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>when they announce cbdc news and *redacted* starts to pump
bet u cant guess which token

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do u know which token it is anon?

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its Avalanche (Ticker AVAX)

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ehhh take another guess sir

very much under the radar, lower market cap than avax

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grumpy cat

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good try but no

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Cypherium. Where the fuck can I buy this it's only on literal who exchanges

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bruv shut up fr

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Cosmos or Stellar?

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I posted before realizing this was a shitcoin shill thread
>The materials made available through this showcase are presented as a convenience to potential participants in the FedNow Service. Federal Reserve Financial Services (FRFS) is merely the host for the showcase and does not support or endorse any showcase providers, and the inclusion or exclusion of a provider should in no way imply any recommendation or endorsement by FRFS. FRFS has not reviewed and takes no responsibility for the content or accuracy of any information presented through the showcase. None of the providers supplying materials through the showcase have any special or exclusive relationship with FRFS, and no relationship should be implied. See the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for additional information.

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>Drawn lines on a chart
Let me guess? Stinky chain?
>Down 86% from peak
>Crabs for half a year
>No pertinent news
>Last gasp of Gomorrah grade hopium clinging onto ISO20022 limelight before fading into dead internet theory baggage with only GPT bots posting posting about stink
>mfw the switch is flipped Monday

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cyphiiiriiumm niqa

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It was never just about Fedcoin.

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