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This just delays the inevitable. Still short and strong.

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The inevitable that the dollar is worthless...?

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>still short and strong

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I hope they suffer

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What are you short? The USD?

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What this means is inflation is going to get much worse

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btc wll be 1m next cycle
the question is how much 1 mil will buy you

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One second you bulltards are acting like if everything crashes BTC will moon, now you're acting life if everything is fine BTC will moon. kek fucking idiots.

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based, stay strong bobros, we will prevail. mumus will be slaughted by the 1ks.

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just ignore them, it's clear we're dealing with single digit iq retards

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this vague posting piece of shit just loves the sound of his own voice. explain the problem or fuck off, even time I read his tweets i hate this fucker more and more

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OK they are all fucking retarded
how do I buy a bitcoin?

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>he thinks his magic internet beans are a store of value

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Zerohedge is a finance website. They're not being vague, people that know the subject understand that fine. That being said, I barely understand it.
But I do know this - it means the Fed had a choice between depression or inflation, and they chose inflation.

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Cringe. Go back to your containment board >>>/pol/

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God I hope this gives me the opportunity to dump my bags at 2021-ish prices, I fell for the hodl meme

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This is an absolute victory for the Globohomo American Empire (GAE — pronounced "gay")

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They are perma boomer coomer bears

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>Stock market dies
>Miners die
>Bitcoin dies

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if this is a replay of 2008 (it isn't yet) stocks (and crypto) will be destroyed this year. everyone will need cash. it took another few months after that for any respite whatsoever.
peak sept 2007
trough FEB 2009
17-18 months

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any bull that doesn't give a fuck about crypto is worth listening to
once you cross both of those you're just talking to a retard who won't escape the ponzi before it steamrolls him

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The Fed breaking out the defribillator for the global financial system is bullish for what exactly?

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Nothing says "heckin bullerino" quite like desperate emergency measures forcing all governments in America's sphere to go into printer overdrive for a month and a half straight.

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They chose between depression now or stagflation now, depression later. You can’t avoid the inevitable

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Agree. There wont be enough cash in circulation, and nearly all asset prices will crash.

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>short and strong
>only not actually shorting just no coining
lol el copo

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>Zerohedge is a finance website.
lmao zerohedge is one bulgarian faggot that scrounges pennies running articles for absolute batshit insane retards, looking for any crack in the US empire whatsoever
"it's happening" is their fault and "it" never happened and never will

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for short term. you should be working to acquire more real, physical assets that hold value like crypto or owning real estate as quickly as you can before the real problems start

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we're already in stagflation. the previous recession has not actually ended.

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Bitcoin IS cash, nigger

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Is this the dollar milkshake people were talking about?

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We all did. Trade your way into 1 btc to hold on to and not let go. Sell the rest at the first sign of trouble.

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Anon do you know what a swap line is/does?
Because in my understanding of the subject which is admittedly not perfect, this isn't bullish at all.
If you're in doubt, just think about the wider macro picture when this is happening. Global fucking banks are crashing.

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(check the date)

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yes, it's the exact same product they used last time. i only stumbled on this reading what swap lines were, and it said they were last used in 12/2007. sure enough a press release was posted around that date and there it was. when that press release came out, we were at the market top in 2007, and spy dropped roughly 55% over the next 500 days before it started rising again

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This is the point I was making. We're at the point where this monetary system ends. I don't think they will even bother kicking the can again.
It's CBDCs from here, or something else. The $ is staring down the barrel of the shotgun.
The swap lines operate on the current Fed funds rate of interest, around 4.5%.
The countries involved here simply won't be able to use this for long without bankrupting their economies anyway so I don't get why this is happening now other than a massive confidence play as other anons have pointed out.
Just ask mumus what interest rate they're using these swap lines at if you want to know what's going on here. That's literally all that matters now.

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yeah but they were also used in 2020, and worked just fine. we've already seen the S&P fall from 4700 to 3900 in that time.
you need more than that to prove it's 2008 again. where are the worthless securities? how many billions of them are there?

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yeah, I'm aware, but there's still plenty of other bubbles ready to pop to spoil everything. the auto loan scam industry is also on its last legs, and people absolutely cannot absorb that bubble popping alongside everything else. that would break the average citizen. it's really only a matter of time before the board gets wiped and the transfer of wealth occurs, then we rebuild with the rich owning more than they started out with. when there's blood in the streets, you must buy property or be left behind

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everybody knows shits fucked

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If you know, you know. Buy dollars. Then get rid of them fast as fuck

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>and one day, for absolutely no reason whatsoever, people grew tired of having their lives destroyed by Jews due solely to antisemitism

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Europoors trade shit money for good money, biz thinks everything is going to moon. Today will be the day those guys don't short the dax

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What are you basing that on?

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We don’t have good insight into the derivatives positions from the outside. IMHO there are signals all over that a huge pile of trades have gone south, and the use of the lines is one of the largest signals. Its not like there is some exogenous event like a plague here. This is pure balance sheet driven fuckup.

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zerohedge is better than whatever you read. They were onto covid way before anyone else.

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do useless startups count as worthless securities?

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problem with zerohedge is that for every 1 good article they post there's 10 shitty schizo articles

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McDs 1 million window is coming SOON!

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdEj44qHcts Check the date!

