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Notorious /pol/cel Sam Hyde says everyone should be stacking cash and waiting for the “epic” collapse in 2023.

This is of course a massive bottom signal as /pol/cels never make money and often get caught up in cult like delusions about what’s going to happen (/pol/cels baghold garbage like GME and AMC waiting for the short squeeze to happen after it has already happened), this suggests that the collapse has already happened (and if you view any crypto or tech stock it’s pretty clear they’ve come close to putting in a bottom already).

If you were on /biz/ you will likely remember many Bobos started saying to stack cash in the summer of 2021 when it became clear inflation wasn’t transitory and when Jamie Dimon said he was waiting on a stack of cash for higher rates.

/pol/cels are perpetual poorest losers so it’s unlikely listening to them will work this time.

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He's right about getting a tangible, physical amount of money at least. He mentioned cheap houses but I also think car prices are going to absolutely tank.

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The collapse was already bailed out

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Grateful he included some split screen content otherwise I wouldn’t have paid attention to this video

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Richard Heart told me we are entering a deflationary environment, good old dickster has never steared me wrong.

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If homes lose value all banks will fail

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No there will be a massive blow up in otc derivatives as they increase interest rates. Lending a couple billion to cover deposits isn’t the same as a bailout. These are systemic banks that are collapsing that are often counterparties to you guessed it more banks. What you are witnessing is a controlled demolition of the economy.

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isnt sam hyde rich af from crypto

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Specialized cleaning ASMR is all the rage now apparently. I keep getting recommended videos like that.

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Yeah, so what? Anyone who had money and was around since 2018 got rich off crypto, if you didn’t you were either retarded or did not have enough initial capital.

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>as they increase interest rates
Powell is going to do one or two more .25's and then it's down from there

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>it already happened

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They will keep hiking interest rates until something breaks.

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sam hyde said puts pretty much all his money into BTC still and that he doesnt plan to sell anytime soon

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The breakage was last week. Joe isn't going to allow a 2008 on his watch.

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If you were smart you'd be buying silver.

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Joe doesn’t even know he’s the President.

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>he calls the bull trap the bottom

just leave a few bucks out of the market so you can afford rope when you lose everything else.

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