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I'm still easily selling houses above list prices to happy normie young adult families who are taking out 7% mortgage rates with absolutely no idea about the economic climate. I've felt bad for the past year or so but I was assuming demand would slow by now so it wouldn't be bothering me anymore. I am in genuine disbelief that these people are still buying. I try to give them hints that they should not do this but they never pick up on it. I think I need to switch careers or become a neet until it slows down. It's hard to sleep

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based fellow agent
people will buy anything, this is stupid decision #348454 of 96798575 that they will make in their lives
also i can't wait to re-list all these foreclosures in a couple years

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Don’t you get a commission? Jesus Christ grow some balls, normie lover

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have you considered yet that you are wrong? housing market was an early indicator signalling the degree to which we are in an inflationary environment

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Not everyone is a greedy jew

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This ain’t my first rodeo, Jack. Unemployment is still low. That’s the only thing that matters, empirically. No text book bullshit chart indicator expectation whatever the fuck nonsense

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You think your bad. I sell solar panels with a 6% interest rate at a price per kw that will never be reached by utility companies

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you probably thought the same thing in 2019 though, didn't you? be honest anon...

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The fact that the RE bubble hasn't burst yet is not a good thing; it would be a market correction. Because it hasn't happened yet, the results will be much worse when it does happen.

What market do you work in, OP? The amount of development happening here in AZ is staggering; high density housing going for prices on par with large single family homes.

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Supply and demand you stupid realtor nigger.

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Anyone ever buy outright or get their own financing with those?

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you wont have a job in a couple of years.

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Do you have anything in East (or west I guess) tennessee under $120,000?

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Yes pretend regret is a symptom of the almost psychopath. You’re just another low minded “predator” looking for a cheap squeeze so you don’t have to work hard or smart. This is just a symptom of the sadistic office hierarchy politics of the normalfag drone. If you were highly intelligent you wouldn’t be fucking people over because it’s so darn ez to make it as an intellectual superior, and if you were kind enough you would be actively conscious to not hurt others even for gain. Also since I am on this topic /biz/ has been flooded with this middling type of drone like sociopathy, it’s been this way for years at this point so expect replies to be telling you why it’s a good thing or that they’re all hot and bothered by my analysis because they’re consciously aware they’re that same dimwitted <145 15sd or the apathetic, selfish <160 15sd. Internet tests do not count, 24sd assessments do not count. You are and never will be good enough to make money even close to morally, so just sit there with your butthurt and accept you are a low minded narcissist and you hurting people is par for the course.

Stay mad to any (You) you intend to post, I am already gone from the thread as I saw this on the front page.

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I would feel absolutely no guilt in OPs position. You are merely offering a service at the prevailing market rate to willing buyers. There is no good/evil in that. It's morally neutral.

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If inflation really kicks into gear, those 7% rates will mean nothing and they'll have a home to live in.

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he isnt doing anything. this is a bait thread. the Fed just guaranteed 4.4 trillion - how much did they provide for COVID? not as much. you guys are fucking idiots. he isnt being immoral or a no shits-given businessman. he is a fucking useless middlemen in an industry on its last hobbled step

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I had two based realtors tell me a house doesnt comp and that another house was overpriced. Older realtors of course, who lived through 2008. Thank god.

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So when the housing market crashes will mortgage interest rates go down as well?

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no dude, and the fact that housing prices haven't gone down while rates have increased has everyone freaking tf out.

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the feds plan to get inflation under control is not working, and now to deal with the fallout, they are turning the printers back on. real estate is not going to crash in this environment.

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Don't feel bad their parents gave them the down payment money

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lmao i dont have a job, i own a brokerage but keep coping

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im in middle TN. not hard to find something in that range if you have cash, but it won't be anything particularly nice

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okay then, you wont be "relisting" in a couple of years - you TN hick.

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you sound upset and low information

p.s. im posting from the 28th floor of a luxury highrise in downtown nashville

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the absolute state

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I own a $750k place in DC that I bought a decade ago for $400k with a 15y mortgage and I rent for $3500 a month to some hillrat and his girlfriend.
Zestimate had it at $825k last May but it's down a bit now.
Should I sell, wait a few years for mortgage rates to come down and plough the equity into 2 places, or should I just keep renting.

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Sick larp. Next thread mom said I get to be da bwokewage ceo

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this is so fake and gay larp. realtors work on 100% commission this retard obv isnt one bc why would you waste time talking buyers out it when you could just not waste time talking to buyers at all.