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it's a meme? I've just kept working, hodlin my 1.2 btc

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Right so where do you hold your money now?
I have 400k€ in spanish banks, the fuck do I do?
I was waiting for an actual capitulation (prices being above covid still seems insanity to me) to buy cheap, however, where do you park your car while it's raining meteorites on the parking lot? (banks)
You are talking about hoping your bank doesn't crash and if it crashes, you only get 100k per account, and 100k paid in whatever the fuck form at an uncertain amount of time, and did you know there aren't even enough reserves to pay 100k to everyone anyway? This is Nuts my friend.
Where Do I Put The Money?
This bonds shit is too aspie for me.
Gold is manipulated and silver did dogshit last cycle. It was a pump and dump, see charts.
Im thinking going in like this:

60% Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund EUR Acc - IE0031786142
40% anguard Global Bond Index Fund EUR Hedged Acc - IE00B18GC888

Simple. This way im getting my money out of the banks and into solid funds. It would be 60% MSCI World and 40% diversified bonds globally both state and corporate issued. Going in any more detailed like this seems too aspie for me. I don't know all the ins and outs of this trickery. Then again the Global Bonds fund tanked along with the Global Stock funds so I don't get it. Aren't they supposed to be inversely correlated so you use your % in fixed income to combat the volality of the stocks fund? but both are tanking so what gives?

Cryptofags are absolutely retarded. Why aren't then considering the fact that if BTC were to act as a good hedge against this and skyrocket to $100,000 or whatever the fuck they would ban it because it poses systemic risk and whatever they want to come up with? dems and republicans agreed to ban tiktok, this would be basically the same, and we eurofags copy everything burgers do so it would hit here short after.

Could someone that isn't a zoomer retard or blindfolded goldbug give some rational advice for these 400k€?

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post shorts :)

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>much higher
>much longer

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SHORT Hedgies are FUCKED

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>10% BTC
>10% Gold
>Then do your stocks bullshit.
The problem is fiat and the ability to print it, you want something outside of the system (something governments can't create at will). It looks like a lot of banks are somehow insolvent and central banks are just going to print everyone out of trouble like in 2008. Once the US blinks (like they have) everyone else will follow as they can't rape their shitcoin tier currency against the USD anymore than they have been the past couple of years so the US had to move first. Your 400k is probably safe but it might only have the buying power of 40k by the time everything normalizes as the size of money printing that will have to happen will become exponentially larger over time. Either way holding fiat long term is fucking retarded and it can be devalued out of existence at the will of some fucker at the central bank or in a government.

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>Cryptofags are absolutely retarded.
you say this, then you ask:
>give some rational advice for these 400k€?
how on earth do you have 400k and not knowing what to do with it?
wait don't answer that

keep thinking crypto is...LE BAD.
better put those 400k under your mattress like the old timers use to because you are a walking disaster "amigo"

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god fucking dammit, I'm just not gonna buy then

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nigga if the banks go bust you aint getting your money back from vanguard

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isn't the US reserve going to make a lot of money off this? I mean aren't we literally going to be loaning out hard USD at 4.5% + to these other countries ?

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cool with the antisemitic remarks

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You think they ever pay this back? It's created out of thin air and when confidence is restored among banks they just create more independent of the fed. The banks continue on as normal (enriching themselves) while you get poorer and asset get ever more out of reach. You'll own nothing and be happy goy.

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>le everything is good, trust us

Good means bad. I knew the initial liquidity injection wouldn't be enough. Neither will this one be. There will be more bailouts on top of this one as well. They are struggling to keep the system together.

They will "save" the system, but be prepared for hyperinflation.

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crisis averted
gold down $20
bankruns stopped
anyone else tired?

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gg we lost go mid i'm afk base

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Yea that’s why it’s called an Asymmetric bet. There are no right moves for banking elites. They print Bitcoin pumps, dollar weakens. They tighten Fed balance sheet and raise rates to impose some financial normalcy, banks start falling and people flock to Bitcoin. It’s quite beautiful aint it? It literally can’t be stopped unless they end modern civilization and cut the lights.

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That’s your opinion. Doesn’t change the outcome.

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Why do you do this to yourselves? Is it some form of financial autism that is yet to be discovered?

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Isn't corporate debt at 10 trillion+ now?

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>make profits in nominal terms
>go broke in real terms

How is bobo wrong exactly

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the appropriate term is "bogroids"
sometimes also bonigs

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>t. IL copo

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A hyperinflated USD supply vs limited BTC supply, I wonder what is going to happen?

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Speak for yourself, retard.

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It actually did, at least in the United States, and I'm not basing that off the Fed's fake and gay ass data. I ran the numbers myself and overall the economy in real terms (at least in the sense of giving the median worker on the street a ration of energy) grew at a 1.1 annualized rate from 2011 to today. That's not high praise btw.

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>how on earth do you have 400k and not knowing what to do with it?
because I actually make money and not gamble it on shitcoins

im not saying crypto is LE BAD, im saying that they can ban exchanges, but you dumbfucks keep ignoring this

yes, fiat can be devaluated by some fuckers in government, and btc can be devaluated by some fuckers in government

reps and dems joined forces to ban tiktok, same thing to ban btc once they decide it poses systemic risk since too much fiat is going on something that "polutes the environment" and parks money somewhere "doing nothing", these arguments will be loved by the average voter and its on their incentive to scare investors away from BTC and put them in traditional assets that the people making laws and executing them hold money at

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yes you are, the money doesn't magically disappear, it's invested in actual companies, read up how it works. it's certainly safer than money in a deposit.

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We'll be back, in 2 weeks
Time to hibernate

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indeed, if btc becomes desirable in both low and high interest rates scenarios, there will be a push to ban it, they will go full nazi/commie against it, no doubt.

then what do you have when they cut all liquidity pools? some black market token, that may still be valuable. how valuable? who knows, point being, it will not be legal to buy anything with it, so you will be rich in some banned token, and you will not be able to but real state, diversify in any reasonable way, or improve your life quality. sure you might think some countries here and there will accept it, but which countries? some dodgy shitcoles like el salvador? jfl. and even them will be forced to comply with some bs international rule like mica laws and whatnot. listen i don't like this, but i don't live in cryptolalaland, this is the difference.