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Just bought the dip earlier at 26k. That was the last dump of this bull run, we are going to 30k by next week. Boboniggers are going to get ran over hard.

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try 16k :)

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Found the sidelined bobo nigger kek. Have fun staying poor and losing all your money in shitty fiat.


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26k -> 21k -> 23k -> 18k -> 20k -> 16k

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Keep dreaming. Stay sidelined, and poor.


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I sold at 27.3k last night and set a buy order for 26.89k. I am a good trader and the decision was rational but I started panicking about being sidelined and couldn't sleep. I finally fell asleep at 3:30am and my buy order went through during the 26.5k dip at 5:30am. Feels good bros but I don't think I will be trading again until 30k volatility.

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The absolute state of bobos. Are you retards actually just throwing wild schizo predictions based on hunches when the coin literally follows an unshakeable 4-year pattern? Google the halving

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>I sold at 27.3k last night and set a buy order for 26.89k
you bought back in after a 400 dollar decrease in price? what was your selling fee? what was your buying fee? holy shit lmao.

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