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Hahahahahaha where are all the fudders now? Muh bitcoins muh ethereums NOBODY GIVES A FUCK...Chainlink + AI future is happening now. Welcome to the 4th industrial revolution faggots.

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And yes it's real

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But why would you connect AI to smart contracts
They are deterministic while AI is probabilistic

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6$ stablecoin

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I wish they would fuck off and just complete a single feature rather than chasing trends.

In the recent podcast sergey talked about being "agile" being important in crypto but that's kind of crap. Finishing a slightly outdated product is superior to only ever talking about on trend products. You make demand with functionality.

We've had mixicles, tsigs, deco, ccip, proper staking and probably more all never delivered on in 6 years. Now they're talking about "functions". How about fuck off and actually deliver on a single feature.

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>I wish they would fuck off and just complete a single feature rather than chasing trends.

Exactly. Chasing trends makes them seem desperate and unprofessional.

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>Now they're talking about "functions"
>How about fuck off and actually deliver on a single feature
like functions?

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Functions is working in beta right now and is like external adapters but without all the infrastructure headaches

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Just like ccip, deco, tsigs and staking are in beta. Stop feature creeping and finish some work.

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t. has no idea how a business works

>don't chase major world changing trend
>everyone else does
>you become irrelevent

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t.. has no idea how a business works.

You need to produce work. Literally that simple. Everyone in business is well familiar with the guy who promises everything and delivers nothing.

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Bandwagon cringe. Literally just baseless hype to scam investors

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they are so desperate, they will clinch to any buzzword in hope some retards buy their bags

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So what can you actually do by integrating AI and blockchains?

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how would you do that and why?

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this do be true dears,,, in my village we are all saying this and rakesh agrees.

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Remember when you where posting about how chainlinks marketing was shit? good times.

sell your chainlink. It will do wonders for your mental health.

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Have a bag of crisps mate

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Can literally smell the advocates itt. It's getting to the point that you can tell them individually here from their twitter posting styles. Pretty sure that new cunt linkintern is here lmao.

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>Remember when you where posting about how chainlinks marketing was shit? good times.
Now that they are focused on it, you are about to see marketing techniques that put the rest of the blockchain space to shame. Value shall be accrued.

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exactly my thoughts
forced and cringe

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invest in an advertisement

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the link team finally and very lately learns to do proper marketing, the board still moans and bitches
but the most retarded fud is saying that cll is abandoning its core development to chase another hype
you morons: you realize this is the exact implementation of function to connect the entire crypto sphere to outside code
this is literally selling pickaxes to goldminers and when they discover a silver vein and all attention goes there you still capture value with selling the same fucking pickaxes

thats the beauty of being an infrastructure play you capture value on every new hype

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What they do is so fucking stupid no one even copy them. I can code an oracle with 10 lines of python code. Since they aware of it, they chase trends. I developed lots of contracts, no sane person would use a contract as an API to ChatGPT. Also no sane person would need it. Stuff like that you can just do off-chain. Lots of pajeet scams are with the name of AI can access to ChatGPT without an oracle or bridge. Anyway they are poser-scammers, whole market knows it that's why nobody buys it except some retarded niggers in biz.

Disclaimer: I have a hedged short position on LINK/BTC pair.

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Hey guys, take a moment to watch my video where I explain all this very well and use pictures to back it all up.

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>link now needs tacked on gimmicks that have 0 correlation to the project itself in order to remain somewhat kinda relevant at all in today's world
Extremely fucking pathetic. Go buy $pond before they deploy their enclave tech and other coins start using it in order to truly defi themselves out of this centralized shithole you all slop over.