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>be fat and ugly
>my best friend dies in a car accident
>other best friend is on heroin again, going to rehab for the SIXTEENTH time
>sick of the bullshit, sick of all the shit
>get a $200 pair of sunglasses
>feel like a new person when I wear these glasses, almost like a superhero
>I feel like no one can see me, but I can see through everyones soul
>start going to bars and clubs, something I've never done before
>start flirting with women far out of my league, fail the first few times
>start lying about my profession, telling them I'm a bitcoin investor or a lawyer
>a few start falling for it, finally start getting da pussay
>life is finally going good, gonna open a skate park in Iceland soon
We're gonna make it bros.

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your not ugly , just shave whatever the fuck that is on your face and get a haircut, maybe drop the 4chan red flag hat.

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>if i shave my head and get fat i'll look edgier

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if you shaved and lost weight you would be chad, even if you just lost weight

you are a fat pig, fucking fat ass, stop fucking eating

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Be careful, lying to women about your career is now considered rape. Not joking.

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Found the chuds that don't get any pussay

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Why do you spam this board who fucking hurt you here?
God damn child motherfucker grow up.

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>bitcoin investor
Welcome to the club, king

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>who fucking hurt you

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>wow stacy another doctor lawyer scientist at the bar
They fucking deserve it

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more like the Indian shit skin telling everyone to buy comb coin.

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He's you're typical mind broken American peasant.

I can tell OP has had a hard life filled with chaos and turmoil and him wearing those sunglasses makes him feel like he's in control and has a day in a world that takes whatever it wants from him.

There was a user on r9k who was traumatized from an experience with police involving weed that drained all his life savings and put him on house arrest.
he would spam the board daily blaming God and saying the same things over and.over again. Completely mind broken by life.

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Damn brotherman, psychoanalyzing my shitpost. I can tell you get a ton of pussay

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You’re not ugly just fat and gross

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I'm using this picture for a future Twitter or Instagram account. Thanks op.