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DIDs and VCs: The Building Blocks of Self-Sovereign Identity
Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs) are crucial components of self-sovereign identity (SSI) protocols. They empower individuals and organizations to own, control, and share their digital identities securely and privately without relying on centralized authorities.

DIDs are globally unique identifiers that are created and controlled by the identity owner independently. They are registered on a distributed ledger or a blockchain, ensuring immutability and tamper-resistance.

VCs are digital attestations of certain attributes or qualifications issued by a trusted party. They can be cryptographically signed and verified, allowing users to share and prove specific information without disclosing unnecessary personal details.

Both DIDs and VCs are integral to SSI, as they promote privacy, security, and user autonomy in the digital world, reducing the risks of data breaches, identity theft, and unauthorized data sharing.

> Upcoming Regulatory Changes: eIDAS and MIDAS
Two significant regulatory changes—the revised eIDAS (electronic Identification, Authentication, and Trust Services) regulation and the introduction of MIDAS (Market Integrity Directive and its accompanying Regulation)—are expected to impact the identity and crypto industries.

eIDAS is an EU regulation that establishes a legal framework for electronic identification and trust services. The updated eIDAS regulation will include provisions for decentralized identity solutions, which will help streamline digital identity management and enable secure cross-border transactions within the EU.

MIDAS aims to create a comprehensive regulatory framework for crypto-assets and their service providers. It will impose stricter requirements for identity verification, anti-money laundering (AML), and countering the financing of terrorism (CFT) measures, which will affect digital identity and crypto-asset businesses.

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>DID infrastructure Projects
DID Projects with tradeable tokens.

The cheqd protocol provides a decentralized, privacy-preserving digital identity solution. Its native token, CHEQ, is used for governance and to pay for identity-related services within the ecosystem.

KILT is a blockchain-based protocol for issuing and verifying credentials in a decentralized, self-sovereign manner. The KILT Coin (KILT) is the platform's utility token, used for staking, governance, and transactions within the network.

>Centralized Verified Credential issuer Projects
VC issuers with tradeable tokens

Everest is a centralized platform that combines biometric identity, a digital wallet tied to your phone #, and a cryptocurrency. The Everest ID token (ID) is used to pay for services, stake tokens for network security, and participate in governance decisions.

tldr; DID/VC is needed in order for DeFi to survive the coming regulation. forced, government-driven adoption = 1000x narrative this cycle.

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Everest is actually decentralized an run by a DAO

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stop posting pajeet

Everest is a scam, I hope you rope.

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everest is a pajeet scam

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oh no the shill is hurt by the truth that it will need a MiCA license to be relevant.

When cheqd finalliy integrate Everest so it can have a proper compliant product?

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okay pajeet, gm. how was your shit in the street? did everest pay you for that statement?

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>You vil KYC
>You vil adhere to ze regulations
>You vil seethe from missing ze gains

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My most recent defecation was very pleasant, thank you for asking. Now hold still and blink twice while I scan you.

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They barely pay for any marketing and have no need to unlike this shill thread based on wanna be identity.

ttyl when you guys need help integrating have fun being compliant and finding on ramps

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please promptly kill yourself and your pajeet scam. Who’s going to use a product that needs a phone number?


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Hold still sanjeet, the harder you make this the more it's going to hurt

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>who is going to use an unlicensed product that has no sybil resistance

that's a better question

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boring. we have the everest paid pajeets everyone, every day here they come to shill a dead token and pnd scam

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cope and seethe cheqtard
Your project just enables money laundering. VCs aren't real identity.

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The only thing that's gonna be dead is cheqd in approximately 18-19 months when MiCA's deadline for implementation in the EU expires.

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Boring for you, entertaining for me when your project is shut down for money laundering because some villagers all signed up.

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yes yes, you can go shit in a street too

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Lmao Everest has the best memes

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Why would I shit in a street when I can shit in your thread instead

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this is your thread rankeesh. you’re the one paid on rupees to promote scams

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It's clearly not mine or else your OP wouldn't have posted incorrect information about Everest being centralized.

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anything that requires everst to have your phone number, is a scam. you have no code, no volume, nothing. you’re a bagholder, desperate. and you come here to shit in the street and shill bags that no one will buy

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Everest is as centralized and jewish as it can get. Just read the terms of service for using its services...

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>anything that requires everst to have your phone number, is a scam
You mean like your bank or all of the smart phone apps you use on a daily basis? Retarded cope, you are going to lose it all because you don't understand the basics about how financial regulations work.

