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>Have 0 programming knowledge
>chatgpt comes out
>I create an end to end app that I've always thought about
>Fast forward a month
>It makes $100 a day

Uh bros? Remind me why you aren't doing this?

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whats an "end to end app" you total nigger

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Bc youre a liar.

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You can make $300 a day panhandling

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Server. Back end. Front end. Db. Monetization. AMA bro. I'll guide you.
No, you can't.

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I have an app idea too. Is it really that easy?

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>Server. Back end. Front end. Db. Monetization. AMA bro. I'll guide you.
This is the worst larp I've seen in a while. Congratulations, you made me reply.

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You have to get good at prompt engineering and have general in knowledge about how the front end, back end, db, api, etc all connect with each other. Don't listen to faggot gatekeepers that say you can't.

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See this stupid gatekeeping retard here? >>54257158 hell always be a loser. But if you believe in yourself anon, you won't be a loser like him. Go for it

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I have a pretty good knowledge of your mom's back end

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How did you do the UI? that's where I've had trouble

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Which server, which db, which backend language, what kind of frontend? Describe your stack.

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Get this bro. You can literally ask chatgpt to make a ui in react for you. You just say what you want ex "make me a basic webpage with these custom features" then tweak the code yourself with the ai's help.

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Welcome to the lucky star live stream! Sorry for the delay, but the game won’t turn on!

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AWS. Python. React. That's it. You just need basic knowledge of those (no code / very little code necessary) and you're good to go

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What do you sell

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you're based anon. what were the most useful prompts for debugging? if you had to debug much.

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What does aws mean? Describe the framework and server type. What kind of db?

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If your not gonna give us better info just fuck off larping faggot.

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it's a webapp with payment walls.
it depends on your app, you just have to be good at troubleshooting really, you can build anything if you can work with the ai to figure it out.
AWS = Amazon Web Services. It has HUNDREDS of different services under its wing. You can make a free account and look into it yourself.

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What service do you provide with this web app

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I know what aws is you retard. Im a profession software engineer. Which aws services DO YOU use? What is your database? What is your backend framework? What is your webserver? Id you cant answer these basic questions about your stack youre full of shit.

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pajeet driven ai is going to replace malding wageoids like you within 2 years

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pretty much this >>54257447

you see how angry he's getting that i can do what he "studied" for years to do? just in a few weeks? lol.

First of all, I'm using a number of AWS services to power the app. For example, I'm using EC2 to host the app itself, and I'm using RDS to manage the database. I'm also using S3 to store some static assets like images and CSS files.

As for the database, I'm using MySQL on RDS. It's a relational database that works really well for the kind of data I'm dealing with. I chose RDS because it's a managed service, which means that AWS takes care of all the heavy lifting when it comes to things like backups and scaling.

For the backend framework, I'm using Flask. Flask is a lightweight web framework that's easy to work with and has a lot of great features out of the box. It's also really easy to integrate with other tools and services, which is important for me since I'm using a number of AWS services in my app.

Finally, for the webserver, I'm using Gunicorn. Gunicorn is a production-ready web server that works really well with Flask. It's fast and reliable, which is important for me since I want my app to be as performant as possible.

As for what the app does, it's actually a simple social network for pet owners. Users can create profiles for their pets, post updates and photos, and connect with other pet owners in their area. There are also some social features like liking and commenting on posts, and a simple search functionality to help users find other pets that they might be interested in.

Overall, I'm really happy with how the app is performing so far, and I'm excited to see where it goes from here!

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Lol, lmao even.

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Lmao when OP started using commas and AI grammar. Turns out he gets GPT to write his posts.

Link website faggot

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How is the app monetized?

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Whats it called?

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I gots lots of knowledge but 0 app ideas, such is life

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This, you can tell where he had chatgpt make shit up for him because he has no clue kek

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Kek not gonna lie, can't believe you guys didnt just cut to the chase and ask for the app right off the bat.

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Hes a larping faggot. I wanted to see him either say something stupid, or just ask chatgpt to describe a basic crud app.

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>all these seething software pajeets malding they're useless now

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>Have 0 programming knowledge
>Have 0 payment processor knowledge
>Chatgpt comes out
>Now I make the salary of a McDonalds fry cook
>The app's name? Oh you wouldn't get it.
>How i make the money? Haha shhhh not telling
>Dude I just sit back and rake it in
>It's python dude, AWS, API man. Costs? Lmao what are those
This is going to be the new vending machine shitpost.

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>bro $100 a day isnt really making money!

lol im not telling you the name of my app you retards. seethe more code trannies. ill continue making money while you lose your jobs.
im on the app store and i accept payments through a generic pay portal on my website. i also accept crypto.

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>React static served via s3 bucket
>on the app store

Larp confirmed.

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if you were as wise and cool as you pretend you are with your smug replies, you would know something as simple as the fact that react is great because you can easily convert web apps into mobile apps right, faggot?

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Its not easy. The components and styling are pretty different between mobile and web. Also, link faggot.

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He hasn't posted any evidence and has had chatgpt write his replies, what makes you think he's going to give you a link?

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>asks stupid question
>low iq troglodyte calling anyone else a nigger
You're the nigger.

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I dont think he is. I just want him to keep giving stupid answers interspersed with chatgpt written responses.

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Poster RmHZchrL the hero of /biz/

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Hahahaha faggot OP used ChatGPT to type out this whole post hahahaha faggot

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based for calling out the faggot OP, he's definitely bullshitting

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so you can't even tell us what your app does?

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he's larping you dumbfuck

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Kek.. I am bored of chatgpt desu. Some my developer friends are now coding smart contracts and dapps in any programming language they wish and inclined to get royalties for life time. Wish I knew to code .