow accounting chads... we CANNOT stop winning...

>> No.54283935

Dude your ego is blinding you to the point he's making. He's been agreeing with you that school is a sham. Networking > Experience/talent any day unfortunately. It's why retards like GW could spend his formative years doing blow and still become president. It's not a good thing it's just a fact of reality.

>> No.54285823

>I have what I need to retire next bullrun.
oh sweetie