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Anyone has a Bogle type portfolio? or atleast allocates a certain % to such a portfolio for a less insane approach?

I have the following:
-Vanguard Global Stock IE00B03HD191 (70%)
-Vanguard Emerging Markets IE0031786142 (10%)
-Vanguard Global Bonds IE00B18GC888 (20%)

If you are familiar with this, could you explain what the fuck the point of having diversified bonds is? I thought it was supposed to counteract the volatility of stocks during turbulences, yet, my Vanguard Global Bonds index fund have been taking along with the stock market. Not during the covid insanity, and not during the recent banking crisis 2008 part 2 fears the bonds index fund has done brilliant. What gives? I might as well go 100% on the MSCI (Vanguard Global Stock) and remove these other 2 extra funds. I haven't done backtests but the Emerging Markets probably don't do that much diversification too. They seem to just tank along whatever happens on MSCI (which is mostly SP500). So why not just save on fees and go 100% on a single fund? Some people said having these extra funds even in these small %'s reduce volatility long term. There has to be some boglefags in here that has studied this.

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bonds are a terrible investment. When interest rates are already zero, bonds can only go down in value. Whatever advantages exist from buying bonds, greater advantages can be had buying bitcoin and dividend aristocrat stock.

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