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With the alarming rates at which banks are failing and the rise of DeFi and digital payment systems, Do you think banks will become obsolete in the near future, or do you believe they still have a place in the financial sector?

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The game is over, as I am fond of saying.

The bankers won.
They are in control of the Pikes Peak batholith and the multi-trillion-dollar granite tunnel system — a highly symbolic 40 miles west of Denver, Colorado in the Front Range. But they are in control of much more than the end-time survival apparatus. They control not only the military and government of the United States of America but through the power of major corporations and the corruptibility of businessmen and government officials, fiat currency manipulation by the WiΩards of Fiat Currency at the Federal Reserve System, a small army of propagandists and “hackers” (this is a technically incorrect use of the term) who are fighting to maintain control of the Frankenstein monster they created called the Internet (in a war I fear they are going to lose), and even the Republican form of government they created which inevitably—and I would argue by design—fosters centralized control and assures only a handful of “elected” officials must be compromised to control an entire country, they control the entire Western world.

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>obsolete in the near future,
Absolutely not a snowballs chance in he'll the moooonarchies/gooberments are letting their own swirly insignia shitcoins drop near future wise

They're literally like serf tokens reet. Print em up, hand them out, mek em fight and work over them, print some more up hand em out. Simple dimplez.

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it's the beginning of a new banking system, that will be ways worse... Expect tons of merging. By 2029 nothing of what it was will remain.

how convenient centrals banks start a new deal 3 years prior iso20022 testing, init. Then in April crypto regulations will be passed.

Hail BiS and do not look to the sky.

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Countries and cities are adopting crypto. The last one being Lugano, a Swiss city. I think crypto will win this war

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the traditional banking system cannot function without running fractional reserves. that system is currently imploding. people aren't going to rush back in. they will want something they can trust wont rugpull them

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I have decided to ditch banks for fuck sake. And decided to go with crypto which gives me financial freedom, payments to be done from any part of the globe and good returns too.

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The traditional financial system is imploding. I think only crypto can save it.

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Banks will never be replaced. Crypto is just an alternative but still it's too volatile and not reliable. Fiat is safe fool.

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>people aren't going to rush back in. they will want something they can trust wont rugpull them

Are you talking about the cattle, that will do anything, that their TV says?

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Both of them coming together to seek a better alternative is the best way to go.

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Bank will be a place to custody the CBDC.

You will be able to spend it with your phone but it comes out of the bank account. This way banks are still there to settle disputes.

They can also still make money off the deposits.

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The bright side is I doubt there is actually a global government. The Eastern Bloc will fuck us in the ass for our sins as we so rightfully deserve.

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Exactly what xmoney is building which will be live by next month

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Crypto and fiat will work in tangents. Payment can be made in any universe with out any hassle. This is the future and it isn't far.

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You all gonna bleed money and die. Crypto is pure BS.
>Lost money
>Wife has left me
>going crazy
Got hacked, scammed, I witnessed every negativity in there.

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Fuck the banks. By paying with crypto I get cashbacks. What the hell does the bank gives but instead charges me for using its card. And there is limitations over transactions. Fuck them.

Web3 is the future and we are financially free.

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CBDcs are digital fiat.

I don't want fiat, I can live with crypto and purchase anything from groceries to a house with it. All I need is a web3 wallet and a web3 payment gateway. I have a go to, which has more than 20k merchant's across the world.

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I'm sorry but before investing Did you dyor?

If not I'm not surprised,no one can help you. But I'm genuinely sorry for your situation.

Can't live a life like that.

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Kek....fool stop blabbering shit.
>Bought tesla with crypto in Nicolas Brussels.
>Bought a house in Dubai with crypto in Your Place agency.
>Going to get married in a month
>Booking lights to Bali with crypto in Alternate airlines.
Look at me I'm happy.
You made your life miserable. So unfortunate.

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The fiat and the crypto components is a life changing innovation

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Yes defi is life.

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Defi is alot better. Banks just have too much control. Crypto is better any day. Just pay with crypto and it's not a big hassle. Just a Few clicks and be done with the payments.

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Anon you don't have to be rude. I have also bought phones and bags with crypto. Just be a little subtle. People will realize the benefits with time.

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Banks won't be totally scrapped out but there's one thing I know is that TradFi with very little APYs will be replaced with DeFi and these will start with payment tokens say BTC, LTC, Sylo, Zpay, and as many more as we'll see spring up in the near future with their credit cards.

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And they are using it to pay for taxes, good and services too. Living the satoshi dream

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Banks in the US will be consolidated into 5 or 6 major ones, and DeFi will be punishable by 10 years prison for burgers. Overseas, who knows, China seems to like NFTs, shitcoins more. I doubt Russians can figure it out.

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The people are lucky. Soon a web3 payment gateway will support by enabling payments through theirs to make it simple and comfortable.

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I only know of crypto, that's banking the bankless. Traditional banking will go moribund

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The incentive from paying with crypto which is the cashback is actually worth it

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Go burry your ass in shame anon as web3payment gateway is building a force that'd shake the entire payment industry with crypto, as millions of buyers would be able to transact with merchants with confirmations almost instantaneously. Go get some real pussy experience fags

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Wtf is this swine go get some sense,crypto is just a time boom soon it will explode and get off like it never existed go invest in gold dickhead

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>I think crypto will win this war
Crypto will be adopted globally. China recently amended its restrictions on Crypto and I believe it's just a matter of time before other countries follow suit.