>nice try NEET, go back to SLEEP

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that's rough

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i feel an immense and yet fleeting pity for you fren

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also anon, off-topic - but why the hell are you telling us you are on floor 28 of a TN luxury apartment building. get better OPSEC. fucking may as well tells us your address and phone number. son get off the computer and read the fucking man pages

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it's actually a great town to be a landlord.
lots of young and ambitious out-of-towners move in with their Lobbyist or Booz Allen salaries.
Most of them only stay for a while so they rent an they're obsessed with appearances so they spend a lot on it.
I used to live there. It's not bad. Violent crime seems to be increasing though and some friends of mine moved up to Frederick MD which makes me worry.
Also, DC is a horrible place to raise kids. The blacks are everywhere and they just bully the shit out of everyone else except the salvadoreans who are busy raping girls in the bathrooms

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wtf are you doing here lol

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lmao i said highrise, not apartment building you pleb.
who am i hiding from? your gay ass?

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I thought so too. I was like, there is probably only one building in all of TN that has 28 floors.
Turns out there are a ton. Nashville in particular has some expensive highrises

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apartment, highrise - same thing. slightly drunk at the moment but ive seen anons get doxxed with far less info.

>28th floor in Nashville
>licensed real estate agent

you are either a little nervous right now or you arent (bc you are larping and not in a highrise). kind of a coin-flip if we find out right...

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you are gay and retarded

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Bro the social contract has expired, no one owes anyone anything. Pure sociopathy is the only moral of our society. Absolutely rape everyone out of every cent you can until society is literally in flames and then scurry off like a cockroach. That's what everyone else is doing too except for the downies who still think there is something in this world worth believing in.

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You're only getting 5.6% from the property and that's not taking into account any property taxes paid, insurance, maintenance, repairs, or taxes paid on rental income. Sell it. If you want a safe investment, Treasury Bills are paying 5% right now. But you should be buying Crypto. 69k was not this decade's top.

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>I own a $750k place in DC that I bought a decade ago for $400k with a 15y mortgage and I rent for $3500 a month to some hillrat and his girlfriend.
>Zestimate had it at $825k last May but it's down a bit now.
no, retard. you own a $400k place. maybe i'll let this go because its DC, but this logic is exactly why people are denying the real estate bubble
>zesty number is uP!

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>He tells his customers not to buy but the do anyway
You're the greatest salesman to ever live and don't even know it

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Don't stress about it too much, I'd be more worried about being on the side of the roped when the happening comes

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Were full. Stay in California

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That's because rates are still at historical lows, and despite what the FED tells you, are not restrictive

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>That's because rates are still at historical lows
for 2023, 6% is insanely high
it all has to do with the amount of debt out there and the economy's reliance on more debt
in other words, something like 10% is never going to happen. it's impossible

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Based ethical smart dude. God bless ya

>If inflation really kicks into gear, those 7% rates will mean nothing and they'll have a home to live in.

Honestly this is the best argument for anyone looking to buy a home now.

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i believe you. just curious, why are you on /biz/
I mean other than to just call everyone faggots lol

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I bought back in August. It's 15 year $185k and I put 20% down with 4.5% interest rate so whatever. Only real issue is it needs some work done so there's some extra maintenance costs too

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i know you're envisioning a hyperinflation future where everything is the same except prices are 100x higher, but it just doesn't work that way. things are going to fall apart. most houses will go to shit because their locations will be horrible to live in. this includes some areas you might think are safe now but are not

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Yay! My decision to stop looking was smart! I'm a genius!

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Inflation is 14 percent in real term retard. They will be fine except for >>>54201097

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How does it feel knowing you are ruining entire lifetimes for people and their children? That you’ve helped set up the dominoes for their divorce and demise? You’re horrible. Fuck you. Enjoy the commission, asshole.

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By that logic houses are still only worth 14k because thats what they were going for in 1960.

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I bet this shit realtor is a fucking Indian those fucking Indians r all scamming up ppl with their sleazy scammer tactics

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As long as you carry yourself with integrity and good ethics there's no reason why you can't continue to make money. I'm seeing a lot of sales in my area right now. People getting off the train, people boarding on. You can't stop this, and if you're not selling someone else will. It's a house of cards with no foundation and won't be your fault when it collapses.

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New pasta?

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Too long-winded, too dumb.

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It's a sophomoric effort, at best.

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Nice try, Graham. You can't just avoid paying the lawsuit that way.

