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Microsoft build a self custody crypto wallet.

And it's not supporting bitcoin. Hahahahhahah

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so what does it support then?

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It's an eth wallet.

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can it generate a seed phrase offline?
what's the default RPC endpoint?
default chain?
can it accept my seed phrase I generated alone?
is the code for this wallet open?

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Bing coin?

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Metamask also does't support bitcoin so what is your point? This is a web3 wallet and king shitcoin doesn't even have smart contracts. The amount of low iq newfags on /biz/ these days is very concerning.

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The NSA, CIA etc

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>so what is your point?
whats your point?

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So it's just another Metamask? Why act so smug over something so small?
>the absolute state of methheads

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will this make brave and the attention token (ticker:BAT) team hurry the fuck up?

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>Why act so smug over something so small?
Cause microsoft and billions of pcs run windows, this will bring adoption to crypto. If a company like microsoft stand behind crypto it brings convidence to people. this is nothing big for us i agree but great to kick off adoption by introducting crypto to billions of people.

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>Trust microsoft instead of the FED
yeah nothing changes, support BTC or go home

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Thats only bad from an advertising standpoint. Bitcoin is for controlled people. It has no use case for the likes of microsoft.

But it's still good news for bitcoin indirectly. You all underestimate how happy people would be to trade in bitcoin in africa, venezuala, etc. You can still trade ethereum for bitcoin and send it overseas etc.

When the dust settles if btc is down it can still be used for donations and relief funds.

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Why do I need to use Microsofts wallet there is an official BTC wallet.

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>Cause microsoft and billions of pcs run windows
Pretty sure Microsoft use Apple, kind of the standard OS in the tech industry.

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Normies will use whatever is there when they boot up their PC. Normies still use Internet Explorer.

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this, unironically

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