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I sit here all day looking at charts and I'm not even profitable. Wasting the best years of my life trying to be a trader and epicly failing at it

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then start trading the daily chart until you at least get profitable with that..

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I made this thread

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Reading!?!? Dump ett

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I actually cried for a good two minutes after looking at my PNL history earlier. All this time I'm wasting. It's not even the money that I've lost that bothers me.

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if day trading was more than just luck then bots would make thousands a day, just give up, buy when it seems low and sell when you're about to screenshot your gains

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I day traded for an entire year just to go from 5 btc to 3 btc

Lol Id have been better off just holding in cold storage and not even putting any effort into it

This is why I don’t believe effort = reward

I think being smart = reward

Effort is a meme

If effort was true I’d have like 20 btc by now

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Started investing with my first 10k graduation gift. You won't make solid money flipping stocks. The bulk of it comes from due diligence and investing in solid companies with great outlooks. Cut your losses on your meme stocks and start doing some research.

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buy chainlink + stake

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the best edge is finding something that is low that you are extremely confident will eventually pump, holding it until it does, and then having the discipline to sell and walk away. don't force trades. don't glue yourself to charts. find deals and be patient

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>day traded
There’s the problem. Positions should be held 2-4 weeks waiting to dca out on the green dildos

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Peter Schiff says precious metals are a safe investment. Also international investment yields high returns over time. Tithe to a local church if you can. Shill your own alt coin and print money, buy an existing business for a fair deal and accumulate land/ income, get into politics and serve your country honorably, start a bank. Oh, and, recycle and go to school. Video games aren’t a waste of time,do what you love and you will find a way. God has a plan. If you ever have any questions read the Bible, I can provide a link.

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>obviously shooped account
That's a quality job you did faking that chart. I especially like the little dips, it really adds to the realism. You're really good at manipulating pics, I can see why they pay you so much.

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Hedge fund algorithms make about 2% more than standard hedge fund trading

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Same. It hurts

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Yeah, day trading seems to be a guaranteed way to lose out on the big moves. You make a cople hundred bucks at best, but lose thousands on the big upside moves. Same goes for the downside. It's just stupid. And you need quite a big stack if you want your daily profits barely noticable, but then again, you run into the first problem. It's wasted effort, you're probably better off just setting some bots on some exchanges. This video made my realize how stupid I was trying to daytrade. It's literally picking up pennies. Even so, there is no method that is a guaranteed failsafe when it comes to trading.
huh, that sounds roughm how do you deal with it? I went from a whole coiner to 0,75. Feels like a truck hit me.

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I’ve never used a chart other than one to show me if a coin is going up or down

Maybe you just lack the gut feeling?
Im at 400k

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