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Do you still believe?

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Never stopped
Kys kike fud fags

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in an illegal security? does it matter? i certainly wouldn't want to be holding it.

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i habeeb it

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2017 OG here. Been off this place for over a year, lost all hope. Not sure what to make of it all anymore. Not sure if we are just being brutally tested or if in actuality, we were wrong all along. Regardless, I hate this space too much to invest in anything else than this nazi-schizoid coin and if its going to be the last thing I do so be it. Fortunately I have other things going on in life not to be all too angry about how this all has played out, but it has left a big void in me since I have never believed in any investment as strongly. The frens, the memes, the numerology, everything was a unique experience. Now I'm just left with an old lottery ticket which I won't let go but I'm uncertain if I will ever be able to cash it out.

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buy an ad chainlink labs

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I only have 31 of these, am I fucked?

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never stopped

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Checked, I’m all in. I have never been more certain of anything in my entire life.

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I believe, because there's nothing else a normal person can do.
We're not insider's, we not privy to the vc/elite circle jerk, the only edge we have is to hold on for dear life and pray.

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Same except I’m not all in anything because that’s retarded. But I feel no fear, uncertainty, or doubts about this project.

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I believe in the power of ads

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based frenchies throwing Chainlink Brand Corporate Advertising into a pile and burning it

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I've believed since it was about a dollar, whenever that was. I remember how weird it was finding out that all the ridiculous memes and breadcrumbs were true. Never stopped being comfy since then

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No. In fact I'm done with tech coins for good. I've accepted that this is crypto now and it will stay that way, all this AI bullshit made me realize I was barking at the wrong tree in terms of innovation and stuff. I moved on to Hamachi Finance and staking HEX and CAKE to diversify all the money I used to have in LINK.

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never did. fuck you and your cult shit i knew it was bad news after i started seeing the catalog clogging up with your bullshit.

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used to hold marlin protocol thinking they'd release anything and they never did. fuck them

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the shitcoin pill is a bitch to swallow and accept into your system but it does work out in the end.

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I do believe, BUT… we are talking about 1 or 2 fucking decades. I would be surprised if LINK even reaches its previous ATH in the next bullrun.
>inb4 Just 2 more decades!

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I hold 0 LINK
but I believe.
I have to hold 0 LINK because if I have 0 then I can miss it. I have to miss it for it to moon because I've missed out on everything good in life. It is my burden.
I miss it so you can have it. It's the way it has to be.

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Honestly not really, can't believe I wasted my one chance to actually live life holding link when if I'd held literally anything else I'd be comfy. I'm a rentoid living paycheck to paycheck with thinner hair every day. I hate myself and I hate link. Ari in the mask at smartcon was a real eye opener, and then I read Tetraktys and realized he was a hack.

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I don't have a choice, I'm staking.

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Facts don't require belief, nothing has impacted crypto more then LINK. Now it's time to do the same to the rest of the world.

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Its over

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nope, former stinkie (2017-2020) sergay is a fat fuck con artist

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What a nigger I own 99k Link and because of this post I'm gonna market sell the next pump just to demoralize you.

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I believe and I'm still accumulating like a madman.

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that's just sergey selling to himself

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Nah man, am onto better things now, link is dead


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never doubted for 1 second

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Checked. Underrated post. I feel the exact same way and am also a link OG. 2017-2020 was a truly insane era. Surreal and hilarious and hopeful. I would never in a million years have thought Link would be under $10 in 2023.

I’m not selling but I’ve completely moved on from crypto and given up on making it from Link anytime soon; the old lotto ticket analogy is spot-on.

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i honestly dont believe anymore.

its a scam.

plain and simple

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It’s like this. For all the progress no one would’ve guessed the price action being so poor

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Did you know there's 5 Tiktok dances you can do to make LINK price action improve?

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I personally can't wait for the day we see link holders live stream their kys, that I believe in and you can take that to the bank and cash it with men who wear itty bitty teenie weenie hats.

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Yet you're still here. Sad!

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Checked and fucking accurate.
I'm focused on learning from it. Tuition to the market etc. I think there are blue skies ahead, just not holding my breath for $100 anymore. I've made a lot of money and have been humbled by it and am grateful for it.

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