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I started a new job in oilfield where I’m going to be bringing home some decent money, and I’ll be working 2 weeks on, one week off. I currently trade on Binance but it seems they take like 5% per trade. Any recommendations for low cost trading so I can make money on my weeks off? I seem to have a decent strategy down to make 5% gains every hour but It all ends up getting eaten by fees

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trade on a DEX

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daytrading is a high risk high reward strategy for when you need big money but only have small money and you accept you'll probably fail. if you're making decent money then daytrading shouldn't be your main strategy but a side thing at most. you can accept less reward in return for less risk, if you're making decent money you're in a position to just dollar cost average and hold btc/eth for the most part, a percentage in some smaller alts and then daytrade 10% of your portfolio at most just to try it and learn first hand why its not going to work

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>5% gains every hour
not sustainable

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even the best daytraders are wrong at least 35-40% of the time. the key to staying in the game is never betting it all at once cause then you lose it all at once inevitably eventually. the only daytraders that succeed long term or at all, are the ones that understand risk management and play it real careful never going all in.

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canadian money has trace levels of pajeet feces, and you put that on your cat? fucking gross

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This picture was taken in 2017 before the pajeet invasion and all fresh off the printers, you could smell the maple syrup from where I took the picture

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Maple syrup… The blood of trees, sweet nectar to us. Weird to think about

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Fuck off back to plebbit, catposting normalfaggot.

> My Dog killed an African Immigrant in our Garden!
> Cats, Parasites and Multiple Psychological Disorders: The Science

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Cat posting has been a part of 4chan culture for longer than you’ve ever been here. Caturday threads every Saturday, don’t bother shitting up this thread any further by replying to me. Gatekeeping by complaining about cats of all things, you’re a legitimate autist. Very cringe.

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No I gave up that disease long ago, I just don’t spend much time on social media other than Instagram which is a bad habit, but an essential one if you want to get pussy in this day and age. I’ve put in well over 2 years just on biz lurking before posting. Besides, it seems like from when I started here 80% of the only non AI posts are stinkjeet shitcoins

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