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You have no real product.
>but eIDAS

cool docusign bro let me know when you have real identity with real central banks and real backing.

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street shitter internet defense force spotted. Who wants to give up their phone number to some scam? Hell, more so when you don’t even give up your number to metamask or any other actual decentralized infrastructure.

Please neck

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Regulations work as expected and you lose all your money and that's all.

Just check FTX, major partner of Everest. The funny thing is that you already lost all your money by buying ID without any rug pull :)

glowing captcha: 0XPRY

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Cope, seethe even. You have probably used multiple apps connected to banking services today that require your phone number and you are a delusional retard to think that crypto can be connected to banking services and not require the same standard. You should really read up on MiCA.

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oh shit, did these street shitters lose all their money in FTX? no wonder why they’re here every day shilling and posting their gay ass 2021 pepe frog memes


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>street shitter is too stupid to understand decentralization

if it was decentralized, I wouldn’t have to give my number to your scam app. The end pajeet. Go read how to take a bath.

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You have no real solution and you know it

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i don’t plan on using these scam solutions lol

you guys are just scam artist

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>I wouldn’t have to give my number to your scam app.

That's an alpha development measure. You'll be able to give an email or just fingerprints before long.

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that’s not decentralized pajeet

any PII, biometrics, etc anything connecting you to the outside world, an IP from an email etc.

You shills get dumber every year

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You have no choice anon.
Bob 'in her gob" Reid will personally KYC you by force if needed

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The nodes are decentralized you retard.

>any PII, biometrics, etc anything connecting you to the outside world, an IP from an email etc.

You mean like the PII a bank would need?

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That would make everything you posted in the OP about DiDs centralized?

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The guy doesn't even know what he is talking about. He bought a wannabe identity project and his bags are talking for him.
His misunderstanding about the true nature of identity is reliant on him thinking his bags will make it.

He doesn't realize DID tokens using VCs are just that. DID tokens with no real use case. no ecosystem around them. and no real future without integration to a Real Identity solution like Everest. so he seethes and he copes but what he can't do is Identify the real problem.

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Yes he's obviously bought heavy cheqd and/or kilt bags which is why he's seething about Everest chads posting in his threads.

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all of this.
simple as

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>anything connecting you to the outside world
Given the fact that 'you' exist in the outside world the bar you are setting has nothing to do with Identity. (I suppose you could also be an AI, more likely you're just retarded)

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This is why he won't respond.
He doesn't want the good ending

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I kekd
poor OP is getting mogged but he will understand one day

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weird street shitters can’t figure it out

>> No.54233349

The only thing I can't figure out is which shitcoin you're over invested in, kilt or cheqd?

>> No.54233362

none of them pajeet

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You shouldn't lie anon, its a jewish habit

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Everyone quick look at the nigger lying and backpeddaling

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>Luv Bob
>Luv me Plat'num staytus
>Luv me gainz
>Luv scannin' faces
>Simple aaaas

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do any of these projects even follow the W3C standard?

no idea why anyone would buy in to any of these if they aren't government backed

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Holy shit he's seething so hard he can only post one-liners.

I'm just waiting for "No! You're posting one-liners!"

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I love watching you pajeet shills get so flustered on one wants your scam coin. The same boring 2021 pepe frog memes about a literal who identity scam coin no one wants to buy. Your bags must be heavy.

Just buy an ad pajeets

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Says the guy that started the thread to shill his dead identity project

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Everest is backed by the Bilderberg group and MICA compliant.
Their new widget will be able to operate across platforms and be all nice and glossy for each different project or interface but below the surface
Is Everest

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Don't give this retard alpha he deserves to not understand

>> No.54233468

boring more WEF memes to create fake fomo, classic pajeets

i didnt make the thread rankeesh but you guys are always here promoting your scam :)

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Fuck off newfag, frogposting is kino


>> No.54233481

You're right anon.
I dig Everest Memes so much, just like the good ol' days. The magic really is here

>> No.54233523

Everest is not a DID project holy fuck whoever wrote this doesn't understand Everest or Identity

>> No.54233543

>meme magic boring tripe that tries to copy chainlink hype

okay pajeet

everest is a scam

>> No.54233544

You don't have to buy anon.
You can go with other projects private or not, but the march of Big Brother continues eternally.

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>everest is a scam

That's right just keep repeating that while your identification project fails to comply with bank standards

>> No.54233590

>Tries to copy Chainlink
>He doesn't know

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I don't want people this low IQ to ever own more than the 1 ID they'll be forced to keep in their accounts so they can still use defi services after 2025.

