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If you can afford to burn a little money, sell some BTC to a wagie HODLer and burn their fiat. This is a war we are about to lose and now is our chance to strike. Their unbanked economy is our chance to hurt their CBDC.

But if you really want to make a change while sitting on your ass you need to offer risky loans to people willing to build a business from scratch. Your business doesn't have to profit, encouraging it's use increases the value of your holdings.

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>burn their fiat

and help to reduce the supply so its worth more?

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I'm not here to fight your heckin war against le man, I'm here to make money

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normal people won't be using Bitcoin ever, only gamblers.

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It's unbanked so they think it still exists on the books. So when they introduce a CBDC they will have a projected value based on the market cap.

That's how burnt fiat impacts CBDC. They will over promise and under deliver.

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Then buy NZD.

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Don't need normies to use bitcoin. It's for people trapped by their government. Sure gamblers have a negative impact on it's use but it will always be available to impoverished people. They just need to be given an oppurtunity to build infastructure with their own earnings.

Bitcoin is a cash, not a gold. It was introduced undervalued to be bought by anyone. It goes up in value as it's used so you can make money by spending half of it. But people buy altcoins instead of building real business that helps the people that use it. You need to create real trade with real assets.

Just do it, your net worth means nothing when you're dead and you should always have enough to eat if you're not stupid.

I get it now. The money doesn't matter. You could lose billions of dollars holding btc but it doesn't matter because it's not the value it holds but a method to trade value that is free from control.

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Bitcoin failed as a currency a long time ago, if the network gets any serious adoption then the fees alone will make sure most people do not use it, they'd be paying $60 or more to send $1... And what is it at again? 7tps? That's not near enough to be used as a global currency.

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Kiwi chad here. All in on BTC, what makes you think "buying NZD will make you money"?

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How are impoverished people going to use it numb nuts? With their seed phrase etched in the mud brick? Crumpled up in their pocket on an old receipt? On a cell phone they drop in the toilet? What are they going to buy with it? A goat? How is the guy with the goats going to accept payment? Your only hope is for normies to use it. And honestly, normies are too fucking stupid, lazy, and busy to ever take the time to understand or want to use it. It will always be a fringe asset, like gold.

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Bitcoin is not for payments. It’s for clearing. Visa can do payments just fine. The issue is the amount of time it takes to clear payments especially between different countries. Not to mention if the dollar fails I don’t think anyone will want another country controlling the monetary system again. Sanctions really piss countries off

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