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DeFi has provided us with numerous opportunities to generate passive money. Simply go a little more to find the platform that best suits, as I did on Magic Yearn. Among the few options to make money are NFT minting and LP farming.

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The thing that annoys my spirit is the fact that most times, their mobile platforms are down, leaving their users frustrated. Thanks, goodness for the useful innovations in web3.

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Well said. Web3 is the future. With xPortal we can get up to 5% cashback on all transactions.

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ep, Satoshi's dream of decentralized payments is finally coming true. Even governments and regular people are starting to see the benefits of using web3 for transactions, and as time goes on, we can only expect adoption to increase. Just look at LuagnoPlanB - they're the perfect example of how blockchain technology can revolutionize payments.

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Denm is so freaky sexy as I can now make payments for all my kids shopping and even get cashback when I stake it using web3payments services

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You keep posting about payments when you can get some nice pussy gains with GSD as the lunch it governance token and merchants will earn in GOLD don't be a sleepy dick anon

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The innovation in the crypto world is simply mind-blowing. It's not just the economy that's benefiting - the entire world stands to gain from the impact of cryptocurrency. The future is looking bright for this space, and it's no wonder with all the top-notch technology available to us. You can find crypto tech literally everywhere you look

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Who needs cash or credit cards when you can buy your airline ticket with crypto? Thanks to Alternative Airlines, we can finally say 'To the moon!' while we're flying up in the clouds. And it's not just planes - merchants all over the world are hopping on the crypto train, and I'm loving the impact it's having on my wallet (and my sense of humor)

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Magic Yearn is highly based. After seeing them listed on Coingecko, I decided to bag a few alongside UTK and VRA. Someone should wake me once we get to the moon.

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You got some sense fags as I'm glad I discovered web3payment platform for Crypto payments, as i can pay with any major digital currency and enjoy faster, cheaper, and easier transactions

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Crypto will never replace banks. Don't get ahead of yourself.

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Remember not your keys, not your money! Personally, I prefer to keep my funds safe by participating in staking on XExchange's on-chain platform instead of trusting traditional banks. DeFi is where it's at

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You got some nice point fags am not ready to get dump thanks to BTC as it hit 26k and still pimping guess the bulls is here.

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Web3 is basically financial freedom. You can own your money and spend it as you wish from any part of the world. This is convenient.

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I bagged some pieces of jewelry for my gf using crypto just to spice things up. What can I say, Life is Good. Hahaha

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>merchants will earn in GOLD don't be a sleepy dick anon

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Yea anon that's why Web3payment gateway aim to solve the problem of using cryptos to make payments,bridging the best of blockchain and traditional finance .

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I bagged some AI gems Instead. I will get to buy more expensive jewelries once they moon. I just hope I don't fuck things up.

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Everyone is talking of FET and AGIX. While AI is trending, I think attention should be given to DiD too. The focus is coming to decentralization

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Hope really that DeFi can reach this level in the world, replace the standard things, but unfortunately I think the government won't allow this

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I hear you- I know there'll be a lot of pushback from people who make good money off these services + governments which is kinda sad to think about.

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DeFi is still way too unfriendly to replace traditional finance. But I believe this will be possible in a near future.

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Yea anon and paying with crypto is as sweet as fuck, as Tesla dealer Nikola Brussels is leading the future of payments with Utrust platform that accept digital payments. By accepting digital currencies with that They allow their customers to purchase vehicles and services using BTC Ethereum,and other currencies.

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Denm you earn low with cashback when I get up 35-40% on GSD DAO platforms give me some nice juicy pussy gains don't be a rekt dick anon

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With DiDs and privacy, DeFi has a good competition

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Fucking retard, it can, people are now appreciating self custody and privacy it offers, just some stability and reliance and it will knock trad banks off

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Ore Protocol is a pretty good one.

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Lying about other people's money being your money is not a "business model", or only is in disaster/end capitalism. I'm not for regulation, I'm for people standing up for themselves and not being suckers. How after 2008 let alone 1929, how the secret wasn't out and they became a joke and everyone realized the only way to keep the dog on the porch was a credit union, we will never know.

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banking is failing alright
defi is not rising however, it sucks balls as it's been doing since the very day it started

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WTF is this faggot you need to get useful so you dont die poor posting some shitty quotes as crypto payments globally has been made easier as merchants across fashion, lifestyle, hospitality and gaming sectors have signed up to process their payments through Web3payments services.

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Sounds good but my CVP bag will keep making so horny as it soon to be one of the best crypto in the market

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Yea anon I don't fuck around using the bank when web3payments gateway make it so juicy like a sweet India pussy experience as their platform allows me to pay with any crypto and get cashback. their tokenomics are designed to create value and demand, while reducing supply over time. this is a win-win situation for me as a buyer and as a holder.

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You can earn while fucking some wrong pussy go get your ass spank and don't be a lazyfags, when I'd gladly buy UTK some much into my wallet to stake in the current ongoing tier 2 staking from HoldHQ which is worth investing at the moment,1.5% cashback on every exchanges made
1.5% cashback on every card payments
go get useful faggot

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Sound rekt fegs as investing into real estate can make you feel better that investing in crypto as crypto is crazy as fuck

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Banks are failing because of their speculative investments. They'll still exist, but they're going to be heavily discouraged from allowing customer funds to go into anything with a high degree of risk.
And guess what that means for crypto, kids?

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Yea anon banks make me feel like some dirty asian pussy fegs as I pay for what ever I need with ease and even earn while I staking it with MaiarExchange