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Everest pajeets, and they shit in the street. Low volume scam coin. No code. Paid shills

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Cute. Learn to make memes and maybe you'll have a leg to stand on.

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You're too stupid to make it with crypto, go get a tradie job or something similar that will be more compatible with your room temperature IQ

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the everest pajeets, shit in the street

seethe and cope

soon they get the rope

promoting their scam

a low volume sham

no one buys

so they sit here and cry

Also lol at >>54233566 Like some fag company is going to use your pajeet pepe frog scam coin for banking lols

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It's built.

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>Like some fag company is going to use your pajeet pepe frog scam coin for banking
Lol, lmao even

>> No.54233935

what? A fake UI, especially a fake >>54233886 like this lol

you pajeets are too funny, you should have abandoned the thread an hour ago. now everyone who reads it knows it’s a scam

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Ah yes, the fake UI you can go use right here:
https://foundationnetwork.org/ (The buy crypto button)

and the fake Reuters published article you can go read here:

Fake scam shit.

>> No.54233986

oh no he actually believes his own memes.
Cheqd should hire better people but this makes sense that all they can attract is people seething yelling "pajeet" at the mirror

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How does it feel seeing your newfag cheqd shill thread filled with real alpha at the top of the catalog?

>> No.54234067

who even bought that scam? do you have everest and cheqs bags lol?

>> No.54234086

I love it. Everyone gets to see the desperation of a few pajeet everest shills. Why wants to give their phone number to you pajeets? No one does. Scam clear as day.

>> No.54234087

look the nigger keeps lying

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You will never be a real identity provider. You have no biometrics, you have no regulatory approval, you have no ongoing monitoring. You are a credential sharing platform glorified by buzzwords about blockchain into a crude mockery of true identity.
All the “validation” you get is misunderstanding and non-compliant. Behind your back people mock you. Your peers are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “users” implement actual solutions behind closed doors.
Institutions are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of KYC and AML have allowed institutions to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even DIDs who “verify” through soul bound tokens and ZKP won’t be accepted. Your lack of biometry at the base level is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get green check mark NFT, any serious clients will turn tail and bolt the second they gets a whiff of your failure to acquire a license.
You will never be compliant. You wrench out a fake verification every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the regulation creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.
Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy $ID, run a VNO, stake your tokens, and comply with regulations. Your clients will find you, relieved that they no longer have to risk dealing with the authorities. They’ll delegate their tokens to a VNO with a better reputation than yours, and every Everchain observer for the rest of eternity will know a superior solution is used. Your project will decay and go back to the dust, or you will be sent to prison and get butt raped daily by Tyrone and his gang.
This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

>> No.54234121

those everest and cheq bags must be real heavy pajeets. maybe you should go try your luck on Twitter and shill your scams there.

>> No.54234163

look the cheqd shill is acting like he holds kilt now and still doesn't realize regardless of the project he holds the laws and regulations are the same

>> No.54234196

pajeet? you’re still here? isn’t it your bed time soon? no one has bought any of these identity scam coins, especially some erc-20 meme coin.

keep telling yourself that, cope.

>> No.54234265

>25 posts by this ID
Yes we can tell that you don't have any (heavy) bags of identity shitcoins

>> No.54234319

lol, good deflection pajeet. would never buy any of these scams, especially everest shit coin that has to go into chainlink threads to promote.

>All-Time High$1.98 -97.95% Apr 09, 2021 (almost 2 years)

HAHHAHA 97.95% Jesus Christ you must be dying pajeet

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I bought most of my bags under .04

>> No.54234387

>rank 1313
>shilling a dead coin
>still posting “organic” pepe frog jpegs
lol pajeet you must have lost all your rupees.

>> No.54234418

that's right you tell them! fucking frog posters amirite? Hilldawg 2024

>> No.54234445


you guys try too hard. poor everest scam. I feel bad for you guys. Having to come here everyday.

>Trading Volume $52,810
Lol you guys can’t even manipulate a scam into the six figures

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File: 419 KB, 500x495, 50E4B5A5-92BB-48A0-85D9-6769D9E53817.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You will never be compliant, you're not a real protocol and you know it.

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Only rural and suburban retards bought Everest. City people all bought Cheqd and KILT.

>> No.54234589

oooh that sucks, you’re an old fag who didn’t make it, and lost his money on a scam? fuck bro im sorry. you shouldn’t have bought everest. embarrassing.