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Ok realtorniggers, you've given no reason for a crash other than vague "This ain't my first rodeo, kid" tier responses.
I'm thinking of pulling a trigger on a house/mortgage with sidelined cash soon because:
>Printers are coming back on despite the fed trying to hold off for unemployment carnage - banks collapsing kick-started this early
>Rates may still be high for a while as the fed tries to stay course
>Household debt is high, yet corporate liquidity is secured enough through bailed out bank investments - perfect environment for low unemployment despite shaky economic outlook (soft-landing achieved)
>Meanwhile, money printing keeps housing high, with rates high, making it harder for retail and easier for investors/banks to acquire

Should I not be looking for a house now, locking in a higher rate mortgage now for a short term, than renegotiating when the term's up to a lower interest rate?

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You should wait to buy a house until retards like this get the buttfucking they deserve

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>renegotiating when the term's up to a lower interest rate?
you do realize this only works if the house is the same or greater value, right. you would have to be 100% sure whatever house you buy does not go down in value

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Boomers buying third houses, corporations over leveraging and stupid millennials buying “airbnb properties” is NOT supply and demand

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It's okay, they're invested in bitcoin and /biz/ says the bullrun is now so it'll be no problem :)

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I can’t. Deal with this shit. So there won’t be a crash and I will be forever priced out of the market ? Suicide. Fuel

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I'm not envisioning that at all. What you're saying makes sense, but would it not be better to live in a home rather than be in some outer chaos?
Obviously the location matters. Being in a safe area has always mattered. Places you think are safe now will be safer than the places you know are not.

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so WHEN are you supposed to buy? every time you ask, it's always "currently it's not a good market....." and prices always go up regardless

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No, mortgage term is not based on the current value of the home, only on the loan amount on the home and rate offered by the bank. If my $900k home with 900k mortgaged amount goes to $0 assessed value tomorrow, I still owe the bank 900k and need to renegotiate when the term is up. When the term is up I can renegotiate with any bank or lender (depending on credit score) offering the best rate.

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He is saying that if you bought a house in inner city Detroit in 1962 you were about to get rug pulled and it would have been better to just be renting in that scenario. That does tend to ignore that you had two decades even under that worst case scenario to liquidate at a loss.

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Have you considered that they can afford it and would prefer to own?
Why is it a problem other than the fact that the home value may go down, which you don't know for sure anyway?
Are their finances terrible?

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you can't save normies from their own mental retardation. if it's not forfeit ting 50% of their take home salary for the next 3 decades of their life, it's $700 x 96 months car payment, and if it's not that it's plastic chinkshit baubles, subscription services, and takeout food.

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>The blacks are everywhere
then you know what to do

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It is, but it shows the weakness of the tool we know as Supply and Demand. It is constantly changing and can be manipulated (that's what marketing is for, creating demand, even if the demand is to be an Airbnb owner, problem is few people can afford/want to be an Airbnb user).
Supply and Demand is not some voodoo market force that knows the right answer of a house's price or any price.

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Building my dream home in Appalachia for 400k at 6.5%. I'll be saving money moving from my Florida beach condo due to high property tax and insurance. Seems like a smart move for me! This state has become insanely overpriced.

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>floor in a building

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Dumb people should lose their money. It's just capitalism

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realtors are the scum of the planet

>> No.54204034

man i respect the guilty conscience, realtors are the lowest form of scoundrel on this planet, worse than used car dealers and pajeet telephone marketer scammers.

>> No.54204094

looks like gary gensler

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>with absolutely no idea about the economic climate
if the retards are buying expensive things, then that's the economic climate

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1. This Argentinian girl gets me rock hard everytime.

2.>renegotiating when the term's up to a lower interest rate?
What makes you think that you can do that?

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Here is a 1 bedroom house for $1,000,000. Great deal! Please pay me $50,000 for my hard work.

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Kys you land maggot

>but i gotta make a living!!! J-just develop the entire earth

When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, Only Then Will The White Man Realize That You Cannot Eat Money

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Found the jew

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You should feel bad. And you should stop. You are literally sending people to fucking ruin just to make money. Insanely garbage behavior. You used to be better than this. When did you sell your integrity/value?

>> No.54204280

It's opposite actually. They always want to bail out stupid money with more stupid money. Stupid money needs to be allowed to fail. That's how capitalism sorts itself out. If you keep saving stupid money you end up with a stupid economy

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when you guys talk about lower interest rates in the future...you need to be realistic. you are unlikely to ever see sub 4.5% ever again

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kek, wrong image. you all can use google though

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Fed is pivoting dumb fuck. Inflation is already down to 4%.

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>dude bro just DONT sell people houses who want to buy houses
>its immoral to sell people things they want to buy bro

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You think you feel bad, i ransomware peoples computers for monero

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don't feel bad anon. If they don't buy it from you, they'll do it from someone else. There's no talking sense into retards.

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I mean statistically demand has slown down a huge amount. its only retards buying now

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