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I’m slow starting to accept the fact 15k was the bottom

I could have bought more than 5 bitcoin back then

Now I can barely buy 3

Seems liquidity is pouring out of the banking system into bitcoin, I can’t imagine how it would go down anymore from here

Rip bobros

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If you were an actual bear you'd know that this "bitcoin is a hedge against banks" bullshit is pure delusion and that bitcoin will collapse all the same once things really start getting ugly in tradfi.

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Not falling for it Mumu

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>once things really start getting ugly in tradfi.
things will NEVER get really ugly in tradfi ever again since its all imaginary and controlled with a few buttons

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No I am an actual bear

The reality is assets go up when liquidity moves from one side of the market to another

Right now liquidity is being moved from banks into bitcoin.

Sure there might be another leg down, but it will probably be a lower high, not a lower lower.

If it wasn’t for this banking bullshit, I’m sure we would have hit a sub 10k btc again, but now that seems completely out of the picture

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lol. Eat a dick, OP. There's nothing going into crypto but vapor USDT.
Go all in right now on BTC and then kys when the rugpull comes.

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Literally same as you with amounts of btc i couldve bought. I had a buy order at 16k when it was at like 16,7k and it never filled. I seethed all the way to 28k but i just went all in on doge. I feel like alts have to make a run after such a big btc pump

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sell before you lose 30% of your money, things are looking really bad for alts macrowise and I think it will get worse before it gets better

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Alts havent moved since the run up to 28k. Btc dominance is hitting another trend linde too

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if you believe this is the start of the bullrun then don't sell, however, if you are wrong you're gonna bleed at least until end of year

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I dont believe it’s the start of the next bullrun. But i do believe alts will move before it tumbles down.

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oh you're gambling on a short term play then I see, wish you luck

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This bullrun could he different from previous ones, which were all about the everything bubble and hyper money printing pushing up all assets.

This time it's about the death of the banking system and preservation of wealth.

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What happens if bank situation end up being ok?

Does that mean bitcoin crashes again ???

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