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I want to put 10k into some sort of savings/investment vehicle for my cousins (currently under 10 years old) to pay for a few college classes and some books when they graduate high school. What's the best way to do this? My father used bonds for this, is that the best approach? What type of bond should I look into? My main priority is to preserve the principle relative to inflation and I don't want it to affect us much financially or in terms of tax filing or anything else. Should I look into Chinese bonds instead?

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>for my cousins
holy shit kys cuckold have some kids of your own lmao imagine caring for your fucking UNCLES kids. holy fuck

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I'm having kids of my own, too, I'm just diversifying and helping my family
>kys cuckold
degenerate detected

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kys if you're wasting any of your life (time=money) on someone's kids which aren't your own.

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imagine not valuing family including extended family
reevaluate your life

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(((experts))) like noble award winner, child porn owner (((krugman)))?
makes sense, does not mattter I bought the bottom multiple times.

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They said there’s a check in the mail

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Haha okay cuck boy

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Yes. Dont listen to these kikes. Family is more important than these finance incels. They spend so much trying to turn a profit by 5 percent while Jamal is out getting white women. Fucking nerds. Be social. GO be with your family. You never know. maybe your family has hot family friends. Go cum in white women and raise kids.

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>no response but repeating le epic memes

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alright I await it as usual
the thing is I have been on /biz/ since it came into existence basically, do the math, support your families, greedy anons

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unironically buy gold or silver and then give it to them when they are 30 years old so they can buy a house

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I’m sure fidelity or something offers a 529 plan. Look into that and buy equities, you’ve got 10 years

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>according to experts

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why equities?

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Simp behavior.