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>dating in your mid 30s/40s
How do I profit from this nightmare

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Pay for sex, you'll save money over the long run.

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Just don't do it, you don't have to.
Simple as.

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you don't

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by not doing it

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by Pomping Shib

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Honestly, if you couldn't get yourself a girlfriend by 28 it's too late. Your best bet now is widows.

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seriously why would you? unless you're incredibly broke there is no incentive

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You do that anyway, just indirectly and more expensive if you're a beta (99% of men).

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This is half-true. You will realize it isn't for most guys and you will never hire another escort. Seriously, escorts aren't at all worth your money (time).

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You need to move out of the us/europe go to south east asia or some parts of south america to find a woman that still has some traditional values. Good luck.

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idk how you profit from it, but just look for younger women. my dad was 50 when i was born, u can find a wife bro

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